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Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers is a crime thriller drama about four college girls who do robberies to pay for their spring break vacation. It’s all booze, drugs and guys. Then they land in jail and have to be bailed out by wannabe rapper Alien (James Franco) who makes the girls an offer they should probably refuse. But where would the film be if this happened?

The four girls in question are former Disney teen queens Vanessa Hudgen and Selena Gomez, star of teen drama Pretty Little Liars Ashley Benson and the director’s wife Rachel Korine. Presumably they are all in this film so they can be seen as ‘edgy’ and ‘adult’. Are they successful? Partly. This film will open them up to different audiences who wouldn’t be seen dead watching their fluffier stuff, and who knows maybe they will be offered more roles off the back of this film.

So what’s my issue with it? I have no problems with the girls trying to throw off their good girl images to avoid being typecast but I wish the film had given them more to stretch their acting. It feels a lot more effort went into their bikinis than making them all three dimensional characters. To be fair Selena Gomez does well in her role as Faith, a good girl with a religious background (hence the name Faith-subtle) which is in direct conflict to the activities of her more adventurous friends Candy (Hudgen), Brit (Benson) and Cotty (Korine). The others don’t really have a personality between them, which is a shame as they all seem capable of more if they were given something to work with.

Lack of development for the girls is what stops this being a great film instead of an ok one. Spring Breakers is fun while you’re watching it. It’s easy to get swept up in the excess on screen and I didn’t feel my attention waver from the screen. Besides Gomez the other actor that stands out is James Franco, who looks like he’s having a ball as rapper/criminal Alien.

I just get the sense that the film thinks having former teen stars’ behaving badly is more shocking than it really is? Isn’t this just the route most former child stars/Disney actors go down once they grow up? The girls look fantastic in their bikinis and do good with what they are given, but I like to think that they will go on to bigger and better roles that will show us what they’re really capable of.

 Rating 3/5-a fun film filled with hot girls but don’t go looking for anything deeper or you’ll be disappointed

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