My kind of (Christmas) Movie


I hate it when TV channels start playing Christmas movies before December.But as soon as the clock strikes 12 on the first of December I will happily watch an Xmas themed film.

So far I’ve already watched Love Actually, a classic Christmas movie that makes me laugh and cry. I’ve also saw The Holiday which is ridiculously cheesy but fun all the same.

I will probably get round to watching Die Hard sometime over the festive period. Considering it’s set around an office Christmas party technically that makes it a Christmas movie (see also Shane Black’s movies such as Iron Man 3 – a summer blockbuster set at Christmas!). Basically it’s just any excuse to watch Die Hard. Yippee ki yay motherfuckers!

One of my favourite Christmas movies is The Muppets Christmas Carol, it just isn’t the festive season without it. Luckily I’ve checked and its playing on Christmas Eve this year. Whoopee!

Then there’s all the other great films like Home Alone, AWonderful Life, Elf, Gremlins (which I saw the whole way through properly for the first time last year) and all the other ones I’ve forgotten to mention but will no doubt fill up my Tv schedule. When I’m not entertaining family obviously.

What’s your kind of Christmas movie? Will it not feel like Christmas unless you’ve watched The Muppets Christmas Carol? Or are you feeling a load of bah humbug about Xmas movies already? Let me know in the comments below.



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4 responses to “My kind of (Christmas) Movie

  1. Ha. I’ve just put Elf as my latest post. Sound real Christmas classics in there. Die Hard works well any time of year.

  2. Hey Lauren great choices you have there, some of which I haven’t seen like The Holiday, Elf or Love Actually, dunno if I’ll get around to them though just because I feel like I’d appreciate them more if I had a partner or friend to watch it with. But I might give Elf a go.

    I’m not overly fussed about Christmas anymore, however, nothing makes me feel Christmas nostalgia like when I watch Muppets Christmas Carol, I LOVE that film, haven’t seen it in years so I may have to give it another watch. Normally I just stick to two films; Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands, those films will always have me on an emotional level.

    • I recommend you watch Elf-it’s so funny and quite sweet as well. I forget that Edward Scissorhands is a Christmas movie as well-maybe I’ll watch that next year to mix things up a bit. Merry Xmas!

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