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Rapid Review: Sleeping With Other People

Sleeping With Other People Film Poster

After losing their virginities to each other in College, Lacey (Alison Brie) and Jake (Jason Sudeikis) meet each other again at an addicts meeting. Jake is a sex addict while Lacey is a love addict. They decide to stay friends and not let sex get in the way. But this becomes easier said than done.

Sleeping With Other People is rude and funny. There are several hilarious moments such asĀ  Lacey’s uncomfortable confession to her boyfriend in a public resturant, Jake teaching Lacey how to…er…love herself, and Jake and Lacey’s drug fuelled dancing at a kid’s party. It’s fun seeing Brie as something completely different from her role as uptight Annie in the brilliant Community and she works well with Sudeikis. Adam Scott is also fun as the massive douche that Lacey is obbessed with.

Towards the end the film becomes less subversive and heads more towards traditional rom-com territory. But it’s still a funny and worthwhile movie to see.

Rating 3.5/5 – amusing and surprisingly romantic movie with the wonderfully likeable Alison Brie


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We’re The Millers

Jennifer Aniston has been in plenty of so-so ‘comedies’ since she left friends nearly 10 years ago. Only The Good Girl really sticks in the mind as being a decent film (although she did a good villain role in Horrible Bosses). So how does her latest comedy add up?

David (Jason Sudeikis) is a small time marijuana drug dealer who through a series of mishaps owes a big amount of money to his boss-a drug lord. To clear his dept he needs to smuggle a big supply of marijuana from Mexico into the US. To evade suspicion he decides to enlist a fake family in a RV so hopefully no-one will look twice at him. So he gets his neighbour stripper Rose (Jennifer Aniston), geeky teen Kenny (Will Poulter), and runaway Casey (Emma Roberts) to pose as his wife and two children. What can go wrong? Plenty it seems.

At last Aniston is in a film that’s actually meant to be funny! Ok it may not be a comedy classic but We’re The Millers provides enough laugh out loud moments to pass the time amiably enough. Sudeikis and Aniston have great banter as the bickering neighbours who maybe have more affection for each other than they care to admit. Their scenes with a another camping family are great, especially during a misguided game of dictionary. Aniston looks like she’s having more fun in this film then she has in a dozen of her so-called rom-coms. Emma Roberts clearly also enjoys playing the bad girl role delivering her snappy one liners with relish.

Brit Will Poulter steals many scenes as the awkward but well-meaning teenager Kenny, whether its singing along to TLC’s Waterfalls or the scene where a spider bites his….well I won’t spoil the surprise. Its his performance you’ll remember when the film is over-and when a film has a heavily advertised Jennifer Aniston stripping scene you know you have a future star on your hands.

Ah the stripping scene, featured heavily in the film’s promotion and a reason, I suspect, many guys (and some girls) will happily watch this film. Well Jennifer Aniston does look great. Is it really needed in the film? That’s probably something to be discussed in a different post. At least I found it amusing the way they try to make Rose’s stripping an important plot point (cause you can’t have a character needlessly stripping, no its a way to save her ‘family’ of course!).

Rating 3.5/5- I’d happily go on another holiday with the Millers!


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