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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5: The Door

Game of Thrones S6 Episode 5

The past and present are mixed together as we hit the halfway point. And we lose characters that have been with us since season one.

Sansa arranges a meeting with Littlefinger and I’m glad to see Sansa telling Littlefinger exactly how his actions affected her. But I’m still surprised she let Littlefinger go like that. Is it because he did save her once? Or is it because she is putting all her vengeance towards Ramsay. Still I’m glad we’re seeing more of a determined and powerful Sansa as she urges the other to head off to see her uncle for help to take back Winterfell. So Sansa, Jon, Davos,  Brienne, Melisandre, Tormund and Podrick all leave Castle Black. I’m glad that Tormound is coming as the Wilding seems to have taken a shine to Brienne so I’m interested to see hwo that develops. Speaking of Brienne I loved her assessment of Jon as being a good guy if a little broody. Brienne you have no idea!

In Meereen it’s interesting that Tyrion’s truce with the Slavers seems to have worked with Son of The Harpy attacks having fallen. However his latest choice if ally is a red Priestess. I’m not sure if this is one of Tyrion’s best ideas considering Melisandra is quite dodgy and they have a tendency to burn people alive. Plus anyone who made Varys look scared can’t be good. Meanwhile Daenerys  learns that Jorah is dying and demands as his Queen that he finds himself a cure and returns by her side. I was thinking that Jorah was defiantly a goner but maybe he’s heading for a miracle recover? After all Shireen was cured from the disease.

Over in the Iron Islands, Yara’s claim to the throne is squashed by the return of her uncle and even admitting he murdered his brother us not enough to stop him being king. Luckily Theon and Yara steal their uncle’s boats and make their escape. But where will they go? Maybe they’ll take their uncle’s plan to sail to Daenerys? Yara would have better luck as an ally than her uncle would whose plan to ‘seduce’ Daenerys would not go over well with the mother of dragons.

Arya is still on her mission to become an assassin. Personally I’m finding this plotline to be too repetitive for my liking. However the play she was watching about Joffrey and Ned was amusing and included a cameo from Richard E Grant. But Arya’s quest to become no one is quite boring. Can’t she come back to the North and fight alongside Sansa and Jon?

There’s always someone in this show that makes a really stupid decision that gets everyone else killed and this week it’s Bran. Ignoring the Three Eyed Raven Bran goes into his vision alone and gets grabbed by the White Walker leading to the deaths of the Three Eyed Raven, and the children of the forest. They were no big loss seeing as the Three Eyed Raven was boring and the children created the White Walkers in the first place so I had little sympathy for them. But we also lost Summer the direwolf and Hordor! That leaves only two direwolves yet with Ghost and possibly Arya’s missing wolf. Poor direwolves. And poor Horder, I can’t get used to calling him Wallis. As we saw the past and present merge together it was young Wallis seeing Bran that caused him to have a fit and repeats the same words over again “hold the door”. I felt so bad for Hordor being left to die like that by Meera and Bran. Was that the whole purpose of Horror’s life. Its seems cruel, especially as he was being controlled by Bran to stay at the door while the White Walkers clawed at his skin. But then this is Game of Thrones where life us so often cruel.

What did you think? Should Sansa have let Brienne kill Littlefinger? Will Jorah find a cure? Let me know in the comments below.



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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4:

Game of Thrones S6 Episode 4

Reunions, fire and of course more murders abound in the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Can you believe we’re nearly half way through the season already?

I was worried that having quit the Night’s Watch last week that Jon Snow would leave Castle Black before Sansa and co arrived. Luckily this was not the case and I admit I did feel emotional when Sansa and Jon finally hugged each other. The two siblings last saw each other at the beginning of season one and out of all the Stark siblings we barely saw them interact with each other. It’s a strength to the writing and the actors that we care so much about their reunion.

A more awkward encounter happens between Davos and Melisandre as Davos finally demands to know what exactly happened to Stannis and Shireen (a conversation you’d think Davos would have had with her ealier but then again a lot has happened). A situation made worse when Brienne arrives and tells them Stannis admitted using black magic to kill Renly before she killed Stannis. Davos tells Brienne that’s all in the past but Brienne makes it clear she doesn’t forgive or forget. And I bet Davos will find it hard to forgive or forget Melisandre when he finds out exactly how Shireen died.

Anyway back to the Starks and as Sansa and Jon catch up Sansa tries to persuade her brother to fight for Winterfell but Jon is tired of fighting. It’s nice seeing a strong, determined side to Sansa who pleadges to take Winterfell back with or without Jon’s help. It is Ramsay,  who inadvertedly convinces Jon to march to Winterfell as he sends a message to Castle Black where he makes threats against Sansa and admits to having Rickon. So now that the Starks are rising again surely this series is heading for the Battle of the Bastards (as no one else is calling it).

While the Starks make the plans to return home they are sadly too late for Osha. The Wilding girl has been taking care of Rickon all this time and she tries to protect him again by killing Ramsay, unfortunately she is murdered by Ramsay before she has the chance. I was sad to see her go, but at least her death was quick unlike most of Ramsay’s other victims.

Over in Meeren Tyrion has a meeting with the Slave Masters of Slaver’s Bay and strikes a deal with them-peace between them if they abolish slavery within seven years and end their assistance to the Sons of Harpy. This angers a lot of people, not least Missandei and Grey Worm. I’m torn over whether Tyrion has made a good plan or not. He is right that ending war and ending slavery cannot happen overnight-Daenerys tried ending slavery and within time the other places she liberated fell back into old ways. But Tyrion is used to dealing with Westeros people, so can the same tactics work in Meereen? And what will Daenerys make of it?

After being MIA for the first three episodes Littlefinger returned to our screens this week. He’s in the Vale with Robin the Lord of the Eyrie who is still a little twerp obsessed with throwing people out of the moon door. Hopefully he’ll get killed off soon. As for Littlefinger he’s still playing all sides as he pretends that Sansa was kidnapped for the Boltons rather than having arranged her marriage for her. I’m a little confused over what his plan was suppose to be? Was he just playing all sides just in case or is he just making it all up as he goes along? And what happens if he sees Sansa again and she reveals what he has been up to? Knowing Littlefinger he’ll probably talk his way out of that too.

In King’s Landing Margary is forced to listen to one of the High Sparrow’s sermons and seems about as thrilled about it as the audience does. She does manage to get to see her brother Loras though but while her spirit is still strong his has broken. They better hope Cersei’s planned assassination attempt on the High Sparrow works, but I can’t help and feel like someone is double crossing the other (this is Game of Thrones after all).

The end of the episode sees Daario and Jorah attempt to save Daenerys, however she has her own plans and as she meets with the Khals she burns them all alive in the hut. As she emerges from the flames unharmed the crowds of Dokthraki bow down to her. It’s a nice call back to the season one finale when she did the same thing on a smaller scale. It’s an episode full of strong women with Danerys taking back power, Sansa urging an attack on Winterfell, Margery and Cersei showing defianance despite their ordeals, even characters like Missandei showing strength by arguing her side to Tyrion while reluctantly supporting him for the good of Meereeen. We even get some welcome development between Theon and his sister Yara where he supports her right to claim their father’s throne. This is a different Theon to before who was so dismissive of her sister and now realises that she is the better ruler. This season seems to be about the devlopment of it’s women as leaders and taking back control from the men. It just goes to show that the series can create strong, three dimensional female characters when they leave the awfullness that is Dorne and the Sand Snakes out of the show. Long may that continue!

What did you think of the episode? Can the Starks take back Winterfell? Does Daenerys finally have enough followers to travel to Westeros? Let me know in the comment below.



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Rapid Review-Bad Neighbours 2: Sorority Rising

Bad Neighbours 2

Bad Neighbours (or Neighbors for the US audience) was a hit back in 2014 and its success at the box office meant a sequel was guarantied. But will the new neighbors be welcomed?

After a few years of peace Mac (Seth Rogan) and Kelly (Rose Byrne) are in the process of selling their house but their dreams are shattered when a sorority decides to move in next door. Fearing their house sell will be in jeopardy and unable to reason with the girls, Mac and Kelly turn to the one person who can help them- their old enemy Teddy (Zac Efron).

If you liked the first movie then you are probably going to enjoy the sequel-which is just as well considering it’s basically a repeat of the same plot as last time. The themes are pretty similar too -fear of growing up or behaving responsibly, Mac and Kelly behaving as irresponsible as the kids. The ending also wraps up everything a bit too conveniently.

However while it doesn’t score high on originality I did find it to be consistently funny all the way through. The antics and pranks may be immature but they did make me chuckle. And the Sorority girls are are surprisingly likeable and funny additions to the already amusing cast.

Rating 3.5/5 -unorginal it may be but it is funny


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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3: Oathbreaker

Game of Thrones S6 Episode 3

After last weeks exciting revival I wasn’t expecting any more surprising returns. However this week saw the return of a few characters we hadn’t seen for a good few seasons. But more on that later.

After leaving The Wall at the end of the last season this episode allows us to see Sam, Gilly and baby Sam on their journey to Oldtown. Sam is planning to beocme a maester and leave Gilly and Baby Sam with his fmaily. Considering how they treated their own son I’m not sure hwo welcoming they’ll be of Gilly and the baby. Will they say the baby is his? I’m wondeirng if Gilly is right and they should really stick together.

In King’s Landing Cersei and Jamie may be back as a united front but the Lannisters are still a long way from being back in power. Tommen goes to see the High Sparrow to demand him to change his behaviour to his mother but instead is on the receiving end of another long, dull sermon. While Cersei and Jamie can’t even get the council to stay in the same room as them. I did chuckle when they had their mass walkout leaving Cersei and Jamie at the table like fools.

Daenerys is brought face to face with her contemporaries- the wives of the other great Khals. One of whom tells her she is just like the rest of them- she thought her husbands would ride the world with her at his side. What they fail to realise is that it’s Daenerys who wishes to rule the world which is what marks her out to everyone else. Personally I hope she leads a rebellion with the other wives against the male Dothraki but more than likely she will just be rescued by Jorah and Daario. In Meereen Varys gets his little birds to give him information about the financial backers of the Sons of Harpy, while Tyrion tries to get to know Greyworm and Missandei better. Unfortunately neither are the outgoing company Tyrion is used to. They may be some of the more loyal characters in the show but they are not the best conversationalists (which as Tyrion points out is ironic considering Missandei  can speak 19 languages).

Also this week Arya gets her sight back! Which is good cause it was getting repetitive watching Arya getting beaten up weekly and saying she’s no one. Maybe now the training can get a bit more varied.

Bran is visiting the past again and sees his father around the time of the Mad King’s death and Robert’s rebellion. He’s disappointed to see some version of events didn’t happen as his father told him. But then a woman is heard screaming in the tower and as Ned starts to go Bran tries to follow but is stopped by the Three Eyed Raven. Bran calls out and we see Ned turn around as though he may have heard him. Thats an interesting development – does this mean that Bran has the potential to eventually change the past? And what’s will Ned find in the tower. Having read people’s theories I have an idea but unfortunately the Three Eyed Raven stops us seeing more. I feel Bran’s frustration.

At Winterfell Ramsay is given a present, and its only the wilding Osha and RICKON BLOODY STARK! I thought the show had forgotten all about the youngest Stark. I kind of wish they had left him alone because now he’s in the hands of Ramsay. This is the guy who murdered his father, abused his wife and fed his brother to the dogs (not to mention everything he did to Theon). So Rickon has no chance.

The only hope he may have is Jon Snow. Now that he’s back from the dead and over the inital shock, he kills his betrayers and then leaves the Night’s Watch! Come on Jon you need to go to Winter fell. Rickon needs you and make sure you pick up Sansa on the way!.

What did you think of the episode? What will happen to Rickon? What is happening in the tower? What will Jon Snow do now? Let me know in the comments below.



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Captain America: Civil War

Captian America Civil War

The theme this superhero summer season seems to be inner fighting. We’ve had Batman vs Superman, and later we will have the Xmen vs Apocalypse and his four horsemen. But arguably the most hotly anticipated superhero brawl is Team Captain America vs Team Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War. But can the winner be the audience this time around?

When the Avengers are involved in an incident that results in civilian casulties the government decide they need restrictions and asks them to sign The Sokovia Accords. However the team is divided with Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jnr.) leading up the side to sign while Steve Rodgers (Chris Evans) heading up the team to resist. Can the two sides reconsile or will events drive them further into conflict?

It’s perhaps unfair to compare Civil War to BvS but Civil War is miles ahead a better film than DC’s output last month.

For two hours we’re treated to a rollercoaster of action, revelations and the breaking apart of the Avengers. The film does a great act of balancing its huge ensemble cast with everyone getting a good moment and a motivation for their actions. It easily could have been Avengers 2.5 but the Russo brothers keep Cap at the centre of it all with him being our moral guide through the action. However even though this is Cap’s film we still get a well rounded argument to the Slovakia Accord. We can see why Iron Man and co decide to sign the accords just as we understand why Cap and his friends don’t.

Last time I criticised Winter Soldier for being a bit humourless at times but Civil War provides lots of funny moments amid the action and arguing. The new characters are introduced well with Tom Holland providing a lot of humour and showing why rebooting Spiderman (again!) may not be such a bad idea. It was great seeing him interact with the veteran superheroes. Chadwick Bosworth also makes an good impression as T’Chilla combining vengeance with a royal refinement and intelligence.

We are also treated to a bit more character development and depth to returning newbies The Vision (Paul Bettany) and Scarlert Witch (Elizabeth Olsen – proving they kept the right twin from Age of Ultron). Bucky ((Sebastan Stan) also makes a welcome return and builds more on already complex and tortured character.

There is some finely executed fight scenes on display here with a nail biting mission in the film’s opening to the Iron Man/Captain America/Winter Soldier battle shown in the trailer. Of course the main event we were all waiting for is the epic showdown between Team Captain America and Team Iron Man. Luckily it does not disappoint, it’s brimming with excitement and the action choreography is brilliantly executed with style and humour.

If there’s any slight bump in the road it’s Daniel Buhl’s villain with ambiguous motivations and end goals. At first he seems interesting and Buhl is a good actor but as soon as his endgame is revealed it all goes downhill and numerous plot holes come to light. In the end he joins the long list of Marvel movies uninteresting villains (Loki excepted of course). However if this is a mis step it’s a minor one in a movie that deserves to do well at the box office this year.

Rating 4.5/5 -intense, dramatic, hilarious, roll on Avengers: Infinity Wars

Also for the Community fans out there did you spot Jim Rash’s cameo? Let’s hope the Russos’ continue the cameos in the next installments.


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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2: Home

Game of Thrones episode 2

After being AWOL for the whole of season 5 Bran returns and under the guidance of the Three-eyed Raven Bran is able to see into the past and see a younger version of his father. This new ability has so much potential for future storylines. Maybe we can find out who Jon Snow’s mother is? Bran’s vision also gives an opportunity to see young Hordor, but he’s called Wylie and can say more than just Hordor! What happened to him? And why does he just repeat the word Hordor? Bran’s vision could hold many clues to things we haven’t even considered yet. I wonder if he’ll be able to look in the future too?

In King’s Landing The Mountain is back and doing what he does best- smashing peoples heads in. A lesson to us all don’t insult Cersei in public! Speaking of Cersei she is unable to go to her own daughter’s funeral leaving Tommen and Jamie to have a heart to heart. Tommen realises how much of a wimp he’s been but I’m concerned Cersei will try and turn him into Joffrey 2nd. Although at least Joffrey would have got rid of the Sparrows ages ago. I was really hoping that Jamie was going to kill the High Sparrow but no such luck. Looks like we’ll have to put up with his tedious speeches for another week.

Over at Winterfell Ramsay continues his mission to be the most evil character on the show by stabbing his father and then having his stepmother and newborn baby brother eaten by his dogs. I knew it was bound to happen ever since his stepmother announced her pregnancy but it was still a brutal scene. Although it did make me laugh when Ramsay’s stepmother pleads for his brother’s life and Ramsay replies that he prefers to be an only child. Cold Ramsay!

Meanwhile Sansa is heading to The Wall but Theon reveals he is going to leave her with Brienne and Pod. I’m glad the show is acknowledged that even though Theon didn’t kill Bran and Rickon (where has he disappeared?) he still killed many people so saving Sansa can’t absolve all his guilt. If he is planning on heading home to the Iron islands he may find them in turmoil as his father is murdered by his brother so now a fight for leadership is underway. Will Theon returning make any difference?

Further afield Tyrion decides to unleash the dragons in order to stop them withering away. I was sure Tyrion wasn’t going to be killed off but I was concerned that he would get a bit burnt. However the dragons leave him unharmed (“I’m friends with your mother” he quips to them). The fact he was able to calm them so well could have some implications for the future. Maybe he’ll be allowed to fly one of them someday?

In Braavos Arya also makes progress as she fights the waif and then Jaqen appears to offer her sight back if she says her name. Arya resists and repeats the phrase she has no name. She is then allowed to return back with Jaqen. I’m guessing she will get her eyesight back eventually but what else will she have to endure?

Over at The Wall the wildings save the day and Alisser and the traitors are thrown in the cells. Good ridence! But the most exciting part is JON SNOW’S ALIVE! I knew it would happen but it was still a relief to have it happen at last. I was worried they would make us wait the whole season for it. But dying is bound to affect someone so will he still be the same Jon Snow? And technically his vow to remain in the Night’s Watch ended when he died, so does this mean he can leave without any consequences, return to Winterfell and kick Ramsay’s ass? One can only hope!


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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 1: The Red Woman


A super late review of the first episode of Game of Thrones season 6. Tomorrow I’ll be posting the second episode review in a more timely fashion. But first here is my review of the season 6 premiere.

After waiting almost a year we’re back in Westeros to find out Jon Snow’s fate…and he’s still dead. For now anyway. I may be stuck in denial but I still believe Jon Snow will be resurrected at some point this season. But for the moment he’s dead and it’s poor Davos who finds his body and alerts the few men of the Night’s Watch of the news. You wonder how they are going to get out of this mess what with  being the new Commander. I don’t know how much the wildlings will help or if they will be able to in time. I think Melisandre will be more useful but she seems to be in the middle of a crisis of faith. But more on her later.

Sansa and Theon finally get some good luck. It’s not often good things happen on this show so when Brienne and Pod turn up and slay Ramsay’s men I almost punched the air in joy. I’m sure more misery will be heaped upon them soon but for now we can celebrate their good fortune.

Cersai does not get much good news as she learns of her daughter’s death. I almost very sorry for her. Almost. But this is Cersei so I’m sure she’ll be back to her old ways soon. Once she gets revenge of the High Sparrow ( whose still holding poor Margery) then Dorne and the Sand Snakes will be next. Speaking of Dorne (if I must) the Sand Snakes are still dull and underdeveloped but at least now they’ve killed Myrcella, Doran and Trystane they can hopefully move on from this boring revenge plot. One can only hope.

In Meereen Tyrion and Varys take a walk round the city. Can’t we just have more scenes of their banter instead of going back to Dorne again? Witty lines and misunderstandings of eating babies aside an actual plot development happens when Daenerys’ ships are burnt. I guess this means another delay in getting Daenerys to Westeros. Well if they can get her back from the Dothraki.

Then there’s Arya who has gone from would be assassin to blind street begged getting beaten up by the annoying waif. I’m guessing this is just another secret trial or test of character but will Arya learn her lesson quickly enough?

The episode ends on Melisandre looking despondent as she looks in the mirror and undresses.  Just another gratuitous nudity scene from GoT right? That is until she takes off her necklace and bam she’s suddenly an old woman. I suspected that Melisandre was older than she appeared but I didn’t realize she was putting on a glamour. It makes sense though that she would pretend to be youthful and beautiful in order to enchant those around her. After all she wouldn’t have been able to bewitch Stannis make that demon baby/assassin with him if she looked how she really did. She’s not my favorite character after her part in killing Stannis daughter but for the sake of potentially bringing Jon Snow back-pull it together woman and kick some Night’s Watch ass!

What did you think of the episode? Was it a good season premier? Is Jon Snow really dead dead? Is it the audience who really know nothing? Let me know in the comments below.



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