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World War Z

First it was vampires being overexposed in films and now it’s the turn of zombies. Still I was excited when I heard Max Brooks’ novel World War Z was coming to the big screen, as well as confused as how they would be able to distill this multi-narrative book that spans across the whole world. Will Brad Pitt’s star power be a help or a hinderance?

Former UN negotiator Gerry (Brad Pitt) finds himself and his family unexpectedly in the middle of a zombie outbreak. Due to his former job they are rescued and taken to a U.S Navy vessel. But Gerry’s rescue comes at a price. The US want him to help find a cure in return for his families protection. Soon Gerry’s mission takes him to South Korea, Jerusalem and Wales  in order to help save the world and fight the zombie plague.

Anyone who has seen the trailers for World War Z would know that this isn’t a faithful adaptation of Max Brooks’ novel. Instead of having a worldwide perspective of the plague with different voices showing how each country is dealing with the outbreak we have Brad Pitt saving the world. One of the interesting aspects of the book was seeing how each country dealt with the outbreak and what extreme measures they would go to in order to help save their people-and whether they were successful or not. I know it wouldn’t be realistic to make a completely faithful adaptation of Brooks’ novel but I don’t understand why they couldn’t have had multiple protagonists like in Contagion. By reducing us to one protagonist the movie becomes another generic Zombie film.

Besides Gerry, most of the other characters don’t get much development. The most interesting was a female Israeli soldier who joins Gerry for the second part of his trip. Michelle Enos as Gerry’s wife is unfortunately underwritten. I would have also liked to have seen much of Peter Capaldi, who plays a scientist in the film’s climatic scenes.

There are some positives about the film. The acting isn’t terrible. There are some tension-filled scenes when the zombies attack and although I prefer my zombies to walk slowly rather than run, the way these Zombie’s moved was effective.

I was wondering if I would have had a different opinion of the film if I hadn’t read the book. However these doubts were quickly put aside when my mum, who was watching the film with me, said at the end “Brad should be ashamed he made that film.” While I wouldn’t say that this was the worst Brad Pitt film I’d ever seen (that accolade would have to go to the bore-fest that was Legends of the Fall), I won’t be watching the inevitable sequel when that is unleashed on the world.

Rating 2/5 – despite the good source material World War Z fails to live up to expectation



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The 12th Doctor

Finally after months of speculation Doctor Who has revealed its 12th Doctor as Peter Capaldi. Capaldi is best known from BBC’s The Thick of It (and it’s spin off film  In The Loop). Capaldi has also been part of the Whoniverse before in the Doctor Who episode The Fires of Pompei (alongside Karen Gillian before she was cast as the Doctor’s assistant Amy Pond) and Torchwood: Children of Earth.

So although its not a radical casting (will we ever get a black doctor or even a female doctor?), he is a different type of actor to Matt Smith. So what will 12th be like? First impressions seem to be that he won’t be as silly or phsyical as Smith’s, but he will strike you down with one look or a clever put down. For me he certianly has the claught to deal with the comedic and dramatic elements the role provides.

So what do you think? Was it the right choice? Who should have been the Doctor? What will his costume be like (no bow ties I hope)?


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