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Rapid Review: Blair Witch


When James (James Allen McCune) finds footage that appears to be of his missing sister Heather, who had disappeared 20 years earlier while investigating the Blair Witch. After meeting the locals who uploaded the village He and his friends go and investigate in the woods. Soon they find themselves trapped in a nightmare situation with seemingly no way out.

This sequel surprised everyone on release as no announcements had been made beforehand that at a Blair Witch sequel was in the works and the movie was filmed under the title The Woods. After the awful result of  Book of Shadows: Blair Witch it’s a relief that the director/writer combo  Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett (who made the excellent You’re Next) have given the Blair Witch a worthier sequel.

At it’s best the film is a good retread of the original film and adds some nice touches like the use of drones instead of just handheld cameras. Theres also some nice tense moments like a claustraphobic scene in an underground tunnel and some effective jump scares. However there’s only so much originality can be added to a film like Blair Witch and the action can get overfamiliar at times with characters that are vaguely drawn.

Rating 3.5/5 – effective but ultimately unoriginal horror


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