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Rapid Review: Absolutely Fabulous – The Movie


Eddy and Patsy are back in their own movie! When a failed attempt to get Kate Moss signed to her PR company ends up in the model’s death, Eddy (Jennifer Saunders) finds herself on the run with her best friend Patsy (Joanne Lumley). Can they escape all their trouble in the South of France?

I love the tv show Absolutely Fabulous and Eddy and Patsy are iconic comedy creations. The move to the big screen is mostly successful with the Eddy and Patsy’s antics still creating lots of laughs. Sometimes the film feels a bit too stretched for a full length feature and might have been better if it was edited down to an extended episode.  Also at times the film is a bit too obssessed with it’s celebrity cameos.

Rating 3/5 – not quite fabulous but absolutely fun

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