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It seems everyone is talking about Amy Schumer, whether its upstaging Kimye by  ‘falling’ on the red carpet or her controversial sketches on  Inside Amy Schumer. Then last year she even wrote, produced and starred in her own movie. But can she make the successful leap from TV to movies?

Amy (Amy Schumer) is a magazine writer who enjoys sleeps around and drinks too much. And she’s happy with her life, until she meets Aaron (Bill Harder) a handsome sports  doctor. But while she wants a one night stand he wants more and deep down does Amy want more too?

Trainwreck is a fun, rude comedy. Schumer enjoys playing on gender stereotypes with Amy being the commitment-phobe while Aaron wants a relationship. The script is full of witty, often raunchy jokes, and the cast are all game for a laugh. John Cena is hilarious a gym addict man Amy is seeing while Tilda Swinton is almost unrecognisable as Amy’s obnoxious boss. Brie Larson also shines as Amy’s straight laced sister.

However being a Judd Apatow directed film the movie is way too long. There was also too many sport references and jokes for my liking. Sometimes the jokes were less laugh out loud and more of a wry smile. But Schumer shows why she’s becoming so popular although perhaps  you shouldn’t watch this with your mum.

Rating 3/5 – witty and surprisingly full of heart


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Inside Out

Ever wonder how your mind really works or what is going on in other peoples’ heads? Well Pixar’s latest movie delves deep into the head of a child and the main characters are the emotions! But will this film make me feel joyful or sad?

Set inside the mind of 11 year old Riley where her emotions Joy (Amy Poehler), Sadness (Phyllis Smith), Fear (Bill Hader), Anger (Lewis Black) and Disgust (Mindy Kaling) live in headquarters influencing Riley’s actions and memories. Up until now Joy has been mainly in charge of Riley but a move to a new town leads to a lot of changes. When a struggle between Joy and Sadness leads to them being sucked out of Headquarters and stuck in Riley’s long-term memories they have to find a way back before the other emotions cause too much havoc.

As with most Pixar movies their stories are so inventive and creative you wonder where they come up with these ideas. From the control room, to the personality lands and everything else it’s such a clever little film. I loved all the little touches such as train of through being a literal train or Pixar’s explanation as to why you can’t get that annoying song out of your head. It is in turn funny and touching. I liked how the movie shows why being sad can be good sometimes and a natural part of growing up.

My favourite characters were Sadness and Disgust. Monotone and downbeat, Sadness is excellently voiced by Smith who also shows the character to be gentle and more empathetic than the rest of the emotions. I also loved Disgust voiced by Mindy Kaling, who reacts scathingly to anything she dislikes. Joy was a bit annoying in her relentlessly perky ways, but she is meant to be like that she is wasn’t too bad. Fear and Anger also have many funny quips. It was also great when we got the little insights into supporting characters minds as well and saw their versions of Joy, Sadness etc.

I’m not sure if some of the plots or jokes would have gone over the heads of small children and maybe they would have been a bit bored in some parts? While Inside Out it’s not quite on the same level as Toy Story movies or UP! but Pixar still knows how to make heartfelt, funny movies that both adults and kids enjoy.

Rating 4/5 – inventive, thoughtful and lots of fun


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