Black Rock

Black Rock is a 2012 American horror-thriller film about three women who take a trip to a remote island where they use to go as children. But things go terribly wrong when three men turn up and a nasty accident turns the trip on its head.

As far as Black Rock’s plot goes this isn’t exactly original material and the script doesn’t offer much to subvert the expectations of the audience. It also isn’t as gory as fans of these type of films would normally expect and despite giving the baddies a bit of backstory as Iraqi war veterans they mostly come across as cardboard cutout villains. There is also the same old clichés that come into play-the island is mostly deserted and there’s no cell phone reception, what a shock! Honestly why does anyone ever go camping anymore-haven’t they seen The Blair Witch Project?

However I liked the fact that the women were three-dimensional characters. They didn’t fit typically into the female stereotypes for horror films. The tensions between the women felt believable and it wasn’t obvious who was meant to be the heroine of the film (or the Final Girl if you will). The actresses work well together, with Lake Bell (Lou) impressing the most. As peacemaker Sarah, Kate Bosworth gives one of her better performances. Meanwhile Katie Aselton-who also directs and came up with the story-is also strong as the reluctant Abby.

Its clear the girls aren’t as strong or as tactical as the men who are chasing them, so they have to use their own strengths to try to survive. Their advantages are that they know this island as children and have strong survival instincts, doing what it takes to survive. Aselton does making the chase scenes tense as the girls have to hide all through the forest of the island and have to hope the men don’t know the island as well as they do. It’s just a shame that the negatives outweighs the positives, a few good twists would have made the film much better.

Rating-2.5/5-good performances from the actresses aside this film doesn’t have enough twists or chills to match up to the better horror films of recent years


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