I’m not really a fan of sweary, obnoxious cooks, give me Mary Berry and The Great British Bake Off any day! However this comedy-drama tries to entice the fans of Bradley Cooper into watching this film set in the world of a down on his luck chef. But is the result appetising enough?

Adam (Bradley Cooper) was an up and coming chef whose arrogance and drug use brought him down to Earth with a bump. Having wrecked his and other people careers, he’s looking to get his third Michelin star and a chance at redeeming himself.

Despite including my two favourite things – Bradley Cooper and food – I wasn’t too interested in seeing this movie. But stuck with nothing to watch- and wasn’t going to be seeing Spectre for a few more days, I settled myself in to watch Burnt with low expectations. To my surprise I actually enjoyed Burnt. Its nothing original but it’s constantly funny, the performances are good and there are some darker moments I wasn’t expecting. Yes, Cooper is main part of the appeal but not just for his looks. Adam can be quite an unlikelable, arrogant character who is self-destructive and shouts at people. Cooper manages to make Adam watchable and interesting enough to follow on his journey despite his many flaws. It probably isn’t til the end of the movie that Adam becomes more likeable and that’s due to Cooper’s charm. The film also doesn’t try to make out that Adam is just misunderstood. He behaved appallingly in the past and it’s no surprised people are angry at him. Even the supposed antagonists of the film have good reasons to be mad at Adam and the film doesn’t pretend he didn’t bring it all on himself.

The supporting cast is good, from Emma Thompsons small scenes as Adam’s Doctor and Daniel Bruhl as the matradee Tony. I also liked Sienna Miller’s sous chef/love interest Helene. In the past I haven’t though much about Sienna Miller as an actress either way, but in this and American Sniper she seems to be able to create more memorable and sympathetic characters. Working with Bradley Cooper must be agreeing with her. Or maybe she’s now getting parts that have more to them then being the hot girlfriend.

A word of warning though make sure you bring some snacks with you cause the food on-screen looks delicious and it will make you hungry.

Rating 3.5/5 – sizzling and hot, but enough about Bradley Cooper, the film is good too


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2 responses to “Burnt

  1. This has got very flat reviews. Shame, as he always comes across so well in interviews and is such a good actor.

    • I know I think I’m the only one that has given it a good review! Bradley Cooper is one of those actors that seems like he would be a nice guy in real life too. Shame the film doesn’t seem to have found much of an audience.

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