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Rapid Review: Lights Out

Lights Out

Rebecca (Teresa Palmer) has been estranged from her mother Sophie (Maria Bello) for years. However when her brother Martin (Gabriel Bateman) starts seeing the same strange figure called Diana that she saw as a child, she realises she must return to face her fears.

Based on his short film of the same name (which I found quite scary), director David F Sandberg manages to make an effective big screen debut. Although there are some jump scares Sandberg also makes effective use of sound and evokes a sinister figure in Diana (Alicia Vela-Bailey), who Sandberg smartly keeps from being shown too clearly. The relationship between the central characters are also well realised and the acting is good.

However while the film has great moments, I did not leave the cinema fearing Diana or having to leave my lights on when I went to bed. It was enjoyable enough while watching but it did not leave much of an impression afterwards. It’s also unfortunate that the film’s depiction of mental illness ends up being quite offensive (something that Sanberg has stated was not intentional and hopes to rectify in a sequel).

Rating 3/5 – some creepy parts but not enough to be a classic horror


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