Beautiful Creatures

There are many films trying to carry on where Twilight left off and create box office gold by trying to  find the next young adult fiction series that can be adapted to the big screen. Beautiful Creatures was an attempt earlier this year to capture that lucrative market.

Ethan (Alden Ehrenreich) is an American teenage boy who is desperate to leave his small town home. Then he meets new girl Lena (Alice Englert) who doesn’t fit in with the town’s religious community due to rumours surrounding her weird family and strange things that tend to happen around Lena. He pursues a romance with Lena only to find out that Lena’s life is quite complicated not least by the fact that she is a caster (a witch) and the females in her family are affected by a curse which means her soul will be either claimed by the light or the dark on her 16th birthday.

Beautiful Creatures didn’t exactly set the box office alight when it was released so its unlikely that any further films based on the book series will be coming to the cinema. It’s not hard to see why people didn’t warm to it. The film is way too long. Although it starts well enough the film soon starts to drag and its difficult to care about whether Lena is claimed for the light or the dark. The supporting characters don’t seem to know how they should deal with the source material, Emma Thompson goes big, hamming it up greatly while Jeremy Irons phones in his performance clearly thinking of the money dear boy.

However what the film lacks in some areas it makes up for in its engaging leads.  Ehrenreich and Englert shine as the loved-up teens. The early scenes where the characters are getting to know each other are the best scenes, establishing both of their personalities and its easy to see why they fall for each other. It’s just a shame their romance gets dragged down with the plot about the curse.

It may not be the best young adult fiction adaptation but for viewers who enjoy romantic films and set their expectations low you may be charmed by the young actors of Beautiful Creatures.

Rating 2.5/5-Easy watching as long as you don’t expect too much



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2 responses to “Beautiful Creatures

  1. Good review. Better than those damn Twilight movies, and that’s all I cared about.

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