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Before We Go (2015)


Turns out Chris Evans is more than an extreamly good looking guy playing Captain America. Before We Go is Evan’s directorial debut. But should he have just stuck to kicking butt in Marvel movies?

Nick (Evans) is busking in New York Grand Central Terminal when he meets Brooke (Alice Eve), who has just missed the last train to Boston. Desperate to get home but broke due to her bag being stolen, Nick tries to helps Brooke so that she can get home before morning.

A much more low key affair then Evans’ Marvel films, Before We Go is an indie romantic drama that wears it’s heart on is sleeve. With a lot of it’s time spent with the two protagonists a lot rides on the chemistry between the two leads, luckily Evans and Eve have that in spades. The film focuses on the night of these two strangers as they walk around New York trying to get Brooke home, and it’s engaging just watching the two of them talking about their lives. It’s also interesting seeing what the two initally try to conceal about themselves, such as why Brooke is so desperate to get home. Slowly their insecurites and flaws come through as we see two indiviudals who are making trying to make decisions about where their lives are going.

Of course the plot – two strangers wondering around a city for the night – is reminiscent of Before Sunset and it’s sequels.  While Before We Go tries to play out the drama and events differently to those movies, it can’t help but still be compared to them (it even has Before in the title). Of course this will mean it falls short of those romantic classic but it still has enough charm from the script and actors to survive on it’s own merit. Evans’ also shows promise as a director, keeping the action close on these characters and evoking a bond between them. The film maybe strecthes out the plot a bit too much (even though it’s only 95 mins long) but for the most part it’s an enjoyable movie.

Rating 3.5/5 – a small little gem that’s easy to watch and get swept up in.



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