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Solstice (2008)

I swear since having Netflix I seem to spend more time watching bad movies than I ever used to. Even the Syfy channel gives me more amusing movies.  Solstice is an American supernatural horror that’s a remake of Danish thriller Midsummer and was also directed by Daniel Myrick the director of The Blair Witch Project.

A few months after Megan’s twin sister Sophie (both played by Elisabeth Harnois) commits suicide she goes to a Lake House with her friends to celebrate the Solstice. But Megan soon starts to notice weird things happening. Is her sister trying to contact her from the dead?

Sometimes a film can be so boring you don’t have much to say about it. It isn’t bad enough to be entertaining in the Sharknado-type-mould-at least that film is intentionally bad which makes it kind of good. Whereas this horror movie doesn’t even have the decency to suck really badly. It just goes through various horror tropes without any originality and practically nothing happens for the entire movie and when it does you barely care anymore.

On a personal note being a twin I was really annoyed by how this movie (and lots of films in general) portrays twins. It is really irritating hearing how twins are one half of the same soul or whatever bullshit (although my family likes to joke that I only have half a brain). I like to think I have my own soul thank you very much. Also the main character whines about how much she misses her dead twin and then goes and sleeps with said dead twin’s ex-boyfriend! Ew! I would definitely haunt my twin if she did that to me.

Unless you have some enjoyment from watching mildly recognisable stars of teen tv and films I’d leave this film well alone.

Rating 1/5 -unless you’re looking for a cure for insomnia stay well clear


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