Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2: Stormborn


Well that was exciting wasn’t it!

As Daenerys plans her next move we see her getting counsel from her various allies, and it’s quite fun seeing them all arguing and preparing for war. It was good to see Daenerys question Varys motives considering that whole conspiring to murder her all the way back in season one. Of course Daenerys settles things the best way she knows how-threatening to burn him alive if he betrays her. We also finally have a hint of a Daenerys/Jon alliance when Melisandre and Tyrion both speak on his behalf. However this potential new partnership causes tensions up in the North when Jon decides to accept Daenerys invitation to visit Dragonstone. Sansa is not too pleased about this but noticeable shuts up when Jon says he’s leaving her in charge. Will she like power a bit too much? Lets just hope Littlefinger doesn’t get his claws into Sansa while Jon is away, and considering Jon’s threats to Littlefinger to leave his sister alone, Littlefinger better watch his back.

Meanwhile Arya meets up with her old friend Hot Pie and finds out that Jon has retaken Winterfell, and for a moment it seems like the old Arya is back. She gives up her quest for vengeance and sets off north where she runs into her old direwolf Nymeria. Arya tries to get the direwolf to join her but instead Nymeria runs off. Poor Arya. Still at least she didn’t let her wolf pack kill Arya so that’s a plus. I don’t know if Arya will take this as a sign not to go back to Winterfell, although personally I hope she does and can reunite with Sansa. Considering the sisters weren’t that close before it would be interesting to see how they interact after all they have been through.

Over at the Citadel Sam decides to do some DIY surgery on Jorah’s greyscale. While I’m glad Jorah may be saved I’m not thrilled that again the scenes at the Citadel are designed to make me squirm. Still at least it’s better than seeing Sam handle people’s shit again.

Two people having a much more pleasant time is Grey Worm and Missandi who finally confess their feelings for each other. While it’s a sweet scene between them it automatically makes me think Grey Worm is going to die next week, or shortly after, because people can’t be happy in Westeros. Whatever happens I’m excited about the Unsullied heading to Casterly Rock. Hopefully there will be an epic battle!

While Daenerys plans her next move Cersei makes her own battle strategies. First she pleads for the House Tyrell’s bannermen to support her instead of Daenerys by using the Queen of Dragons history of crucifying the Lords in Slavers’ Bay against her (perhaps not a great PR move in hindsight). Of course Cersei doesn’t have a great deal of support considering what she did to the Tyrell’s last season but Jamie still has her back for now as he tries to persuade Sam’s dad to remain loyal to Cersei. While Jamie is doing damage control it looks like Cersei may have an ace up her sleeve when Qyburn shows her some old weapons used against dragons. Noooooo! Leave the dragons alone.

However the best bit of the episode is Euron Greyjoy’s surprise raid on Yara’s Iron Fleet. It’s a brutal fight which sees the death of two of the Sand Snakes (who sadly no one will miss) where Ellaria and her daughter taken hostage. I have a feeling karma is going to bite Ellaria hard as Cersei is bound to kill her daughter in revenge for Myrcella’s death. The only thing I’m wondering is how horrible a death will she get, knowing Cersei it will be awful. The other person taken hostage is Yara as Euron goads Theon to fight for his sister and how does Theon react? By jumping overboard and abandoning his sister! What the hell Theon! I couldn’t believe it when he did that. I almost laughed with disbelief. After redeeming himself slightly last season by helping Sansa escape Ramsay it’s now a million steps backward for everyone’s least favourite Greyjoy (yes even his dastardly uncle is better-at least he’s honestly awful).

What did you think of the last episode? Will Sansa go mad with power at Winterfell? Will the Unsullied take Casterly Rock? Is Theon just the worst for literally jumping ship?

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