Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 10: The Winds of Winter

Game of Thrones S6 Episode 10

After six seasons Winter is finally here, and everything is changing in Westeros. It’s hard to know where to begin.

It’s the day of Loras Tyrell and Cersei’s trials, and Loras confesses to everything in order to get a ‘light’ sentance of giving up his wealth and his title, never allowing to marry and having to be branded by the Sparrows. As Margery watches on horrified she notices that Cersei is nowhere to be seen. Indeed while everyone else is at the Sept, Cersei is setting her plans in motion, first organising for Pycelle to be killed by Qyburn’s little ‘birds’. Quite horrifying seeing all the chidlren stabbing the old man. But thats not all she has planned.  As the Mountian prevents Tommen leaving the Red Keep you just know something really bad is going to happen and it’s not long until we relaise what that is. As Lancel looks for Cersei, he realises too late that there’s wildfire under the Sept. Margery, fearing the worst from Cersei’s late arrival tries to get everyone to leave but the High Sparrow doesn’t listen to her. As the Wildfire goes off, it destroys the Sept killing the High Sparrows, Margery (NOOOOOOOOOOO!), Loras, their father, Lancel as well as the sparrows and many inocent people.

There was speculation that Cersei had discovered the wildfire and such a weapon was never going to end well in Cersei’s hands. However she doesn’t forsee what seeing such an event will do to Tommen and in his grief he throws himself out of his window. I didn’t think Tommen would survive the season but I’m gutted Margery is dead (or is she, we didn’t see her die-but I expect she is dead). She was one of my favourite characters and I loved her relationship with her grandmother. I couldn’t even enjoy the death of the High Sparrow, and everyone knows how much I’ve been waiting for him to kick the bucket. As Jamie returns back and sees the destruction he’s just in time to see Cersei  taking the throne and so Westeros has a new Queen. God help everyone!

In Winterfell Davos finally confront Melsiandre about the fate of Shireen and makes her confess to Jon what she did. While Davos (understandably) wants her executed Jon exils her south. I think this is a smart move by Jon, as you never know when she might come in handy although surely Davos is going to have to kill her eventually in revenge for Shireen?

Meanwhile Jon and Sansa discuss the events of the battle and Jon tells Sansa that her actions saved everyone but urges her that they have to be honest with each other if they are goign to survive. He wants her to lead Winterfell as Lady Stark but Sansa tells Jon he’s just as much a Stark as she is. I love that they are trying to work together and not be involved in a power struggle. Littlefinger tries to push Sansa towards being a leader and also tells her how he dreams of being the King on the Iron Throne and wants Sansa by his side. Really Littlefinger? After all you’ve done you think she’s going to be ok with that? Naturally Sansa is not impressed though Littlefinger tells her he is still loyal to House Stark. I’m not surprised Sansa is dubious considering his history. Later Jon and Sans have a banquet with the Wildings, the Kinghts of the Vale and the Houses of the North. Jon tries to tell them that there is still a war to fight but many of the Houses are unsure whether to follow. That is until Lady Lyanna Mormont speaks up for House Stark. It was great seeing the Lords shamed by a little girl, and her words are so powerful it causes everyone to pledge loyalty to Jon, naming him the White Wolf and King of the North. It was a lovely moment seeing Jon welcomed by the other Houses considering his previous treatment of them because of his heritage. But Littlefinger is going to be a problem I can tell.

For a bit of light relief we see Sam, Gilly and baby Sam arrive at Oldtown and report at the Citdel. One of the men there mentions how they still have Mormont as the Commander of the Night Watchin their records-oh how out of date their records are! They also release White ravens to signify winter is here, news of which reaches Sansa and as she tells Jon the news a rarely seen smile spreads across his face. As he says to Sansa their dad always said it was coming! About time!

Meanwhile Walder Frey celebrates the recapture of Riverrun by holding a banquet. After everyone leaves a serving girl brings him a pie and he wonders where his sons are. As the girl repeates that his sons are here it took me a moment to realise what she meant. I think I actually gasped. That she reveals what I suspected, that Frey’s sons have been murdered and baked into his pie. She then removes her face to reveal herself to be Arya! I did not see that coming at all! I thought it would take her forever to get back. She then murders Frey. I’m glad that after all this rubbish in the House of Black and White we finally get Arya back doing what she does best-getting revenge! And what glorious revenge it is.

Bran also gets another vision back to the Tower where he saw his father searching for his sister Lyanna after the death of the Mad King. As she lays dying she gives Ned her son to look after as his basterd-the scene then cuts to Jon! One of the biggest mysteries around the series-who is Jon Snow’s mother-has now been revealed! I had heard this theory a while ago that Ned was not his father and actually belonged to his sister.  I’m not sure if it is confirmed who his father is yet though so will be interesting to see what the show reveals to us.

After the deaths of her family members Olenna Tyrell goes to Dorne looking for revenge. She also insults the Sand Snakes and puts each one in her place. It was almost worth having the Sand Snakes back for that alone. Ellaria Martell then offers an alliance and a figure emerges from the shadows-it’s only Varys brokering a deal between the two houses and Danerys against the Lannisters! With them three and Yara Greyjoy altogether it’s great to see strong women (and the Sand Snakes) coming together to see off the Lannisters. As Danerys prepares to leave Meereen I was half expecting something else to happen to stop Daenerys leaving again. But no she says goodbye to Daario, levaing him and The Second Sons behind to help keep Meereen stable as they elect their new leader (and free for Daenerys to get new alliances through marriage). She also has a great scene with Tyrion as they talk about her leaving for Westeros and then she gives him a badge, declareing him the Hand of the Queen! That was a lovely moment and you could tell Tyrion was so touched. For a second I thought he was going to hug her (which would have been well awkward). The season ends with Daenerys setting sail with her companions and armies with her and we have a great shot of the three dragons flying above. The Lannisters better watch out, Daenerys is on her way to Westeros and it’s about bloody time!

It’s going to be a long wait for next season. How will I cope?

What did you think of the episode, was it a satisfying end to the series? Were you shocked by any of the deaths? Are you surprised Daenerys has actually set sail for Westeros? Let me know in the comments below.



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8 responses to “Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 10: The Winds of Winter

  1. Hi Lauren, great write up yo! I have a lot to say about this episode so I’ll try to condense everthing as much as possible.

    I thought the season finale delivered, I knew it’d be good, however wasn’t sure it’d give me the same level of satisfaction as the last episode considering how epic it was, but in a totally different way gave me a wonderful viewing experience.

    Firstly let’s talk about Kings Landing. Jesus those first 18 minutes, fantastic stuff (yeah I counted haha). That was one hell of an introduction, all that set up with the characters getting ready for the trial along with that music, it built a lot of syspense and tension, and during the trial with Loras something felt off, I kept expecting the High Sparrow to pull a fast one on Margaery and kill the dude. I know that’s unlikely considering the all the spectators but I felt like things could go either way with the Sparrow’s questionable look face. But once the Mountain didn’t let Tommen out of his room I was like “Uh oh.” But then, when Margarey broke her character and told the High Sparrow about Cersei I was like “Ah shit, everyone in that room’s in trouble.” And seeing Lancel notice those barrells of wildfire I was like “Oh damn, those people upstairs are gonne get blown up!” And sure enough they did, but I did not expect the explosion to be so huge! That blast took out everyone, everyone dammit! Totally caught me off guard.

    Seeing the High Sparrow go first in the explosion was great, but to see my beautiful Margarey go, that hurt. She was playing the long game with the Sparrow and I had hoped she’d make it out, but nope, the Sparrow, his peeps and the Tyrells, all gone. Oh and to see Pycelle get stabbed up by those kids was so evil, and yet so satisfying, I never liked that dude, he was always little too smug for my liking, so I’m glad he’s out of the picture. I think I’m the only one not affected by the fact that it was children who took him out, in the world of GoT anyone can be an assassin if drafted from the right age so it wasn’t all that out of character or surprising. Maybe I’m a heartless person? XD

    I will admit the music during the beginning felt a little distracting because the choice of instruments and composition felt more modern, like it belonged in a present day TV show, but overall it was great. Oh and poor Tommen, I mean I never cared for the kid that much because he had no balls, however, he was fairly innocent and for all this drama to befall him and then just jump out the window… I was like “Wow, guess he’s had enough.” That caught me totally by surprise. I am curious to see how Cersei operates now that she has no kids to keep her grounded, I think she’ll become a tyrant and her relationship with Jaime will be tested/strained or possibly end. Oh and just to talk about Cersei a bit more, I’ve always hated her, however, recently she’s been treated like shit and so for her to get revenge I was like “Good for her!” Especially when giving that Septa Unella some punishment too, that bitch deserved it! I dunno what the Mountain did to her when Cersei left but I’ve heard from some it was rape and that kind of rubs me the wrong way, but whatever, it is what is.

    As for the stuff in the North with Jon getting the support of all those who didn’t give there support for the Starks, that was such a triumphant moment. When they all started shouting “THE KING OF THE NORTH!” There was definitely some first pumping on my end, it was such a kick moment, but let’s be fair it was all thanks to Lady Mormont, that girl, like wow, once again she steals the scene she’s in. Who is this actress and how is she this good? I need to see of her, such a little badass! I’m curious what’ll happen between Sansa and Littlefinger going ahead, I don’t think their business is concluded, even on a personal level (as much as it pains me to say that because Littlefinger perving on Sansa just creeps me out to no end). Also will there be any more secrets/issues with Jon and Sansa in the future? I hope not because more so than anyone else, they need to stay on the same page in order to keep the people united. Oh and seeing Sir Davos confront Melisandre about what she did to Shireen last season was great and while I would want her dead because of what she did, at the same time she did bring Jon back and would be an asset in the war to come, so while it was good that Jon sent her away, at the same time I think it’ll be s a decision that’ll come to bite him in the ass later on.

    The whole reveal of Jon Snow’s heritage was interesting but not as big of a reveal for me. I was unaware of the theories and even when it happened onscreen I was a little confused so I had to look online to clarify what was going. I just wonder if this revalation will have some ramifications/pay off in these next two seasons, and if/when certain characters find out what their reactions will be. Also I loved how Arya was able to use the Faceless mask skills to get into Walder Frey’s house, kill his sons and take him out. When she saidthe sons were right there on the plate, I had feeeling, but seeing Arya kill Walder was lovely, though, it did look like she had a bit of a psychotic look on her face, it was a little unnerving.

    As for Daenerys I’m glad she’s finally got her army, boats and dragons finally ready to sail across the ocean to kick some ass! Oh and the fact that Lady and when Varys just showed up I was like “Ah shit, this is where he went? Well damn, this Dorne story just got a lot more interesting.” I don’t care for the Sand Snakes and want them all dead for what they did to the Jaime and Cersei’s daughter, but if they’re teaming up with Daenerys then okay, they have my interest. Oh also seeing Olenna just shutting down those little Snake sisters was awesome, that woman knows how to put people in their place haha.

    The best and worst thing about this finale is that there’s so many things to talk about in terms of what’s been concluded and what’s to come. It was impressive how many storylines were wrapped up during this finale whether they happened this season or were in previous seasons, and the lead up to some of these conclusions weren’t as smooth as others, the end result was certainly satisfying on most fronts. While I’m hyped I’m also very saddened by the future of GoT considering that we’ll only have 2 seasons left with shorter seasons. I know the show will have to end eventually, but damn, life without GoT on TV just feels so wrong.

    Thanks for listening to my rambling! 😛

    • Hey I don’t mind a bit of rambling-thats basically what my whole post was about.
      I’m glad to see I’m not the only one missing Margery- why Game of Thrones why do this to us?
      I’m not sure where they’ll go with Arya next after she returns home, I’m sure Jon and Sansa will be glad to see her at first but they may get a bit concerned when they see how bloodthirsty she has become! She’s not a little kid anymore.
      I can’t believe we only have 2 seasons left. But I have faith they will end it on a high!

  2. Great write up! I feel very satisfied with the finale and there were some great payoffs like finally seeing Daenerys sailing over the sea. The death that took me off guard is Margaery, very sad to see her go.

    • Thanks. It was a great finale and it was good to see Danerys sailing off to Westeros, but Margery’s death left me feeling glum. I’ll have to just pretend she somehow made it out alive and is in hiding!

  3. Awesome write-up! This was such a great episode with some solid payoff for storylines that had been a bit annoying throughout the season. I can’t wait to see how Daenerys goes next season!

  4. Great write-up!!
    Margery’s death did come on a bit quick, but I suppose it did lead to Tommen’s suicide and the Tyrells backing Daenarys for the Iron Throne. The last two episodes were incredible spectacles! I heard they spent $10m on the Battle of the Bastards alone, and 10 hours filming Jon Snow punching Ramsay in the face!!! I think Kit only hit him twice in total, and bought him a beer afterwards! haha 🙂

    • Yes you can feel evrything being moved into place for the big battle for the Iron Throne!
      Wow $10m is a lot of money to spend on an episode. But it was well worth it.

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