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Veronica Mars

Yeah! The Veronica Mars movie is finally here! The name Veronica Mars probably won’t mean much to some of you, but Veronica Mars was a great US tv show about a teen detective back in 2004 (It’s a lot better than that sounds). While it wasn’t a huge hit the show had a devoted following (who call themselves marshmallows). So when the show’s creator Rob Thomas and it’s star Kristen Bell set up a fundraising campagne through Kickstarter they urged fans to help raise the 2 million dollars needed to bring the show to the big screen. It’s fans donated the money-and this is the resulting film! But was this a good idea, or should some shows remain in the past?

Nine years after the events of the third season, Veronica Mars left her hometown of Neptune, California and came to New York. There she left her life of investigating behind, is in a stable relationship and is about to be offered a huge job at a law firm. However when her ex boyfriend Logan Echolls is accussed of murder Veronica finds herself drawn back to Neptune.

Taking a tv show to the big screen can have mixed results, some can produce wonderful results (such as Firefly‘s big screen version Serenity), while other can be a massive mistake (I’m looking at you Sex and the City). Luckily Veronica Mars is in the former category, making a film that the fans will appreciate and devour. There is an intense mystery at the centre of this film which-of course- has plenty of twists and turns, still it is the script (funny and thrilling)and characters that really hold this film together.

Bell is a wonderful lead in the role that first got her noticed. She slips back into the role so easily and her character is so loveable and witty. However she is also flawed and plagued with her own uncertainties about whether she should return to Neptune-the place which holds many ghosts from her past and is still as corrupt as ever.

I’m glad that so many of the supporting cast came back for the film. Enrico Colantoni as Veroncia’s Private Detective father Keith Mars is fab and thankfully the film has maintained the great father-daughter dynamic that worked so well in the show. I’m also glad that Logan, Veronica’s bad boy ex, has got his act together and is more grounded than we’ve seen previously, yet he’s still full of sarcasm and an inate ability to find himself at the centre of any drama. Dohring and Bell still have their sizzling on-screen chemistry which no doubt many fans (including this one) will be happy about. I was also happy to see Veronica’s friends Wallace ( Percy Daggs  III) and Mac (Tina Majorino) back on screen.

Even if you haven’t watched the tv series I would stay say the Veronica Mars movie is a great way to introduce yourself to the inhabitants of Neptune (with a quick voiceover from Ms Mars herself at the beginning to ease viewers into the complex world of Mars and co). However this is a film first and foremost for the fans, so knowing all the little side-jokes and seeing recurring characters pop up is great to see. So if you like funny, smart shows with added mystery and likeable, complex characters then grab the movie and the tv series and indulge yourself in the murky world of Neptune.

Rating 4/5 -fans will be delighted and hopefully Veronica will gain some new ones too


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