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The film that no studio wanted to make  turns out to be the film that everyone wanted to see as Deadpool exploded into cinema over the Valentine Day weekend. It’s now broken some box office records, which considering it was made on a comparitively smaller budget than most superhero movies is even more impressive. So the ultra violent, meta-joking anti-hero is winning fans all over, but can it break the fourth wall and into my heart?

Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is a mercenary in New York who suddenly finds out he has terminal cancer. Hoping an experiement can cure him he is instead subjected to torture and, eventually new super powers. However he is horribly scarred all over and his mental wellbeing is slightly off. So Wade decides to suit up and hunt down the man who did this to him for revenge.

What’s striking about Deadpool is that it’s obviously made by people who love and respect the source material. Leading man Reynolds has spent over a decade trying to get this movie made and that determination pays off here. Deadpool is as violent, funny and outrageous as I hoped it would be. I can’t say I’ve read a Deadpool comic but my friend who is a devoted fan has said the movie is pretty faithful to the spirit of Deadpool. Director Tim Miller has not bowed to any pressure to make it a more traditional superhero film and the result is a fun filled, extreamly bloody movie filled with plenty of nudity and swearing. Maybe not one to take your Avengers’ loving small children to.

In the amusing opening credit the cast is listed under such names as ‘Some Hot Chick’ and ‘A CGI character’ rather than their real names. While they may be listed under their cliches all the cast are in on the game. Reynolds is pefect in the role and looks like he is having a riot playing Wade/Deadpool. He’s perfectly matched by Morena Baccarin a his love interest Vanessa whose almost as foul mouthed and outragous as he is. I also enjoed the two X-Men we get to see Colossus (Stefan Kapicic) and especially, Negosonic Teenage Warhead(Brianna Hilderbrand). Meanwhile the writers are credited as the true heroes. It would be hard to argue with that assessment as they bring so many fresh ideas and jokes while making the characters, especially Deadpool, ones to root for and root against.

The only negative I can think of is that the plot is rather formualic, but when it’s told in such an original way who cares right?

Rating 4/5 – a hilarious and violent alternative to your usual Marvel movies



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Woman in Gold

When a film has the words “based on a true story” attached to them it sometimes fills me with dread. Instead of being an interesting tale of real life adversity it can occasionally end up being a boring and not all that accurate story. Woman in Gold is-unsurprisingly-based on a true story, but is it one that deserved to be told?

In the 1990s Maria Ultman (Helen Mirren) an elderly Jewish refugee from Austria asks Randol Schoenberg, the lawyer son of a family friend to help reclaim a painting of her aunt stolen by the Nazis. However this process proves difficult as the painting in question is the Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I -the Woman in Gold- by the artist Gustav Klimt, which is currently being held by the Austrian State Gallery. To get the painting back Maria and Randol face a long and obstructive court battle which may prove costly and fruitless.

I was worried this would be a ‘worthy’ and dull true life story, but from the beginning I was completely enthralled with the Woman in Gold. It helps that the true story around it is fascinating and has been brought to life admirably by director Simon Vurtis and screenwriter Alexi Kaye Campbell.This is a movie about justice and accountability. How the Jewish citizens in Austria not only had their lives destroyed by the Nazis but their treasured possessions-their music, their paintings- taken away too and still kept from them after the war was long over.

The lead actors both give strong performances. Mirren’s Maria is determined yet haunted by the past, while Reynold’s convinces as the young lawyer who becomes more and more emotionally invested in the case as it progresses. Mirren and Reynolds initially seem like an odd pairing but they work great against each other and you really felt the growing friendship and respect between their characters.

While I expected to learn more about the ‘woman in gold’ herself the focus instead is on a younger Maria (the excellent Tatiana Maslany from TV’s Orphan Black) and her family after Adele’s death, told in flashback during the Nazi invasion of Austria. These flashback add insight and the reasoning of why Maria wants to fight for the painting so much and the scenes with Maria’s family trying to survive the Nazi occupation is fraught with tension.

Some may not find a court case about a painting riveting, and there are moments when the story falters such as whenever Maria has doubts over continuing with case, but I found this to be an engrossing and insightful movie that I hope finds an audience.

Rating 4/5 – a thoughtful film about justice with good performances from Mirren and Reynolds


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The Croods

I wasn’t really that keen on watching The Croods. The trailer looked ok  but I had no great desire to see it. However I went with my friend and slowly found myself charmed by this prehistoric family.

The story follows a family of cavemen headed by Grug Crood (Nicolas Cage) along with his wife, grandmother, baby daughter and eldest daughter Eep (Emma Stone). The family have managed to survive longer than their neighbours due to Grug’s strength and protectiveness. Unfortunately that means the family end up spending most of their time in a cave to the annoyance of Eep who wants a life outside the darkness. The tensions between father and daughter come to ahead when Eep meets Guy (Ryan Reynolds) and he announces the end of the world is coming. Can the Croods make it to the land of tomorrow in time?

There some lovely aspects to The Croods. First of all they are a likeable bunch with father and daughter being the most well-rounded of the characters (although the others still provide the audience with some good laughs). You can see that the father’s fear is well founded but also understand why Eep is restless and wants to explore the outside world. It’s effective writing and strong vocal performances from Nick Cage and Emma Stone that stops them becoming overbearing or bratty and instead become a funny story of a family struggling to get along during the end of the world.

What is also a delight is the animation and design in The Croods. The creatures and plants that inhabit their world are so full of bright and psychedelic colours that the film is a pleasure to watch and be dazzled with.

Ok so it doesn’t reach the dizzy heights of animated films like Toy Story or Up! While it does have its touching moments it doesn’t reach the emotional heights that those films have. But that is perhaps unfair to compare The Croods to such films which I consider among the best animation films ever (if not films in general).

I was also torn by the ending. Not that it’s bad . But for a moment I thought The Croods might be a bit daring and go off in a riskier direction to end the film. But this gets pushed aside and resolved for a happy ending. If they had maybe taken that risk it would have been a more emotionally satisfying film. That aside The Croods is a fun family film with plenty of laughs and an enjoyable way to spend an hour and a half.

Rating 3.5/5-Though I had my doubts at first, I must admit The Croods have won me over and I look forward to any future sequels



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My Unpopular Film Opinions

There are some films which are considered universally loved by all and others which should be despised until the end of time. These are considered such universal truths that if you admit to having a different opinion everyone looks at you with such scorn and hatred that you wish you could vaporise into a million different pieces and scurry away from embarrassment.

I am now revealing some of my unpopular opinions and hope the gods don’t strike me down in horror.

  1.     I prefer the 2005 Pride and Prejudice film to the BBC series

To state this in public would probably see me set upon by angry Austin fans. I have quite a few friends who love the series, and I can understand why it appeals to them however I would rather watch the film. Maybe it’s because I watched the film first before the tv series, or the fact that while I think Colin Firth is attractive and a good actor I don’t really fancy him. It’s also beautifully shot and has a great supporting cast. Some people may question my taste but shrug it off without a word until I say this…

  1. I think Keira Knightley can act (sometimes)

Yes Knightley isn’t always the easiest actress to warm too and she does seem limited in certain roles but I think she does her best work with director Joe Wright. They obviously complement each other having worked on Pride and Prejudice and Atonement together, hopefully they can continue this trend with third collaboration in Anna Karenina out later this month.

3.  I’m underwhelmed by 2001: A Space Odyssey

I often see this film in people’s top 10 movies of all time. I tried to watch it once and I’m not saying it’s a bad film. Visually it’s very impressive and I can see why it inspired so many generations of film makers. Unfortunately I find it a difficult film to care about and got a little bored watching it. There’s plenty to admire but I can’t bring myself to say I love it or that I’d watch it again.

4. I enjoy watching Blade Trinity

I’ve seen so much hate for this film and I agree with a lot of what said about it. Blade is marginalised and ripped of any personality, killing off Whistler was a huge mistake, Dracula is a wasted villain and it’s not as good as its predecessors.

However if you accept it for what it is there’s some enjoyment to be had in Blade Trinity. First of all it is so dumb it enters into the so bad- its-good category with so many characters acting comically stupid (who do the Nightstalkers leave to watch the security cameras-a blind woman!).

Then there’s the fact that Blade Trinity features one of my favourite combinations

Ryan Reynolds plus beard minus shirt = hot (also for this formula see The Amityville Horror remake which has Ryan Reynolds plus beard minus shirt with an axe chopping wood = even hotter).

So that was a taster of my unpopular film opinions. Try not to judge me too harshly, after all we all have views that we’re ashamed to share with others.

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