Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3: The Queen’s Justice


So here we go, one of the moments GoT fans have been waiting for as Jon and Daenerys, Ice and Fire themselves meet face to face….and they aren’t that impressed with each other.

For the fans though it’s a great moment as the two meet, with Daenerys introduced with her usual length spiel “mother of dragons, breaker of chains, blah, blah” etc, while Davos bluntly goes this is Jon Snow. As the two most brooding characters in the show it was a good move to have Tyrion and Davos there to undercut their scenes with humour as the two try to broker a deal. However their families have history which is dragged out and mulled over by both parties with neither willing to make much compromises. With Jon refusing to bend the knee and Daenerys not listening to tales of White Walkers (although considering she has dragons one would think she might have a bit more of an open mind over the matter). Still with Tyrion’s help they at least manage to broker a deal over the dragonglass. Thank god Tyrion is around otherwise I’d worry they wouldn’t get anything done.

Of course Daenerys has a lot more to worry about with her allies dwindling fast (more on that later) and Theon is found alive by Yara’s surviving men. As Theon claims he tries to save Yara the men look at him in disbelief, no surprise the liar! I know he’s probably suffering from PTSD but still.

Over at Winterfell Sansa is getting used to being in charge and preparing for the war to come. She seems to be doing well, thinking of all the supplies the people may need if the war goes on for a long time. Of course Littlefinger is still hanging around like a bad smell, still he does give Sansa some ok advise to expect danger from all sides. Before they can discuss anymore Sansa gets a visitor and I must admit I was expecting Arya, so I was surprised to see Bran turn up. A tearful reunion between the siblings unfolds but Sansa find Bran to be very different from when she saw him last (not least the fact he’s gone through puberty since season one). As a confused Sansa tries to understand Bran’s rambling about the three eyed raven (she’s not the only one), Bran seems to have lost his sense of empathy by implying he somehow saw Sansa on her wedding night to Ramsey. Not surprising this leaves Sansa upset and the audience wondering what Bran is going to do now he’s back at Winterfell and how long it will be til he tells Jon about his true birthright.

Over in King’s Landing Euron is pleased with himself for killing two of the sand snakes and capturing the others. His reward is control of the army alongside Jamie- that’s bound to go well. Surely Euron will end up having a nasty ‘accident’ sooner or later at the hands of the Lannisters. Cersei then turns her attention to Ellaria Sand and her daughter Tyene who are kept as prisoners in the dungeons. It was inevitable that Cersei would give them a grisly fate, although I was expecting it to be much more violent, considering this is Cersei. Instead she gives Tyene a poisoned kiss-the same as Ellaria used on Myrcella. It’s hard to feel sorry for Ellaria as she brought this all on herself but while Myrcella got a relatively quick death it seems Tyene will have a much more drawn out death, with Ellaria unable to help or comfort her daughter. Oh well goodbye Sand Snakes.

Someone on a better road to recover is Jorah who has been cured of his greyscale by Sam (go Sam!) and heads off to join Daenerys. I’m glad Jorah has been saved but it does mean his greyscale infliction was a bit of a waste of time.

Over to this episode’s big battle we get Grey Worm and the Unsullied attack on Casterly Rock with Tyrion devising a great plan of attack. Unfortunately it all goes a bit too easy and we soon find out why. While the Unsullied were attacking Casterly Rock Euron’s fleet has destroyed the ships and their chances of getting back to Daenerys. Meanwhile Jamie and the Lannister forces attack Highbridge, home of House Tyrell. This sadly means the end for Olenna Tyrell as she prepares to meet her end and she and Jamie have a bit of a heart to heart (where she delivers the best line of episode, perhaps the series when she calls Joffrey a c**t – got to love her!). Jamie gives her mercy by letting her die by a poisoned drink which Olena accepts, then reveals it was her who killed Joffrey. Hey at least she went out with a bang. The thing is will Jamie let Cersei know this? I doubt it will make much of a difference to Cersei’s feelings towards Tyrion, she’ll probably suspect they did it together.

So it’s not looking good for the allies of Daenerys at the moment, maybe Jon should take the dragonglass and run? More likely it will force her to come up with a better, stronger deal with the North as she’s going to need all the help she can get. Unless she just decides to set her dragons on King’s Landing instead. Gulp!

What did you think of the episode? Were you excited or disappointed by the meeting or ice and fire? Does Melisandre’s message to Varys mean he’s going to die soon? Is Olenna’s line about Joffrey the best in the series? Let me know in the comments below.



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