Rapid Review: Life


Six members of the International Space Station find evidence of life on Mars. However as the organism grows and develops it would appear that this discovery could be deadly!

Life starts off very tense as you wonder what this new being is and what does it want? The scene where Calvin (yes they named the organism Calvin!) reacts badly for the first time is nail-biting and horrific. As the film carries on you really squirm with every bone crunching and blood splatter moment that happens. There are also some good surprises which I wasn’t expecting to happen.

However after a solid start in the second half the pace starts to drop and the action slows down. Despite attempts to give each character a bit of back story and depth they still manage to do really stupid things. For example the idea of ‘let’s poke an alien life form and see how it reacts!’-spoiler it ends badly. You also can’t help but feel this film might be received better if everyone wasn’t waiting for Alien: Covenant to arrive.

Rating 3.5 – tense and gripping at times but not original enough to really stand out



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3 responses to “Rapid Review: Life

  1. ”they still manage to do really stupid things” – it’s the classic move of this film genre haha πŸ™‚

    • It should be it’s own sub genre ‘clever people doing really stupid things in a horror movie’ πŸ™‚ Unfortunately that would probably include most movies in general!

      • You are ABSOLUTELY right. Though I know some exceptions. The most recent one was 10 Cloverfield Lane. That was very smartly done. Even the female character well portrayed by Winstead. Resolution was also an interesting take on the genre, though it was more like a meditation on horror.

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