Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 7: The Broken Man

Game of Thrones S6 Episode 7

Another week and some more returns from characters we haven’t seen for a while.

The episode starts with a pre title scene of some villagers buidling on some land, which almost made me wonder if I was watching the wrong show. But then we get a closer look at one of their men and see it is Sandor Clegane aka The Hound! It was long speculated that The Hound was still alive and I’m glad to see him still around. His interactions with their leader Ray was interesting as Ray was once a warrior and a violent man but now forsakes all violence which The Hound does not believe is realistic (I’m not surprised living in Westeros!). The Hound is later proven right when men from The Brotherhood without Banners threaten the group. But Ray still does not want to fight them despite The Hound’s warnings they will return. Of course he’s right as the epsiode ends with The Hound returning from chopping and collecting wood (which leads you to wonder how long was he gone for and how quiet were the Brotherood without Banners while they were slaughtering?). As he picks up his axe and heads off you know the Brotherhood will wish they had just left those villagers well alone!

Over in King’s Landing the High Sparrow still drones on, this time about Margery’s grandmother Ollena and implies that she may be next on the Sparrow’s list. This leads Margery to try convincing Olenna to return home and also covertly gives her a piece of paper with the House of Tryrell signil on it. This proves what I thought all along that Margery is still loyal to the Tyrells and is just fooling the HIgh Sparrow so she does not have to do the Walk of Atonement. Cersei and Olenna then comes to blows with Oleena telling Cersai a few home truths about how everything with the Sparrows is her fault. Which is true and Cersai deserves it. Olenna also has one of the best lines of the epsiode saying “I wonder if you’re the worst person I ever met” to Cersai. Go Lady Olenna!

In the north Jon, Sansa and Davos are going round the houses and the Wildlings to recuit men to their cause but while the Wildlings and House Mormont agree to fight with them they are still massively outnumbered with major houses refuse to go against the Boltons. You can’t really blame them as Lord Glover tells them the houses stood beside Robb and look how that turned out. Sansa and Jon then disagree over what to do next with Jon wanting to storm Winterfell immediately and Sansa wanting to recruit more houses. In the end Sansa secretly sends a letter by raven to an unknown receipiant. Lets hope she’s sending to a loyal source, and that Jon and Sansa don’t fall out over this.

Meanwhile another returnee come back this week as Bronn makes his first appearance in season six. And with him comes one of the funniest lines of the episode in this exchange with Jamie:

Jamie: “You have better instincts than any officer in the Lannister army.”

Bronn: “That’s like saying I have a bigger cock than anyone in the Unsullied army.”

Oh how I’ve missed Bronn! Anyway Bronn and Jamie arrive in time to see the Frays make a pitiful attempt to get the Blackfish to surrender. Taking control Jamie and Blackfish meet but Blackfish refuses to surrender and Jamie warns him the Lannisters will offer no mercy to the Tullys.

In Volantis the Iron fleet are enjoying time in a tavern with various female prostitutes including Yara. Its interesting that she does this so openly considering we know some people in the Game of Thrones world (like the Sparrows and their followers) would be aghast at not just a female leader but one that likes the company of other women. Maybe the Ironborns are more liberal like those in Dorne, or just goes to show how respected Yara is by her fleet. Anyway everyone is having a good time except Theon. However Yara encourgaes him to be more like his former self (hopefully not too much like him, old Theon was a tool) and reveals their plans to head to Meereen to strike a deal with Daenerys. This is what I thought would happen and we’ll soon see if all goes to plan. Well Daenerys does need those ships.

In Braavos, Arya makes her plans to leave and head to Westeros but is then attacked by the Waif in disguise. I knew that old lady was her! Her attack on Arya is not the quick death that Jacoques instructed her to do. While Arya escapes she is badly hurt and wondering the streets alone. At first I presumed this whole thing was real but having heard some other opinions I’m not sure. There’s a few theories that Arya faked her injuries somehow as she knew the Waif would be after her. It would make sense why Arya was going round Braavos beforehand with no disguise and throwing money about for trips to Westeros. After all surely Arya would be more covert than that? Otherwise no wonder she wasn’t fit to be an assassin. If she did fake the injuries maybe she got some fake blood from the actress she saved last week? But then again how did Arya know the Waif wouldn’t just cut her throat and how did the knife not hurt her? If it was real then I expect she’ll turn to her actress friend for help. Considering she’s well respected maybe she’d find a doctor for her?

What did you think of the episode? Was The Hounds reappearance worth the wait? What will happen to Arya? Let me know in the comments below.


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