Rapid Review: Central Intelligence


Back at high school Calvin (Kevin Hart) was the popular jock voted most likely to succeed, whereas Bobby Weirdicht (Dwayne Johnson) was an overwieght, lonely kids who was constantly bullied by the other kids. The only one who was nice to him was Calvin, who once helped him out after their classmates pranked Booby in front of the whole school. Twenty years later Calvin meets Bobby again-now going by the name Bob Stone. But this freindly reunion is more than it seems, as Bobby is a CIA agent and needs Calvin’s help to clear his name.

There are probably going to be a lot of people who think this film is really stupid but I found it really funny. The movie’s strength is casting Dwayne Johnson and allowing him to really go for it as the physically tough but otherwise sensative and overly caring Bob. Whether it’s his love of Unicorns or his ongoing admiration of his ‘best bud’ Calvin, Bob is an instantly loveable character and Johnson is hilarious. The action scenes are quite fun, whether it’s Bob fighting Bourne style with unusual weapons such as a banana or Calvin unwittingly fighting against CIA agents.

Perhaps at times Hart can be a bit overshadowed-performance wise- compared to Johnson’s insanely fun character. Towards the end the film also starts to feel like it’s dragging out it’s running time too much with it’s plot around finding the film’s baddie-the Black Badger.

Rating 3.5/5 – a side-splitting turn from Johnson helps makes Central Intelligence an enjoyable and undemanding summer comedy


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2 responses to “Rapid Review: Central Intelligence

  1. Hi Lauren, I like how you covered a lot in this short review. I have to ask if you liked Aaron Paul’s appearance in this film as it was one of the best surprises for me 🙂

    • Yes it was brilliant as I had no idea Aaron Paul was in it before watching. I was surprised by how funny he was and he was great at reacting to Johnson’s character.

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