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The Heat

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy team up in cop comedy The Heat, but will this duo produce comedy gold or a big dud?

FBI agent Sarah Ashburn (Bullock) drives her colleagues mad with her perfectionism and uptight behaviour. Meanwhile Boston Detective Shannon Mullins (McCarthy) is foulmouthed and violent-even to her boss! When they are forced to work together to bring down a drug kingpin can they solve the case and become friends?

It won’t come as a huge surprise what the answer to those questions are. There also isn’t many surprises in the script which seems to follow the standard buddy cop routine. They’re complete opposites! Forced to work together! They are faced with obstructive police colleagues! However I wasn’t coming into this film expecting a reinvention of the wheel. It is what it is- an often funny, occasionally crude comedy.

McCarthy is great fun as Mullins and the actress clearly enjoys the antics her character gets up to. Bullocks has a bit of a harder job, we’ve seen this type of character before-arrogant, not a team player, by the book. For the first part of the film Ashburn is just irritating, however once the two start to bond, Ashburn becomes a funnier more likeable character. Bullock is also great at phsyical comedy, shown in such scenes as her hilariously terrible DIY attempt at first aid.

The plot about who is the drug kingpin is not that interesting but this fim is mostly about watching McCarthy and Bullock bounce off each other. They have great comedy chemistry and in the end become believable as friends who’ve learned to respect each other-maybe the only person in their lives who does acknowledge them in this way.

It may not be the best work of Bullock or McCarthy but they make for an amusing duo, and if The Heat 2 does get announced I should look forward to seeing them work togetheragain.

Rating 3.5/5-Bulock and McCarthy prove to be a formidable team that shows the boys how it should be done!


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Everything I seem to read about this suggests it will be one of the films of the year and a shoo in for Oscar glory. Safe to say my expectations were rather high when I went to see this.

Sandra Bullock and George Clooney star as astronauts caught out when a space walk is interrupted by debris from a Russian satellite (don’t you just hate it when that happens?). With Oxygen running low and a second wave of debris on the way they have to find a way to survive.

As the first film I’ve seen in Imax 3D  I have to say it was well worth it! The opening scene of watching Earth from space is breathtaking, Clooney’s Matt is right when he says it’s a beautiful sight. The visuals throughout this film is amazing, no doubt this film will win big in the special effect awards.

It’s not just the visuals that were impressive, the film is brilliantly directed by Alfonso Cuaron. Whether its a wide shot of space or pov shots from the astronauts you are completely captured by the film. The camera often follows the astronauts as they move through space, often losing control-so prepared to feel very dizzy by Sandra Bullock floating around and around in circles. The film is so tense I often found myself short of breath as I was so concerned for the characters lack of oxygen I was forgetting to breathe.

George Clooney is strong as veteran astronaut Matt, going from his usual Clooney cheeky, funny self, to being calm and direct when instructing Bullock’s nervy rookie Ryan. Bullock handles the challenges of the film well, intense close-ups for long periods showing Ryan’s distress, giving potentially cheesy monologues to herself which she deals with aplomb.

Sometimes the film felt more like an endurance than something I could sit down and enjoy. But there’s no denying there’s something special about Gravity and it fully deserves all the praise I’ve been reading about it.

Rating 4/5-spectacular visuals and great acting brings this space drama to life


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