Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7: The Dragon and the Wolf


So that happened.

As the season came to a close we finally got a scene with the majority of characters, and it was just as good as I could hope for if less bloodier than I was expecting. There was some happy reuniting for some like Tyrion, Bronn and Pod while others like The Hound was not too happy to see the (somewhat) familiar face of his brother The Mountain. It looks like we’ll have to wait until next season for them two to face off properly as everyone concentrated on the matter at hand-the walkers.  Cersei’s face when she came literally  face to face with a Walker was priceless. Finally the sneering mask slipped and we actually saw Cersei shit scared, as she should be. But this being Cersei she can help but make demands, wanting Jon to stay out of the great war. Of course Jon being Jon he states he must stay loyalty to his oath to Daenerys. To which everyone facepalms and Cersai leaves the negotiations (I bet Daenerys regretted harping on about bending the knee so much in hindsight).

So it’s up to Tyrion to save the deal and he faces a tense meeting with Cersai. After three seasons separated from each other it was satisfying to see the fraught Lannister siblings together again. This being Cersei though she blames him for all the family’s trouble including Mrycella and Tommen’s deaths, completely ignoring her own part in her family’s demise. Interestingly enough despite her hatred Cersei can’t bring herself to kill Tyrion herself and eventually agrees to help in the great war. However this soon turns out to a be another Cersei lie as she admits to Jamie later (does this mean the whole quest to capture a walker was a big waste of time?) Appalled by her shortsightedness and going against her word Jamie finally grows a backbone and leaves her and King’s Landing. So is he heading to Winterfell? Even though he’s left Cersei he’s still a Lannister and no one besides Tyrion and Brianne is going to trust his word that he’s on their side now. Then again as snow starts falling in King’s Landing they probably won’t have much choice but to accept any ally they can.

Over in Winter fell the Stark siblings finally start working together to bring Littlefinger down and it is glorious. With Sansa’s trial against Littlefinger bringing all his previous misdeeds out into the open he has no where to run and pleads for his life. But with evidence from all the Stark children (yes even Bran makes himself useful) brought out in the open before the Knights of the Vale Littlefinger’s time is up. Sansa brings him his sentence and Arya swiftly enforces it with a cut to his throat. I previously thought Littlefinger would be one of those characters that slyly make it through to the end of the show, but I’m glad to be proven wrong. The Starks united are in a much stronger position now and look set to be stronger when Jon returns.

So naturally there has to be a spanner in the works.

After seven seasons the show finally and officially reveals Jon’s parentage: that he is in the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. Oh and his real name is Argon Targaryen (though considering they prononce it egg-on I think he should stick with Jon). These revelation all comes out when Bran and Sam meet again at Winter fell, where Bran introduces himself as The Three Eyed Raven and Sam admits to having no idea what means-you and me both Sam. Anyway despite Bran/Three Eyed Raven claiming to know everything he somehow doesn’t know that Jon’s parents were legally married (good thing Sam was listening to Gilly after all) making Jon a legitimate heir to the throne.

Now I know this kind of news may not be the best thing to address through a raven’s note but you’d think Bran would have had some sense to give Jon the heads up so he doesn’t do something icky like, I don’t know, shag his own aunt? Yes, Jon and Daenerys, er consummate their alliance which I know some fans will be happy about but all I can think is EWW THEY ARE RELATED! Finally Cersei and Jamie will have competition for most messed up relationship on the show. And considering the show has been bleating on about Daenerys inability to have children Jon is bound to miraculously get her pregnant to make this whole thing even more twisted. Poor Jon he can never be happy can he?

Still they will have to figure it all out another time as the walker army invade Eastwatch and obliterate the wall using the dragon Viserion’s blue flames. Oh dear indeed. Not only does this mean the walkers are on their way to the seven kingdoms but with a dragon on their side Cersei may not be as safe in the south as she thinks. One things for certain next season is going to be carnage.

What did you think of the episode? Did you enjoy this and the season as a whole? Who, if any will make it out of the series alive? Let me know in the comments below.



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