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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7: The Dragon and the Wolf


So that happened.

As the season came to a close we finally got a scene with the majority of characters, and it was just as good as I could hope for if less bloodier than I was expecting. There was some happy reuniting for some like Tyrion, Bronn and Pod while others like The Hound was not too happy to see the (somewhat) familiar face of his brother The Mountain. It looks like we’ll have to wait until next season for them two to face off properly as everyone concentrated on the matter at hand-the walkers.  Cersei’s face when she came literally  face to face with a Walker was priceless. Finally the sneering mask slipped and we actually saw Cersei shit scared, as she should be. But this being Cersei she can help but make demands, wanting Jon to stay out of the great war. Of course Jon being Jon he states he must stay loyalty to his oath to Daenerys. To which everyone facepalms and Cersai leaves the negotiations (I bet Daenerys regretted harping on about bending the knee so much in hindsight).

So it’s up to Tyrion to save the deal and he faces a tense meeting with Cersai. After three seasons separated from each other it was satisfying to see the fraught Lannister siblings together again. This being Cersei though she blames him for all the family’s trouble including Mrycella and Tommen’s deaths, completely ignoring her own part in her family’s demise. Interestingly enough despite her hatred Cersei can’t bring herself to kill Tyrion herself and eventually agrees to help in the great war. However this soon turns out to a be another Cersei lie as she admits to Jamie later (does this mean the whole quest to capture a walker was a big waste of time?) Appalled by her shortsightedness and going against her word Jamie finally grows a backbone and leaves her and King’s Landing. So is he heading to Winterfell? Even though he’s left Cersei he’s still a Lannister and no one besides Tyrion and Brianne is going to trust his word that he’s on their side now. Then again as snow starts falling in King’s Landing they probably won’t have much choice but to accept any ally they can.

Over in Winter fell the Stark siblings finally start working together to bring Littlefinger down and it is glorious. With Sansa’s trial against Littlefinger bringing all his previous misdeeds out into the open he has no where to run and pleads for his life. But with evidence from all the Stark children (yes even Bran makes himself useful) brought out in the open before the Knights of the Vale Littlefinger’s time is up. Sansa brings him his sentence and Arya swiftly enforces it with a cut to his throat. I previously thought Littlefinger would be one of those characters that slyly make it through to the end of the show, but I’m glad to be proven wrong. The Starks united are in a much stronger position now and look set to be stronger when Jon returns.

So naturally there has to be a spanner in the works.

After seven seasons the show finally and officially reveals Jon’s parentage: that he is in the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. Oh and his real name is Argon Targaryen (though considering they prononce it egg-on I think he should stick with Jon). These revelation all comes out when Bran and Sam meet again at Winter fell, where Bran introduces himself as The Three Eyed Raven and Sam admits to having no idea what means-you and me both Sam. Anyway despite Bran/Three Eyed Raven claiming to know everything he somehow doesn’t know that Jon’s parents were legally married (good thing Sam was listening to Gilly after all) making Jon a legitimate heir to the throne.

Now I know this kind of news may not be the best thing to address through a raven’s note but you’d think Bran would have had some sense to give Jon the heads up so he doesn’t do something icky like, I don’t know, shag his own aunt? Yes, Jon and Daenerys, er consummate their alliance which I know some fans will be happy about but all I can think is EWW THEY ARE RELATED! Finally Cersei and Jamie will have competition for most messed up relationship on the show. And considering the show has been bleating on about Daenerys inability to have children Jon is bound to miraculously get her pregnant to make this whole thing even more twisted. Poor Jon he can never be happy can he?

Still they will have to figure it all out another time as the walker army invade Eastwatch and obliterate the wall using the dragon Viserion’s blue flames. Oh dear indeed. Not only does this mean the walkers are on their way to the seven kingdoms but with a dragon on their side Cersei may not be as safe in the south as she thinks. One things for certain next season is going to be carnage.

What did you think of the episode? Did you enjoy this and the season as a whole? Who, if any will make it out of the series alive? Let me know in the comments below.



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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5: Eastwatch


So much off-screen teleportation in this episode it’s a wonder when anyone does decide to walk anywhere.

So Jamie survived! To the surprise of no one. What is surprising is that Bronn somehow managed to drag a heavily armoured Jamie down the river away from Daenerys and her army. Speaking of Daenerys she gets to do her two favourite things, say her catchphrase “bend the knee” and burn people alive. The unfortunate recipients are the Tullys with both Sam’s father and son getting burnt to a crisp. With Daenerys acting a bit more like the mad king in every episode Tyrion tries to organise the mess which leads to him arranging to meet up with Jamie. Which is awkward to say the least considering the whole murdering their father business. But Tyrion does get Jamie to suggest to Cersei to listen to reason. Then Cersai drops a bombshell – she’s pregnant. As Jamie beams with delight Cersei tells him never to betray her again. Surely she’s lying? I wouldn’t put it passed her and I’d hate to think what Jamie would do if she is lying.

At Winterfell Arya and Sansa are back at each others throats with Littlefinger twisting the knife as he manipulates Arya into finding a note he’s not so secretly hidden. According to the internet the note is from back in season one when Cersei forced Sansa to write a note to Robb saying Joffrey is a true king, Ned Stark is a traitor and Robb should submit. Now even Robb knew this was written under duress but will Arya understand? I hope Arya doesn’t turn against Sansa but you never know…

Meanwhile Bran uses his magical powers to control birds or something and spies the white walkers on the move (very slowly by the way, they seem to be the only ones without the offscreen teleporter everyone else on the show has been using). So Bran sends Ravens out to a number of characters including those at the citadel. There we see Sam and he’s getting sick of the Maesters and their lack of action. Unfortunately his frustration leads him missing out a crucial piece of information as Gilly reads from a book that Prince Rhaegar Targaryen (or Raggard as she calls him) had an annulment in Dorne.

While they don’t get the significance it leads to another angle in the Jon Snow is really a Targaryen theory. Because if he is the son of Lillian Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen then maybe they got married after his annulment and Jon is a legitimate male heir. Which could lead to an interesting dynamic in his and Daenerys relationship. If he is a Tygareen then explains why he’s able to get up close to a dragon without it killing him. It even lets Jon pet him! Even Daenerys is impressed.

Throughout the episode we get a build up to it’s climax as a a ragtag bunch of misfits gather together to go over the Wall and bring themselves back a walker. OK first things first, is it just me or does this seem a terrible idea? First of all how are they going to find one white walker when they all seem to be in a huge pack, and secondly how the hell are they going to even bring it back to King’s Landing to convince Cersai of the walker’s existence? I’m starting to think burning King’s Landing is a better plan. But besides the negatives its awesome to see all these characters come together to defeat a united foe. And who reappears in this episode, only bloody Gendry! I thought he was still bloody rowing- a sentiment brilliantly echoed on screen by Davos. It turns out Gendry is quite handy with a hammer too which will be useful in facing off the walkers. He also manages to do something which few people on the show has done, make Jon laugh! So it would seem unlikely that they would bring Gendry back just to kill him off. I wouldn’t really care if either of the Brothers without Banners get killed but surely someone else will get bumped off? So who? Jon is safe but the others not so much. Jorah? The Hound? Tommen? Arggghhh!

What did you think of the episode? Is Cersai really pregnant? Who will get killed capturing a walker? Can’t everyone just off screen teleport to safety? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4: The Spoils of War


Bloody hell!

So we’ll get onto that climatic battle scene later on. Firstly we’ll look at the Starks at Winterfell who all seem to be coming out of the woodwork now. Bran is settling back in at home and Littlefinger gives Bran the Valyrian steel dagger that was used in the assassination attempt in season one (gee thanks Littlefinger, how about a gift basket or something next time you want to present a gift). I have no idea what Littlefinger is playing at here but it seems whatever game is being played may backfire on him as Bran repeats back to Littlefinger his remark to Varys that “chaos is a ladder”. Given how unnerved he looked maybe Littlefinger is worried his duplicitous ways will come back to bite his on the ass? Meanwhile Bran’s lack of empathy comes back into play as Meera said her goodbyes and get’s barely little in return. I was glad when she called Bran out on his callousness considering many people including her brother and Hordor (Hordor!) gave up their lives for him. But Bran’s response implies that Bran is no longer Bran and just a vessel for the 3 eyed raven. Poor Meera, nothing to do for several seasons but drag Bran around and that’s all she gets.

On a happier note Arya makes her entrance to Winterfell and is turned away by the guards who promptly lose her. However Sansa figures out where she is and reunites with Arya in the Stark family crypts (which is typical of the Starks to meet in the most depressing of places for a family reunion). Considering the two didn’t get along in Season One it’s a lovely moment to have them hugging and getting to know each other again. I also enjoyed the moment where they both mention that they wished they had killed Joffrey! Sansa, then takes Arya to meet Bran who again ignores polite conversation and brings up Arya’s kill list. He also hands Arya back the dagger. What will she use it for, to kill Cersai or as it’s Valyrian steel will it be used to kill the white walkers? Knowing Arya it’s both and she gets to show off her fancy footwork that’s she learned over the last seven seasons as she spars with Brienne. It’s a cool moment and it’s nice that Brienne is given something to do.

The Lannisters are feeling pretty good about themselves-well at the start of the episode anyway, as Cersei has paid back her debt in full (well Lannisters always pay their debts…) to the Iron Bank. The Bank also say they will help fund her more soldiers, although considering how the episode ends they may not get that many new allies willing to join Team Cersei.

At Dragonstone Jon and Daenerys look at the mine of dragonglass and they find carvings from the Children of the Forest which seems to warn of White Walkers which makes it seem like Daenerys is starting to believe Jon’s claims. Still it’s not enough to stop her saying her new favourite catchphrase “Bend the knee”. Jon is not submitting yet, but surely it’s just a matter of time? Time for discussions of White Walker and bending of knees is interrupted as Daenerys hears of the fall of her allies. Daenerys’ first instinct is to burn King’s Landing to the ground, but Tyrion warns her against this. Frustrated with Tyrion, Daenerys asks Jon for advise who tells her if she uses her dragons to attack King’s Landing then she’ll be no different to the other tyrants who have ruled before her.

As Daenerys departs we see Jon reunite with another character, unfortunately this one isn’t a great one for anyone involved as he lays eyes on a washed up Theon. The look on Theon’s face is priceless as Jon approaches him and is remarkably restraint in his behaviour although makes it clear to Theon that he’s only acting this way because of Sansa. Theon then looks for help from Daenerys army to rescue his sister but is informed she has already left. Which leads us to the climax of the whole episode.

The attack on the Lannister army is so brilliantly done you could almost forget the fun stuff that happens before. For once thing Bronn is back and gets to speak this time. It’s great to have him around, whether it’s whining at Jamie about wanting a castle or his immature laugh after being introduced to a man named Dickon (I admit I did chuckle too) Bronn is good at bringing the humour to the proceedings. It also turns out he’s quite astute as he’s the first to realise something is amiss before everyone else. Not that it helps because soon they are attacked by the Dothraki and Daenerys riding Drogon. The circling of the Lannister army and the brutal attack was reminiscent of a western (with added dragon! cause everything is better with dragons) with Indians circling the cowboys. The battle is epic in scale with men on fire and the Dothraki slaying all those around them, even the horses in one particularly gory moment.  We also get one spectacular set piece as Drogon burns a long line of the Lannister food wagons and a whole lot of soldiers too. One of the brilliant aspects of the show is that there are so many characters you care for, so while I want Cersei to lose I don’t want characters like Bronn and Jamie to get killed. Many times during the battle I feared for Bronn safety and again felt torn when he hit Drogon using Qyburn’s invention. Luckily Drogon is just wounded but is forced to land and Daenerys is left vulnerable as she removes the spear from Drogon. As Jamie rides to kill her my emotions was going back and forth as he aims to kill Daenerys and is then nearly burnt to a crisps by Drogon and then gets saved by Bronn.  As Jamie sinks to the bottom of the river (yeah heavy armour not so good in water) the episode cuts to black.

Now I don’t think for a moment Jamie is dead in the river, but I’m dying to know if he’s been captured by Daenerys or somehow managed to escape. And now that Bronn has lost his gold will he try to jump ship to Team Daenerys? After all Bronn doesn’t have much loyalty and it would be great to see him and Tyrion on the same side again.  Other than that I wonder what the hell Cersei is going to do now. She has the gold but no food, her army slain and Jamie has possibly been captured. After a few episodes of Cersei winning Daenerys has now almost completely annihilated her. It’s a good thing Cersei has paid back her debts to the bank as she’s going to need a hell of a lot of favours now.

What did you think of the episode? Was that one of the series best battle scenes? Will Cersei recover from the loss? Will we ever find out if Jon is really a Targaryen so people can stop trying to ship Jon and Daenerys together (even Davvos has got in on the act)? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3: The Queen’s Justice


So here we go, one of the moments GoT fans have been waiting for as Jon and Daenerys, Ice and Fire themselves meet face to face….and they aren’t that impressed with each other.

For the fans though it’s a great moment as the two meet, with Daenerys introduced with her usual length spiel “mother of dragons, breaker of chains, blah, blah” etc, while Davos bluntly goes this is Jon Snow. As the two most brooding characters in the show it was a good move to have Tyrion and Davos there to undercut their scenes with humour as the two try to broker a deal. However their families have history which is dragged out and mulled over by both parties with neither willing to make much compromises. With Jon refusing to bend the knee and Daenerys not listening to tales of White Walkers (although considering she has dragons one would think she might have a bit more of an open mind over the matter). Still with Tyrion’s help they at least manage to broker a deal over the dragonglass. Thank god Tyrion is around otherwise I’d worry they wouldn’t get anything done.

Of course Daenerys has a lot more to worry about with her allies dwindling fast (more on that later) and Theon is found alive by Yara’s surviving men. As Theon claims he tries to save Yara the men look at him in disbelief, no surprise the liar! I know he’s probably suffering from PTSD but still.

Over at Winterfell Sansa is getting used to being in charge and preparing for the war to come. She seems to be doing well, thinking of all the supplies the people may need if the war goes on for a long time. Of course Littlefinger is still hanging around like a bad smell, still he does give Sansa some ok advise to expect danger from all sides. Before they can discuss anymore Sansa gets a visitor and I must admit I was expecting Arya, so I was surprised to see Bran turn up. A tearful reunion between the siblings unfolds but Sansa find Bran to be very different from when she saw him last (not least the fact he’s gone through puberty since season one). As a confused Sansa tries to understand Bran’s rambling about the three eyed raven (she’s not the only one), Bran seems to have lost his sense of empathy by implying he somehow saw Sansa on her wedding night to Ramsey. Not surprising this leaves Sansa upset and the audience wondering what Bran is going to do now he’s back at Winterfell and how long it will be til he tells Jon about his true birthright.

Over in King’s Landing Euron is pleased with himself for killing two of the sand snakes and capturing the others. His reward is control of the army alongside Jamie- that’s bound to go well. Surely Euron will end up having a nasty ‘accident’ sooner or later at the hands of the Lannisters. Cersei then turns her attention to Ellaria Sand and her daughter Tyene who are kept as prisoners in the dungeons. It was inevitable that Cersei would give them a grisly fate, although I was expecting it to be much more violent, considering this is Cersei. Instead she gives Tyene a poisoned kiss-the same as Ellaria used on Myrcella. It’s hard to feel sorry for Ellaria as she brought this all on herself but while Myrcella got a relatively quick death it seems Tyene will have a much more drawn out death, with Ellaria unable to help or comfort her daughter. Oh well goodbye Sand Snakes.

Someone on a better road to recover is Jorah who has been cured of his greyscale by Sam (go Sam!) and heads off to join Daenerys. I’m glad Jorah has been saved but it does mean his greyscale infliction was a bit of a waste of time.

Over to this episode’s big battle we get Grey Worm and the Unsullied attack on Casterly Rock with Tyrion devising a great plan of attack. Unfortunately it all goes a bit too easy and we soon find out why. While the Unsullied were attacking Casterly Rock Euron’s fleet has destroyed the ships and their chances of getting back to Daenerys. Meanwhile Jamie and the Lannister forces attack Highbridge, home of House Tyrell. This sadly means the end for Olenna Tyrell as she prepares to meet her end and she and Jamie have a bit of a heart to heart (where she delivers the best line of episode, perhaps the series when she calls Joffrey a c**t – got to love her!). Jamie gives her mercy by letting her die by a poisoned drink which Olena accepts, then reveals it was her who killed Joffrey. Hey at least she went out with a bang. The thing is will Jamie let Cersei know this? I doubt it will make much of a difference to Cersei’s feelings towards Tyrion, she’ll probably suspect they did it together.

So it’s not looking good for the allies of Daenerys at the moment, maybe Jon should take the dragonglass and run? More likely it will force her to come up with a better, stronger deal with the North as she’s going to need all the help she can get. Unless she just decides to set her dragons on King’s Landing instead. Gulp!

What did you think of the episode? Were you excited or disappointed by the meeting or ice and fire? Does Melisandre’s message to Varys mean he’s going to die soon? Is Olenna’s line about Joffrey the best in the series? Let me know in the comments below.



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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2: Stormborn


Well that was exciting wasn’t it!

As Daenerys plans her next move we see her getting counsel from her various allies, and it’s quite fun seeing them all arguing and preparing for war. It was good to see Daenerys question Varys motives considering that whole conspiring to murder her all the way back in season one. Of course Daenerys settles things the best way she knows how-threatening to burn him alive if he betrays her. We also finally have a hint of a Daenerys/Jon alliance when Melisandre and Tyrion both speak on his behalf. However this potential new partnership causes tensions up in the North when Jon decides to accept Daenerys invitation to visit Dragonstone. Sansa is not too pleased about this but noticeable shuts up when Jon says he’s leaving her in charge. Will she like power a bit too much? Lets just hope Littlefinger doesn’t get his claws into Sansa while Jon is away, and considering Jon’s threats to Littlefinger to leave his sister alone, Littlefinger better watch his back.

Meanwhile Arya meets up with her old friend Hot Pie and finds out that Jon has retaken Winterfell, and for a moment it seems like the old Arya is back. She gives up her quest for vengeance and sets off north where she runs into her old direwolf Nymeria. Arya tries to get the direwolf to join her but instead Nymeria runs off. Poor Arya. Still at least she didn’t let her wolf pack kill Arya so that’s a plus. I don’t know if Arya will take this as a sign not to go back to Winterfell, although personally I hope she does and can reunite with Sansa. Considering the sisters weren’t that close before it would be interesting to see how they interact after all they have been through.

Over at the Citadel Sam decides to do some DIY surgery on Jorah’s greyscale. While I’m glad Jorah may be saved I’m not thrilled that again the scenes at the Citadel are designed to make me squirm. Still at least it’s better than seeing Sam handle people’s shit again.

Two people having a much more pleasant time is Grey Worm and Missandi who finally confess their feelings for each other. While it’s a sweet scene between them it automatically makes me think Grey Worm is going to die next week, or shortly after, because people can’t be happy in Westeros. Whatever happens I’m excited about the Unsullied heading to Casterly Rock. Hopefully there will be an epic battle!

While Daenerys plans her next move Cersei makes her own battle strategies. First she pleads for the House Tyrell’s bannermen to support her instead of Daenerys by using the Queen of Dragons history of crucifying the Lords in Slavers’ Bay against her (perhaps not a great PR move in hindsight). Of course Cersei doesn’t have a great deal of support considering what she did to the Tyrell’s last season but Jamie still has her back for now as he tries to persuade Sam’s dad to remain loyal to Cersei. While Jamie is doing damage control it looks like Cersei may have an ace up her sleeve when Qyburn shows her some old weapons used against dragons. Noooooo! Leave the dragons alone.

However the best bit of the episode is Euron Greyjoy’s surprise raid on Yara’s Iron Fleet. It’s a brutal fight which sees the death of two of the Sand Snakes (who sadly no one will miss) where Ellaria and her daughter taken hostage. I have a feeling karma is going to bite Ellaria hard as Cersei is bound to kill her daughter in revenge for Myrcella’s death. The only thing I’m wondering is how horrible a death will she get, knowing Cersei it will be awful. The other person taken hostage is Yara as Euron goads Theon to fight for his sister and how does Theon react? By jumping overboard and abandoning his sister! What the hell Theon! I couldn’t believe it when he did that. I almost laughed with disbelief. After redeeming himself slightly last season by helping Sansa escape Ramsay it’s now a million steps backward for everyone’s least favourite Greyjoy (yes even his dastardly uncle is better-at least he’s honestly awful).

What did you think of the last episode? Will Sansa go mad with power at Winterfell? Will the Unsullied take Casterly Rock? Is Theon just the worst for literally jumping ship?

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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1: Dragonstone


After what seemed like several winters ago Game of Thrones has returned to our screens and all the players are getting ready for a final showdown for the crown. Except Arya who is just exacting vengeance upon all her enemies which includes killing all the Frays! I was really confused in the opening scene when Walder Frey was addressing his family until my sister said it was probably Arya- and she was right! With her taking the form of her enemies to get her revenge one has to wonder what form she’ll take if she ever gets to Cersei. Will she put on Jamie’s face or Joffrey? It would be a twisted end if Cersei did meet her end seeing the face of one of her beloved before she dies.

Over in the North, Bran reaches the Wall which should be great moment, but I’m still annoyed at Bran for basically being the reason Hordor died (Hordor!) Still it is a step closer to bringing the Starks together. Not that Jon and Sansa are acting as one at the moment. With their arguing over tactics in front of others they aren’t presenting much of a united front. I’m hoping this is just showing Sansa’s development from naive girl into a forthright woman but with Littlefinger hanging around Sansa like a bad smell I hope she won’t betray Jon.

Meanwhile Cersei is preparing for a war. Unfortunately as Jamie points out she has no allies which leads to Cersei being on the verge of teaming up with Euron Greyjoy who promises he’ll win her round with his actions. With even loyal Jamie questioning Cersei’s decisions could we see Jamie turn around and betray Cersei? Maybe give her a quick death before she is defeated by her enemies who would want her to have a painful demise?

Then we get to see how Sam, Gilly and little Sam are doing. While I’m glad we get to see Sam  I’m not too amused that we had to see a montage of Sam clearing up shit. Thanks GoT for that! But we did get to meet Jim Broadbent’s character and witness Sam stealing restricted books from the library (go Sam!). From these books we see Dragonstone is going to be a key area for defeating the White Walkers. Is this another foreshadowing of a Jon and Daenerys alliance? Maybe she’ll give him the dragonglass in exchange for supporting her claim to the throne and keeping Jon as the King of the North? After all Jon is one of the few people who don’t seem at all interested in power so he won’t necessarily want a claim on the throne. Then again he has no idea of his true heritage so who knows if this might change.

As we catch up with the Hound we see he’s still with the Brotherhood Without Banners where it seems that the Hound is now seeing visions in the fire himself, and it doesn’t look good. We also see the Hound burying the bodies of a father and child who they find in an abandoned house. I’m not sure if it’s the same family that the Hound and Arya stole from back in season 4 or if it just reminds the Hound of others he has condemned to death. Either way we see remorse from the Hound which is an interesting character moment and I wonder if we’ll see any more compassion from him in the future.

So after six seasons Daenerys finally crosses the sea and reaches land. OK its Dragonstone and not King’s Landing but its close enough. But after five minutes of walking, and walking and walking, she reaches the castle and says…”Let’s begin”. End credits. A part of me was like is that it? Maybe it’s the bloodthirsty side GoT brings out in me but I was ready for some fighting and dragons kicking ass. But I’m sure there’s plenty of that to come.

My feeling is that Cersei will die this season and the battle for the Iron Throne will be settled before the final season sees everyone having to battle together against the White Walkers. But what do I know? NOTHING!! As per usual.

What did you think of the season premiere? Was it a tantalizing start? Who do you think will meet their maker this season and who will be left to fight the white walkers? Let me know in the comments below.

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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 10: The Winds of Winter

Game of Thrones S6 Episode 10

After six seasons Winter is finally here, and everything is changing in Westeros. It’s hard to know where to begin.

It’s the day of Loras Tyrell and Cersei’s trials, and Loras confesses to everything in order to get a ‘light’ sentance of giving up his wealth and his title, never allowing to marry and having to be branded by the Sparrows. As Margery watches on horrified she notices that Cersei is nowhere to be seen. Indeed while everyone else is at the Sept, Cersei is setting her plans in motion, first organising for Pycelle to be killed by Qyburn’s little ‘birds’. Quite horrifying seeing all the chidlren stabbing the old man. But thats not all she has planned.  As the Mountian prevents Tommen leaving the Red Keep you just know something really bad is going to happen and it’s not long until we relaise what that is. As Lancel looks for Cersei, he realises too late that there’s wildfire under the Sept. Margery, fearing the worst from Cersei’s late arrival tries to get everyone to leave but the High Sparrow doesn’t listen to her. As the Wildfire goes off, it destroys the Sept killing the High Sparrows, Margery (NOOOOOOOOOOO!), Loras, their father, Lancel as well as the sparrows and many inocent people.

There was speculation that Cersei had discovered the wildfire and such a weapon was never going to end well in Cersei’s hands. However she doesn’t forsee what seeing such an event will do to Tommen and in his grief he throws himself out of his window. I didn’t think Tommen would survive the season but I’m gutted Margery is dead (or is she, we didn’t see her die-but I expect she is dead). She was one of my favourite characters and I loved her relationship with her grandmother. I couldn’t even enjoy the death of the High Sparrow, and everyone knows how much I’ve been waiting for him to kick the bucket. As Jamie returns back and sees the destruction he’s just in time to see Cersei  taking the throne and so Westeros has a new Queen. God help everyone!

In Winterfell Davos finally confront Melsiandre about the fate of Shireen and makes her confess to Jon what she did. While Davos (understandably) wants her executed Jon exils her south. I think this is a smart move by Jon, as you never know when she might come in handy although surely Davos is going to have to kill her eventually in revenge for Shireen?

Meanwhile Jon and Sansa discuss the events of the battle and Jon tells Sansa that her actions saved everyone but urges her that they have to be honest with each other if they are goign to survive. He wants her to lead Winterfell as Lady Stark but Sansa tells Jon he’s just as much a Stark as she is. I love that they are trying to work together and not be involved in a power struggle. Littlefinger tries to push Sansa towards being a leader and also tells her how he dreams of being the King on the Iron Throne and wants Sansa by his side. Really Littlefinger? After all you’ve done you think she’s going to be ok with that? Naturally Sansa is not impressed though Littlefinger tells her he is still loyal to House Stark. I’m not surprised Sansa is dubious considering his history. Later Jon and Sans have a banquet with the Wildings, the Kinghts of the Vale and the Houses of the North. Jon tries to tell them that there is still a war to fight but many of the Houses are unsure whether to follow. That is until Lady Lyanna Mormont speaks up for House Stark. It was great seeing the Lords shamed by a little girl, and her words are so powerful it causes everyone to pledge loyalty to Jon, naming him the White Wolf and King of the North. It was a lovely moment seeing Jon welcomed by the other Houses considering his previous treatment of them because of his heritage. But Littlefinger is going to be a problem I can tell.

For a bit of light relief we see Sam, Gilly and baby Sam arrive at Oldtown and report at the Citdel. One of the men there mentions how they still have Mormont as the Commander of the Night Watchin their records-oh how out of date their records are! They also release White ravens to signify winter is here, news of which reaches Sansa and as she tells Jon the news a rarely seen smile spreads across his face. As he says to Sansa their dad always said it was coming! About time!

Meanwhile Walder Frey celebrates the recapture of Riverrun by holding a banquet. After everyone leaves a serving girl brings him a pie and he wonders where his sons are. As the girl repeates that his sons are here it took me a moment to realise what she meant. I think I actually gasped. That she reveals what I suspected, that Frey’s sons have been murdered and baked into his pie. She then removes her face to reveal herself to be Arya! I did not see that coming at all! I thought it would take her forever to get back. She then murders Frey. I’m glad that after all this rubbish in the House of Black and White we finally get Arya back doing what she does best-getting revenge! And what glorious revenge it is.

Bran also gets another vision back to the Tower where he saw his father searching for his sister Lyanna after the death of the Mad King. As she lays dying she gives Ned her son to look after as his basterd-the scene then cuts to Jon! One of the biggest mysteries around the series-who is Jon Snow’s mother-has now been revealed! I had heard this theory a while ago that Ned was not his father and actually belonged to his sister.  I’m not sure if it is confirmed who his father is yet though so will be interesting to see what the show reveals to us.

After the deaths of her family members Olenna Tyrell goes to Dorne looking for revenge. She also insults the Sand Snakes and puts each one in her place. It was almost worth having the Sand Snakes back for that alone. Ellaria Martell then offers an alliance and a figure emerges from the shadows-it’s only Varys brokering a deal between the two houses and Danerys against the Lannisters! With them three and Yara Greyjoy altogether it’s great to see strong women (and the Sand Snakes) coming together to see off the Lannisters. As Danerys prepares to leave Meereen I was half expecting something else to happen to stop Daenerys leaving again. But no she says goodbye to Daario, levaing him and The Second Sons behind to help keep Meereen stable as they elect their new leader (and free for Daenerys to get new alliances through marriage). She also has a great scene with Tyrion as they talk about her leaving for Westeros and then she gives him a badge, declareing him the Hand of the Queen! That was a lovely moment and you could tell Tyrion was so touched. For a second I thought he was going to hug her (which would have been well awkward). The season ends with Daenerys setting sail with her companions and armies with her and we have a great shot of the three dragons flying above. The Lannisters better watch out, Daenerys is on her way to Westeros and it’s about bloody time!

It’s going to be a long wait for next season. How will I cope?

What did you think of the episode, was it a satisfying end to the series? Were you shocked by any of the deaths? Are you surprised Daenerys has actually set sail for Westeros? Let me know in the comments below.


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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9: Battle of the Bastards

Game of Thrones S6 Episode 9

Back in my review of Season 6 Episdoe 4 I made this remark regarding the Stark and Ramsey situation “So now that the Starks are rising again surely this series is heading for the Battle of the Bastards (as no one else is calling it)”. Now we’re in Episode 9 and they’ve only gone and called the episode Battle of the Bastards! How’s that for a bit of accidental foretelling.

Anyway back to the episode itself. In Meereen Daenerys and Tyrion and try to work out how to deal with the slave masters with Daenerys wanting to go her usual route of killing everyone involved. Tyrion suggest this may not be wise though and I’m glad he brings up her father the mad King and how she once claimed she wanted to be different from him. Together him and Daenerys comes up with a new plan. After offering them the Slave Masters a chance to Surrender -which they stupidly reject- Daenerys rides Drogan who proceeds to burn the slaver’s fleet along with fellow dragons Rhaegal and Viserion. It was an amazing sight seeing the three dragons fly together (those three would very much come in handy with the fight against the White Walkers). Grey Worm then kills two of three slavers and leaves the last one to tell the tale.

Later Daenerys and Tyrion have a meeting with Theon and Yara. Considering how long it had been I had forgotten that Tyrion and Theon had met before, of course Tyrion hadn’t and what followed was quite a frosty reception between them. Not the best start for the Ironborns. However soon Daenerys and Yara agree to an alliance. Yara will give Daenerys the ships and Daenerys will help overthrow their uncle and recognise the independance of the Ironborns. But the Iron Islands will also have to stop all the raping, and pillaging that they are known for which Yara reluctantly agrees with. That will go down well with the Ironborns! I’m liking this allience and it’s good seeing the women of Game of Thrones being in positions of power.

Meanwhile the bulk of the episode is centred around the Starks battle with Ramsay, and as imagined it is as devastating and bloody as you’d expect. While before the battle the two discuss peace talks and surrenders we know it’s only going to go one way and with plenty of death. There’s an interesting scene between Jon and Sansa before the battle where Sansa berates Jon for fighting without more men and looking back, it appears she knows that Ramsay is not going to let a Stark rule Winterfell. And so as the Battle start and Rickon is set free to run to his family he is cruelly toyed with and then shot with arrows by Ramsay just before Jon reaches him. Sansa, having known Ramsay all too well seemed to know this is exactly what Ramsay would do and Jon falls into his hands by reacting impulsively and emotionally by charging at the Bolton forces. I had feared that Rickon would be killed, either off screen or during the Battle itself, and once again Ramsay’s cruellness doesn’t waver.

The resulting battle is one of the bloodiest we’ve ever seen on Game of Thrones, men are killed and bodies are all over the fields. Then when the Bolton forces surround Jon’s there is a horrible sight of a wall of bodies that everyone is stepping on, and it appears not everyone is quite dead yet! It’s a gruesome image and you worry for everyone’s safety involved. Even though I thought Jon would be safe, at a few points I was concerned that he would be killed off leaving Sanasa to lead the charge.

However the calvery arrives and, as suspected it’s Littlefinger and the Kinght’s of the Vale arriving to save the day. If there’s a slight criticism of this episode it was perhaps a bit obvious that Littlefinger and the Vale would come to the Stark’s aid, but that’s only a minor quibble. As the tide turns in Jon’s favour Ramsay retreats back to Winterfell but the gates are soon broken down by the giant Wun Wun, who is then repeatedly shot by arrows for his trouble and then shot in the eye by Ramsay finishing him off. I was sad to see the giant go. Damn you Ramsay-evil til the end! Ramsay then tries to shoot at Jon but Jon is protected by his shield and then goes to give Ramsay the beatdown of his life. And I must say this was immensely satisfying, but I’m glad it wasn’t Jon who finished him off.

So the episode ends with Sansa visiting Ramsay in his cell where Ramsay continues being his usual spiteful self. Sansa holds herself high and tells Ramsay that soon his deeds, his house and Ramsay himself will all be forgotten and nothing will be left. She then watches as his hounds enter his cell. Having earlier remarked how he had starved them for the past week, Sansa turns the tables on Ramsay for the last time and watches as his hounds devour him. She then turns away with a satisfied smile. While I absolutely detest Ramsay, he was a great villian and played so well by Iwan Rheon that it will be sad to see him go. However this feels like the right time for him to depart as I imagine the series will now focus it’s attentions on the battle for the Iron Throne and the White Walkers’ approach.

So Ramsay got the death he deserved and the Starks have Winterfell again. But while it was a fantastic episode, their win was not an euphoric moment as they have lost a lot in the victory. Having already lost the oldest brother Robb and now the youngest Stark Rickon, Sansa and Jon really need Bran and Arya back soon to make their house stronger again. Hopefully that reunion won’t be too far off. And what does the changes in the North mean for those in King’s Landing? The next episode should have interesting consequences.

What did you think of the episode? Were you happy with Ramsay’s karmic death? Were you suitably grossed out by the battle scenes? Let me know in the comments below.


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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 8: No One

Game of Thrones S6 Episode 8

At the beginning of the episode there was a warning that the show would contain violence from the outset. Cue The Hound coming across some of the Brotherhood without Banners and proceeding to slaughter them quite viciously. It’s good to have The Hound back. He later meets more of Brotherhood including Beric and Thoros we last saw back in season three who allow The Hound to kill two of the three men who slaughtered the villagers. Then they invite The Hound to join them fighting up North against the White Walkers. What will he do?

And the violence continues as the Sparrows try to bring Cersai to see the High Sparrow. When she refuses to go and says “I choose violence”. Then the Mountain rips the head off as a Sparrow as the rest scurry away. But while Cersai wins this round she laters receives bad news as Tommen announces the date of Cersai and Loras’ trial and trial by combat is no longer allowed. A big blow for Cersai, but a conversation with Qyburn offers some hope as he confirms that the rumor they’ve discussed has much more too it. What rumor is that? Please say it’s something that will finally get rid of the High Sparrow.

Meanwhile Brienne and Podrick reach Riverrun. Podrick meets Bronn again and hilariously teaches Pod how to fight dirty. I loved their scene together and it reminds me how much fun the Tyrion, Bronn and Pod scenes use to be in the early scenes. Then Brienne and Jamie see each other and again I’m reminded how much I loved their friendship. But although they still care for each other they acknowledge the fact that they are on different sides and eventually will have to fight each other. Noooooooooo! Luckily that’s avoided this time though. Instead Jamie threatens Edmure Tully with his child’s life to betray the Blackfish. Jamie is such an interesting character, he’s developed so much since the first season where he just seemed to be a villian, and today’s episode reminds you just how ruthless he can be (and for those thinking he might not have gone through with his threat to kill Edmure’s child don’t forget that it was Jamie who pushed Bran out of the window way back in the very first episode). As for the Blackfish, he is seemingly killed off screen which is a bit anti-climactic considering the buildup. But at least Brienne and Pod escape and there’s sadness in Brienne and Jamie’s waving goodbye.

Over in Meereen Varys and Tyrion see the Red Priests spreading their Daenerys propergander. Hopefully Tryion’s deal with the fanatics goes better then it did for his sister. Varys is leaving supposedly for Westeros, which is a shame as Tyrion and Varys work so well together. But at least there’s another amusing scene between Tyrion, Missandei and Greyworm as they start drinking and attempt to tell jokes. Greyworm even cracks a smile! But then the Slavers turn up and storm the city. Cue a very worried Tyrion. But as all seem dire we see the return of a very pissed off Daenerys. Tyrion has some explaining to do!

After Arya was badly injuries last week there was speculation about whether all was what it seemed. But it appears as if Arya was that oblivious and unprepared as she walked around Braavos waiting to get stabbed. Now she must have supernatural abilities or something because in this episode not only does she survive getting multiple stab wounds she also survive jumping out of balconies and falling down several flights of stairs without breaking all her bones. I can suspend belief over a lot in this show-dragons and all, but a decent explanation for Arya miraculous healing would be nice. It does lead to a final fight between the Waif and Arya in the dark (as I predicted) and Arya bringing her head back to The House of Black and White. As the second most annoying character on the show (after the High Sparrow of course) I was happy to see the end of the Waif.It was also great to see her tell Jacqen  that”The girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell.”  I’ve been waiting a long time for her to remember for that. Now get back to Westeros Arya, you’re needed!

What did you think of the episode? Were you emotional during Brienne and Jamie’s scenes? How long will it take Arya to get home to Winterfell? Let me know in the comments below.


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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 7: The Broken Man

Game of Thrones S6 Episode 7

Another week and some more returns from characters we haven’t seen for a while.

The episode starts with a pre title scene of some villagers buidling on some land, which almost made me wonder if I was watching the wrong show. But then we get a closer look at one of their men and see it is Sandor Clegane aka The Hound! It was long speculated that The Hound was still alive and I’m glad to see him still around. His interactions with their leader Ray was interesting as Ray was once a warrior and a violent man but now forsakes all violence which The Hound does not believe is realistic (I’m not surprised living in Westeros!). The Hound is later proven right when men from The Brotherhood without Banners threaten the group. But Ray still does not want to fight them despite The Hound’s warnings they will return. Of course he’s right as the epsiode ends with The Hound returning from chopping and collecting wood (which leads you to wonder how long was he gone for and how quiet were the Brotherood without Banners while they were slaughtering?). As he picks up his axe and heads off you know the Brotherhood will wish they had just left those villagers well alone!

Over in King’s Landing the High Sparrow still drones on, this time about Margery’s grandmother Ollena and implies that she may be next on the Sparrow’s list. This leads Margery to try convincing Olenna to return home and also covertly gives her a piece of paper with the House of Tryrell signil on it. This proves what I thought all along that Margery is still loyal to the Tyrells and is just fooling the HIgh Sparrow so she does not have to do the Walk of Atonement. Cersei and Olenna then comes to blows with Oleena telling Cersai a few home truths about how everything with the Sparrows is her fault. Which is true and Cersai deserves it. Olenna also has one of the best lines of the epsiode saying “I wonder if you’re the worst person I ever met” to Cersai. Go Lady Olenna!

In the north Jon, Sansa and Davos are going round the houses and the Wildlings to recuit men to their cause but while the Wildlings and House Mormont agree to fight with them they are still massively outnumbered with major houses refuse to go against the Boltons. You can’t really blame them as Lord Glover tells them the houses stood beside Robb and look how that turned out. Sansa and Jon then disagree over what to do next with Jon wanting to storm Winterfell immediately and Sansa wanting to recruit more houses. In the end Sansa secretly sends a letter by raven to an unknown receipiant. Lets hope she’s sending to a loyal source, and that Jon and Sansa don’t fall out over this.

Meanwhile another returnee come back this week as Bronn makes his first appearance in season six. And with him comes one of the funniest lines of the episode in this exchange with Jamie:

Jamie: “You have better instincts than any officer in the Lannister army.”

Bronn: “That’s like saying I have a bigger cock than anyone in the Unsullied army.”

Oh how I’ve missed Bronn! Anyway Bronn and Jamie arrive in time to see the Frays make a pitiful attempt to get the Blackfish to surrender. Taking control Jamie and Blackfish meet but Blackfish refuses to surrender and Jamie warns him the Lannisters will offer no mercy to the Tullys.

In Volantis the Iron fleet are enjoying time in a tavern with various female prostitutes including Yara. Its interesting that she does this so openly considering we know some people in the Game of Thrones world (like the Sparrows and their followers) would be aghast at not just a female leader but one that likes the company of other women. Maybe the Ironborns are more liberal like those in Dorne, or just goes to show how respected Yara is by her fleet. Anyway everyone is having a good time except Theon. However Yara encourgaes him to be more like his former self (hopefully not too much like him, old Theon was a tool) and reveals their plans to head to Meereen to strike a deal with Daenerys. This is what I thought would happen and we’ll soon see if all goes to plan. Well Daenerys does need those ships.

In Braavos, Arya makes her plans to leave and head to Westeros but is then attacked by the Waif in disguise. I knew that old lady was her! Her attack on Arya is not the quick death that Jacoques instructed her to do. While Arya escapes she is badly hurt and wondering the streets alone. At first I presumed this whole thing was real but having heard some other opinions I’m not sure. There’s a few theories that Arya faked her injuries somehow as she knew the Waif would be after her. It would make sense why Arya was going round Braavos beforehand with no disguise and throwing money about for trips to Westeros. After all surely Arya would be more covert than that? Otherwise no wonder she wasn’t fit to be an assassin. If she did fake the injuries maybe she got some fake blood from the actress she saved last week? But then again how did Arya know the Waif wouldn’t just cut her throat and how did the knife not hurt her? If it was real then I expect she’ll turn to her actress friend for help. Considering she’s well respected maybe she’d find a doctor for her?

What did you think of the episode? Was The Hounds reappearance worth the wait? What will happen to Arya? Let me know in the comments below.

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