The Croods

I wasn’t really that keen on watching The Croods. The trailer looked ok  but I had no great desire to see it. However I went with my friend and slowly found myself charmed by this prehistoric family.

The story follows a family of cavemen headed by Grug Crood (Nicolas Cage) along with his wife, grandmother, baby daughter and eldest daughter Eep (Emma Stone). The family have managed to survive longer than their neighbours due to Grug’s strength and protectiveness. Unfortunately that means the family end up spending most of their time in a cave to the annoyance of Eep who wants a life outside the darkness. The tensions between father and daughter come to ahead when Eep meets Guy (Ryan Reynolds) and he announces the end of the world is coming. Can the Croods make it to the land of tomorrow in time?

There some lovely aspects to The Croods. First of all they are a likeable bunch with father and daughter being the most well-rounded of the characters (although the others still provide the audience with some good laughs). You can see that the father’s fear is well founded but also understand why Eep is restless and wants to explore the outside world. It’s effective writing and strong vocal performances from Nick Cage and Emma Stone that stops them becoming overbearing or bratty and instead become a funny story of a family struggling to get along during the end of the world.

What is also a delight is the animation and design in The Croods. The creatures and plants that inhabit their world are so full of bright and psychedelic colours that the film is a pleasure to watch and be dazzled with.

Ok so it doesn’t reach the dizzy heights of animated films like Toy Story or Up! While it does have its touching moments it doesn’t reach the emotional heights that those films have. But that is perhaps unfair to compare The Croods to such films which I consider among the best animation films ever (if not films in general).

I was also torn by the ending. Not that it’s bad . But for a moment I thought The Croods might be a bit daring and go off in a riskier direction to end the film. But this gets pushed aside and resolved for a happy ending. If they had maybe taken that risk it would have been a more emotionally satisfying film. That aside The Croods is a fun family film with plenty of laughs and an enjoyable way to spend an hour and a half.

Rating 3.5/5-Though I had my doubts at first, I must admit The Croods have won me over and I look forward to any future sequels



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8 responses to “The Croods

  1. meeradarjiyr1

    Great review! Need to watch this 🙂

  2. Cracking review yo, I agree with your thoughts on the film especially when it comes to the animation, emotional depth and the ending. With the quality may not be as great as Pixar at their strongest, I can easily say that this is the best-looking Dreamworks film along with Rise of the Guardians.

  3. I’ll probably watch this when it comes out on home video. I’m a fan of Emma Stone, even if its just her voice in his movie haha. I loved Up! Great review!

  4. asiancinemablog

    For any animation to get to the level of Walee, Toy Story or Up is enormous challenge indeed. Pixar are totally the best animation story tellers (as far as 3D animation goes)

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