Jason Bourne


Set twelve years after the events of The Bourne Ultimatum and Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) has been living off the grid. However when he’s contact by his old ally Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles) with new information about the Treadstone project Borune soon finds himself pulled into another conspiracy.

I love the original Bounre trilogy and Jason Bourne is a worthy addition to the franchise. However it’s not as jaw-droppingly amazing as the previous movies. A few new revalations about Bourne’s past and some far-fetched coincidneces drags the film down. But while Jason Bourne doesn’t hit the highs of the series best it’s only because the original trilogy is such a high benchmark to live up to that even the dream team of Greengrass and Damon struggle to reach it.

Damon steps back into Bourne as though he’s never been away and it’s satisfying seeing him fight and strategize his way through the movie. There isn’t an iconic action scene to rival the series best but Greengrass can still produce impressive chases and fight sequences.

If Tommy Lee Jones and Vincent Cassell provide strong but predictable roles to the film their spotlights are stolen by fellow newcomers Alicia Vikander and Riz Ahmed with Vikander’s CIA employee Heather in paticular being a welcome addition with a character who is intelligent, ambitious and determined.

Rating 4/5 – exciting and thrilling if not quite the best in the franchise



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8 responses to “Jason Bourne

  1. Hey there! I haven’t watched Jason Bourne yet but I’m a fan of the original trilogy. My favorites are the first and third one. I’m glad that Damon and Greengrass are back with the Bourne franchise. Hope to catch this one soon.

  2. I agree. Although no match to The Bourne Trilogy, it still is better than most of the blockbusters released this year, so far. I had a blast watching this. Good review, Lauren.

  3. Hi Lauren, great review yo. I think we’re in similar mindsets about this film, though I think I enjoyed it a lot more than you did. While this film could never match the awesomeness of the original trilogy, I still thought it was a lot of fun. This film felt consistent with the other films, I really like Vincent Cassel’s character and the action was awesome, especially that end fight, that was intense!

    • Thanks. Maybe my expectations were a bit too high considering the high standard of the original trilogy, but it was still good. Cassel was great and his fight with Bourne was brutal but I thought his connection with Bourne’s past was a bit too much of a coinidence.

      • I felt the same way about Cassel’s character, not so much with what Bourne did to him with he was undercover because I liked how that gave him a reason to want to kill Bourne) but his ties to Bourne’s father’s death. That was convenient.

      • Yeah the the stuff about being undercover was actually interesting but then they had to tie it all back to Bourne’s dad which wasn’t as compelling.

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