In a World…

Lake Bell has mostly been known for supporting roles in films such as No Strings Attached and What Happens In Vegas. Now she goes from supporting player to quadruple threat with her directorial debut which she also writes, co-produces and stars in.

Carol (Bell) is a vocal coach who wants to break into the world of movie trailer voicovers, however she has to overcome being a female in a predominatly male environment. Being the daughter of a famous voiceover artist (Frank Melamed) doesn’t make things any easier. However when she hears the “In a World…” line made famous by Don LaFontaine is due to be brought back for a movie trailer Carol soon finds herself in the running for the job and a chance to change her life.

I have a confession to make. I love movie trailers.  Its one of my favourite part of the cinema experience. They are so much fun. Sometimes they can even be better than the actual movie. So for me it was fun to see the behind the scenes of these people trying to win the job as voiceover for a movie trailer (The Amazon Games looking like a great paradoy of The Hunger Games), and the backstabbing and game playing that goes on.

Lead character Carol is a mixture of goofiness and charm and she is a character that is easy to roote for and sympathise with. Its nice to see Lake Bell in the main role for once and proves she can work just as well as any a-listers (a parallel to Carol’s story perhaps?) She also gives plenty of good material to her co-stars as well. Her father Sam is brilliantly played by Melamed, the character is so horrible to his daughters at times that he easily becomes dislikeable but there is moments showing his insecurities and fear of failing that shows you a three dimensional human being underneath.

There are many funny moments in this movie such as Carol’s encounter with fellow voiceover artist Gustoff (Ken Marino) in his hidden room at his party.  These are nicely balanced by a touching subplot regarding Carol’s sister Dani (Michaela Watkins)and her husband Moe ( Rob Corddry)going through some marriage difficulties and Carol’s romantic exploits are also nicely played and doesn’t overshadow the main arc of the film which is Carol making her stamp in the natoriously male dominated industry.

This film is perhaps more for film buffs who enjoy a look behind the scenes of the competietive world of voice over tailers, but Carol’s journey should also appeal to the average cinema goer who just fancies watching a good movie.

Rating 3.5/5-Lake Bell proves she’s a force to reckoned with-so watch out!


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17 responses to “In a World…

  1. Great review. I loved this film! Lake Bell created quite the little gem here, even if it did seem to get a bit overlooked last year.

    • Thanks. Yeah it was a shame that this film wasn’t advertised that well and wasn’t shown in many cinemas. I had to wait until DVD to see it. Glad you liked it too.

      • I didn’t see it advertised at all! Very surprised that it showed up at the tiny cinema near me. I think that sometimes makes a film even more enjoyable though, when it’s a bit of a surprise.

      • Yeah it can be good to see something you know practically nothing about and find a little gem amid all the rubbish.

  2. I also really enjoyed this movie and think it balanced the humor with the drama well. The revelation about their mom comes so late yet changes how we look at her sister and father. This film sneaks up on you for sure.

    • The dad came across really badly at times and you really felt for Lake Bell and her sister, and yet the film worked to make the dad not a complete douche. The humour helped balance out the sadder moments of the film. Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Good review Lauren. It’s nothing special, but it’s still pleasant and joy-filled enough to be worth watching.

  4. Nice review, lady! Haven’t seen this one, but I’ve heard good things. Might have to check it out! Also, you are so not alone on loving the trailers. Honestly, that’s half the fun of going to movies for me. P.S. You’ve been nominated for a Sunshine Award! 🙂

    • Awww thank you so much for the nomination that’s very much appreciated. I shall try and get around to following the rules in the next week or two when I get myself organised. And I’m also glad to hear someone else enjoys the movie trailers. I hate going to the cinema with people who want to arrive as late as possible cause then I miss all the trailers.

      • You are most welcome! Do it whenever you please–no rush. 🙂 And I HATE coming to movies late! Not only do you miss trailers, but you have to find your seat in the dark and everybody is judging you for your lateness…Nope. Can’t do it.

  5. Excellent review! I also love movie trailers. I have since I was a kid. I think you bring up an excellent point that the film, as a whole, might be better suited for movie buffs.

    • Yeah another person who loves movie trailers! The movie definately works better if you’re into the whole cinema experience and love of the film world. Thanks for commenting-it’s always apreciated!

  6. Really want to check this one out, sounds pretty decent. Nice review!

  7. Tom

    Good review Lauren, I really really enjoyed this myself. Very interesting subject matter from the point of view of a very interesting person.

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