The Cineworld Movie Quiz: Which 2015 film character are you?


I was recently contacted by Cineworld to participate in their quiz to find out which character from 2015’s biggest movie I’m most like. The answer was interesting. Read below for the result!

A Minion from Minions. You’re the joker of the group, and always up for a laugh. You’re great fun to be around, but often your playful attitude will get you into trouble. It’s in your nature to be part of the group and you have a “just go with it” attitude. You often find your stomach dominates your day.

I believe this result comes from me spending too much time talking with my nephew Rafferty about his favourite characters the minions. I’m turning into one!

To find out which 2015 film character you are follow the link below and let me know who you got!


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2 responses to “The Cineworld Movie Quiz: Which 2015 film character are you?

  1. Polly Wills

    I was ANT-MAN FROM ANT-MAN ‘Good things come in small packages and that is certainly true with you and Ant Man. You’re the hero out of your friends and saving the world just feels like part of your day. Besides spending a lot of time outdoors you like to ruin picnics and eat sweet things.’ So I think I am a fat party pooper!

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