Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 8: No One

Game of Thrones S6 Episode 8

At the beginning of the episode there was a warning that the show would contain violence from the outset. Cue The Hound coming across some of the Brotherhood without Banners and proceeding to slaughter them quite viciously. It’s good to have The Hound back. He later meets more of Brotherhood including Beric and Thoros we last saw back in season three who allow The Hound to kill two of the three men who slaughtered the villagers. Then they invite The Hound to join them fighting up North against the White Walkers. What will he do?

And the violence continues as the Sparrows try to bring Cersai to see the High Sparrow. When she refuses to go and says “I choose violence”. Then the Mountain rips the head off as a Sparrow as the rest scurry away. But while Cersai wins this round she laters receives bad news as Tommen announces the date of Cersai and Loras’ trial and trial by combat is no longer allowed. A big blow for Cersai, but a conversation with Qyburn offers some hope as he confirms that the rumor they’ve discussed has much more too it. What rumor is that? Please say it’s something that will finally get rid of the High Sparrow.

Meanwhile Brienne and Podrick reach Riverrun. Podrick meets Bronn again and hilariously teaches Pod how to fight dirty. I loved their scene together and it reminds me how much fun the Tyrion, Bronn and Pod scenes use to be in the early scenes. Then Brienne and Jamie see each other and again I’m reminded how much I loved their friendship. But although they still care for each other they acknowledge the fact that they are on different sides and eventually will have to fight each other. Noooooooooo! Luckily that’s avoided this time though. Instead Jamie threatens Edmure Tully with his child’s life to betray the Blackfish. Jamie is such an interesting character, he’s developed so much since the first season where he just seemed to be a villian, and today’s episode reminds you just how ruthless he can be (and for those thinking he might not have gone through with his threat to kill Edmure’s child don’t forget that it was Jamie who pushed Bran out of the window way back in the very first episode). As for the Blackfish, he is seemingly killed off screen which is a bit anti-climactic considering the buildup. But at least Brienne and Pod escape and there’s sadness in Brienne and Jamie’s waving goodbye.

Over in Meereen Varys and Tyrion see the Red Priests spreading their Daenerys propergander. Hopefully Tryion’s deal with the fanatics goes better then it did for his sister. Varys is leaving supposedly for Westeros, which is a shame as Tyrion and Varys work so well together. But at least there’s another amusing scene between Tyrion, Missandei and Greyworm as they start drinking and attempt to tell jokes. Greyworm even cracks a smile! But then the Slavers turn up and storm the city. Cue a very worried Tyrion. But as all seem dire we see the return of a very pissed off Daenerys. Tyrion has some explaining to do!

After Arya was badly injuries last week there was speculation about whether all was what it seemed. But it appears as if Arya was that oblivious and unprepared as she walked around Braavos waiting to get stabbed. Now she must have supernatural abilities or something because in this episode not only does she survive getting multiple stab wounds she also survive jumping out of balconies and falling down several flights of stairs without breaking all her bones. I can suspend belief over a lot in this show-dragons and all, but a decent explanation for Arya miraculous healing would be nice. It does lead to a final fight between the Waif and Arya in the dark (as I predicted) and Arya bringing her head back to The House of Black and White. As the second most annoying character on the show (after the High Sparrow of course) I was happy to see the end of the Waif.It was also great to see her tell Jacqen  that”The girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell.”  I’ve been waiting a long time for her to remember for that. Now get back to Westeros Arya, you’re needed!

What did you think of the episode? Were you emotional during Brienne and Jamie’s scenes? How long will it take Arya to get home to Winterfell? Let me know in the comments below.



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2 responses to “Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 8: No One

  1. I love that Arya lived, and that she was able to vanquish the Waif. I am very happy she decided to embrace being Arya Stark again, and return to Winterfell. I am not sure if they will show her arriving home this season.

    I think that besides Cersei, Tyrion (Probably not anymore), and his children, if Jamie can feel love for anyone it is definitely Brienne.

    • I know I’m glad Arya is back to being herself again.
      I just wish Jamie and Brienne don’t have to fight each other, but it’s bound to happen!

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