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Preview: The Lego Batman Movie


As I went to my local cinema on Saturday to see Hacksaw Ridge for the second time (see the review here), I saw that they were exclusively showing The Lego Batman Movie. Naturally I couldn’t resist a preview so I battled through the families and small kids to attend a screening on Sunday.

It’s hard being Batman (Will Arnett), not only is your awesomeness not appreciated by everyone, Alfred (Ralph Finnes) is always trying to impart some words of wisdom or life lesson or foricng you to lok after the orphaned boy Robin (Michael Cera) you accidently adopted. But when Gothem City is once again under attack by the evil Joker (Zack Galifianakis) can Batman learn the importance of teamwork to save the day

Whereas Batman v Superman: Dawn of Boredom was intent on taking itself so seriously The Lego Batman MovieĀ goes in exactly the opposite direction. Everything in the Batman canon is played for laughs and most of them land well. As the breakout character from The Lego Movie, once again Will Arnett voices Batman and just like before he is hilarious. While he’s still the funniest character there are some great roles, including the optimist and naive Robin (Cera) and the Joker (Galifanakis) who wants to prove he is Batman’s greatest enemy.

While it is undeniably fun it has more to prove than The Lego Movie (which no one expected to be any good) and the film finds it difficult to live up to that film’s inventiveness. Perhaps being restricted, for the most part, to the constraints of the Batman and DC world means it’s unable to be as enjoyably bonkers as The Lego Movie was.

However there are moments of genius in the film, such as Batman’s voice-over during the obligatory logos at the beginning of the film, and when the Joker’s heinous plan comes into action during the last third it allows to film to be more insane and creative, bringing in characters from other Lego merchandise (who knew they did Lego Gremlins?) More moments like this for the sequel please!

Rating 3.5/5 -way more fun then Batman v Superman.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I liked the animated tv series as a kid but the signs for this live action film adaptation were not good. Michael Bay was producing, the pictures of the Turtles looked all wrong and there were reports that the turtles would be aliens. But could TMNT rise above the hate?

April O’Neil (Megan Fox) is a reporter for Channel 6 in New York who wants to handle serious news rather than the fluff pieces she’s stuck with. When she witnesses a criminal gang called the Foot Clan involved in illegal activities she see a shadowy figure arrive to take them out. Wanting to find the vigilantes involved she ends up discovering more than she bargained for when the figure she’s hunting for turns out to be…Well I think you can guess the rest.

Despite the negative buzz before its release, I actually found TMNT to be a fun movie. Is it a classic, no. Is it faithful, no. But it was definitely a lot better than what I thought it would be. Thankfully the turtles are not aliens as was feared. The action scenes are fun and even exciting in IMAX 3D. Megan Fox is ok as April O Neil and works well with Will Arnett who plays her camera man Vern. Arnett continues to be the best thing in most of the movies he appears in (as fans of his Batman from The Lego Movie will tell you). He has a lot of the best lines and is, unsurprisingly is very funny.

It won’t be a huge surprise however to hear that this movie is far from perfect. To me the turtles still look wrong, and our four heroes in a half shell vary constantly between amusing and annoying. The turltes rat mentor Splinter is disappointingly underused while the villianous Shredder is given a weird body armour to wear that makes him look like a lame Transformer rip-off except without being able to actually transform. The script often makes April do stupid things for the sake of the plot which makes her come across less like an investigative reporter and more like she has a death wish. Attempts to link April and the turtles backstories is also unsuccessful.

However while its silly I have to admit I did have fun watching it. Even though at times it felt like I wondered into an extended Pizza Hut advert. While I wouldn’t recommend you rush out and see it, if you do find yourself wondering into the cinema it may not be as bad as you feared. Although I’m sure plenty will disagree with me.

Rating 3/5 – silly and ridiculous but also at times, rather fun with it


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The Lego Movie

When I first heard that there was going to be a movie based on the popular toy Lego, this did not sound appealing to me at all. However the trailers for the movie actually looked quite good, funny even. So did The Lego Movie live up to the trailers or were my first impressions correct?

Emmett (Chris Pratt) is just an ordinary construction worker, living his life following the instructions set out by Lord Business (Will Farrell). That is until he accidentally finds the Piece of Resistance which becomes attached to his back. Suddenly Emmett finds himself in the centre of an adventure he never could imagine, and only he can fulfil the prophecy and stop Lord Business from his evil plan.

This film is a lot more fun than it has any right to be. Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller seem to have a habit of making good movies out of unpromising material having manage to make 21 Jump Street a surprise critical and commercial success. Here, they’ve put a lot of effort into making a worthy story filled to the brim with jokes that children and adults will like. They obviously care about making this movie good rather than just calling-it-in like other directors may have done.

The voice actors are all great, everyone has been well casted in their roles. Will Arnett is fab as Batman (can he just be the new Batman instead of Ben Affleck?), and Liam Neeson is so much fun as Bad Cop/Good Cop. Special mention should also go to Chris Pratt who plays a good everyman as Emmett, and is also really funny.

The ending may be a bit divisive for some audience. Personally I liked it as it added an extra element to the film, but it also takes you out of the action for a bit which may annoy many people. Kids might also want to get a bit bored and want to get back to the adventure at hand.

Overall a good comedy that makes you nostalgic for the Lego sets you use to play with as a kid. Maybe I should take my Lego haunted castle back from my nephew…

Rating 3.5/5 – who knew a movie about Lego could be so much fun.


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