Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5: Eastwatch


So much off-screen teleportation in this episode it’s a wonder when anyone does decide to walk anywhere.

So Jamie survived! To the surprise of no one. What is surprising is that Bronn somehow managed to drag a heavily armoured Jamie down the river away from Daenerys and her army. Speaking of Daenerys she gets to do her two favourite things, say her catchphrase “bend the knee” and burn people alive. The unfortunate recipients are the Tullys with both Sam’s father and son getting burnt to a crisp. With Daenerys acting a bit more like the mad king in every episode Tyrion tries to organise the mess which leads to him arranging to meet up with Jamie. Which is awkward to say the least considering the whole murdering their father business. But Tyrion does get Jamie to suggest to Cersei to listen to reason. Then Cersai drops a bombshell – she’s pregnant. As Jamie beams with delight Cersei tells him never to betray her again. Surely she’s lying? I wouldn’t put it passed her and I’d hate to think what Jamie would do if she is lying.

At Winterfell Arya and Sansa are back at each others throats with Littlefinger twisting the knife as he manipulates Arya into finding a note he’s not so secretly hidden. According to the internet the note is from back in season one when Cersei forced Sansa to write a note to Robb saying Joffrey is a true king, Ned Stark is a traitor and Robb should submit. Now even Robb knew this was written under duress but will Arya understand? I hope Arya doesn’t turn against Sansa but you never know…

Meanwhile Bran uses his magical powers to control birds or something and spies the white walkers on the move (very slowly by the way, they seem to be the only ones without the offscreen teleporter everyone else on the show has been using). So Bran sends Ravens out to a number of characters including those at the citadel. There we see Sam and he’s getting sick of the Maesters and their lack of action. Unfortunately his frustration leads him missing out a crucial piece of information as Gilly reads from a book that Prince Rhaegar Targaryen (or Raggard as she calls him) had an annulment in Dorne.

While they don’t get the significance it leads to another angle in the Jon Snow is really a Targaryen theory. Because if he is the son of Lillian Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen then maybe they got married after his annulment and Jon is a legitimate male heir. Which could lead to an interesting dynamic in his and Daenerys relationship. If he is a Tygareen then explains why he’s able to get up close to a dragon without it killing him. It even lets Jon pet him! Even Daenerys is impressed.

Throughout the episode we get a build up to it’s climax as a a ragtag bunch of misfits gather together to go over the Wall and bring themselves back a walker. OK first things first, is it just me or does this seem a terrible idea? First of all how are they going to find one white walker when they all seem to be in a huge pack, and secondly how the hell are they going to even bring it back to King’s Landing to convince Cersai of the walker’s existence? I’m starting to think burning King’s Landing is a better plan. But besides the negatives its awesome to see all these characters come together to defeat a united foe. And who reappears in this episode, only bloody Gendry! I thought he was still bloody rowing- a sentiment brilliantly echoed on screen by Davos. It turns out Gendry is quite handy with a hammer too which will be useful in facing off the walkers. He also manages to do something which few people on the show has done, make Jon laugh! So it would seem unlikely that they would bring Gendry back just to kill him off. I wouldn’t really care if either of the Brothers without Banners get killed but surely someone else will get bumped off? So who? Jon is safe but the others not so much. Jorah? The Hound? Tommen? Arggghhh!

What did you think of the episode? Is Cersai really pregnant? Who will get killed capturing a walker? Can’t everyone just off screen teleport to safety? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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