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A few years ago I read Me Before You by Jo Jo Moyes and found myself bawling my eyes out. Now it’s been made into a film starring Emilia Clarke and Sam Claffin. Will it still have the same power to make me cry?

After being suddenly let go from her work,  Louisa “Lou” Clark (Emilia Clarke) finds herself in a new job as a carer to Will (Sam Clafin) a young man who became quadriplegic after an  accident. While initally they find it hard to get along, soon they develop a friendship that edges to beocme something more.

I really enjoyed the film and like the book it had me crying in the cinema along with quite a few other people. It also had welcome moments of warmth and humour along the way. The two leads worked well, making sure the film didn’t slide into tackiness. Clarke grounded the character of Lou to make sure she isn’t too kooky and Claffin is strong as Will,  dealing well with the comedy and romance as well as the film’s more darker subjects.

However the film does deal with issues such as euthanasia and suicide which may upset some people in the audience maybe not expecting such matters to be raised. The film has also already caused some contraversy with disability groups which has objected to the way the film implies people with disabilities are a burden. While I personally don’t feel the film was trying to send a negative message it also doesn’t have long enough to really delve into such sensitive subjects, so I can see why some people may feel like that way. On a personal note I was disapointed that some of Lou’s own backstory from the novel was left out.

Rating 4/5 – emotionally draining and saved from cheesiness by the sincere performances of it’s leads



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2 responses to “Me Before You

  1. Great review! I read the book recently, and was wondering if the movie could possibly hold up well. Will see, but it seems it did a good job.

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