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How to be Single

How to be Single Poster

Based on the best-selling book by Liz Tuccillo (the co-author of the self-help book turn movie) He’s Just Not That Into You) How To Be Single feature a post Fifty Shades Dakota Johnson and post Pitch Perfect Revel Wilson. But can they bring the box office success if their previous films to this rom-com?

College graduate Alice (Johnson) is taking a break from her boyfriend Josh (Nicholas Braun) to move to New York City. There she meets Robin (Wilson) who teaches her the ways of being single. Meanwhile Alice’s sister Meg (Leslie Mann) contemplates having a baby and dating a younger man Ken (Jake Lacy). Then there’s also determined singleton Lucy (Alison Brie) who’s scouring various internet dating sites for Mr. Right.

It’s not going to break the mold of rom com’s or even box office records but How To Be Single does have enough charm and humor to find an audience. Johnson makes a likeable enough lead although she doesn’t sparkle as much as she did in edgier fare such as A Bigger Slash. My interest in her romantic storylines did sag in the middle. More successful is Alice’s interactions with best buds Robin. Wilson’s Robin is essentially an even rudder Fat Amy. But even though it’s basically the same role as the one that made her famous Wilson still nails it.

I probably found Meg’s storyline the most satisfying as it had the right amount screen time to develop her character with her quest to become a mother and her cute fledging romance with Ken. I felt Brie was underused as Lucy, who was not a greatly developed character. But Brie still manages to make her scenes amusing especially with hot barman Tom (Anders Holms) on the scene. At times it even seems Tom is more of a main character than Lucy.

Sometimes the film can’t decide if it wants to subvert the rom com clichés or embrace them leaving a mixed end result all round. But it’s still a fun, girlie movie and a perfect antidote to all the macho movies of late.
Rating 3.5/5 – an amusing movie with a likeable cast


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Obvious Child

220px-Obvious_Child_posterComedy movies have mined a lot of materials out of one night stands and pregnancy (Knocked Up, Juno). Obvious Child approaches the same subject matter but looks at what happens when the girl decides she’s not ready to be a mother.

Dumped by her boyfriend, stand up comedienne Donna (Jenny Slate) has a one night stand with a guy named Max (Jake Lacy). A few weeks later she finds out she’s pregnant. Unready to be a mother she decides to have an abortion, all the while trying to work out her feelings for Max who suddenly reappears into her life.

Whether you’re willing to watch this film will probably depend on your view of the subject matter of abortion, and even if you’re pro-choice you may still find the idea of a comedy about abortion a bit distasteful. Which is fair enough. For me I admire writer/director Gillian Robespierre willing to be different and taking on a difficult subject. I also felt she wasn’t trying to judge her main character or try to say this is what everyone in this situation should do, she just goes through Donna’s journey and whats right for her.

Jenny Slate manages to be funny and likeable as Donna. She is a flawed character and doesn’t have everything, or anything, sorted in her life. It’s good to see a film which allows the female character to be complicated. Max is also rather sweet if not as well-developed as Donna is.

As you can imagine there is plenty of dark humour involved, such as Donna’s realisation that her abortion is scheduled for Valentine’s Day. Still like I said this is not going to be for everyone, so if you’re sensitive about the subject it’s probably not for you.

Rating 3.5/5 – good for those looking for a different kind of rom-com

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