Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6: Blood of My Blood

Game of thrones S6 Episode 6

Have we calmed down from last weeks events? Well it doesn’t matter if we are or not as Game of Thrones throws us back into the action.

On the run from the White Walkers, Bran and Meera seem to be on their last legs. Until they are saved by Bran’s Uncle Benjen Stark. I had to quickly try and remember who he was as we haven’t seen him for quite a few seasons. He was the Stark uncle that was in the Night’s Watch and went missing a while back. Turns out he was stabbed by the White Walkers and saved by the Children of the Forrest. It was quite a return for Benjen, killing the White Walkers and saving a stunned Bran and Meera. They need his help now Hordor is gone (Hordor!).

We meet a new House in this episode as Sam and Gilly reach the Tarly home where they are greeted warmly by his mother and sister but have a much colder repsonse from his father. The situation is made even more awkward when Gilly defending Sam (Go Gilly!) lets slip the fact that she’s a wildling. Oops! Sam’s father is not impressed and further berates his son in front of everyone. Later Sam decides to take Gilly and baby Sam with him to the Citadel and steals the ancestral Valyrian steel sword. I was so relieved Sam decided to take them with him, although something bad could still befall them (this is Game of Thrones after all). I was also happy for him to take the sword-they need as many Valyrian steel swords as possible.

In Braavos Arya watches another performance of the play starring Lady Cray. At first she is laughing when Joffrey is murdered (and who could blame her), but Lady Cray’s performance as the heartbroken Cersai touches Arya. She later warns the actress about the hit on her life and then runs away to recover her belongongs and needle. Having failed her mission the waif demands she kills Arya. Jaqen agrees but orders her not to make Arya suffers. While I’m glad Arya didn’t kill the actress and is not prepared to give up who she is, I’m also wondering if this whole plotline was a bit pointless. She’s wasted a lot of time in Braavos when she could have been helping her siblings. But maybe the news skills she’s picked up will come in handy, especially if a fight in the dark is required.

But the biggest disapointment comes in King’s Landing where Jamie and the Tyrell’s army  attempt to save Margery and kill the High Sparrow. Unfortuantely Margery has already come up wiht her plan and repented in order to save herself and her brother,not that she ever says this out loud but considering her opinions on the High Sparrow last time it’s a safe bet she’s manipulating the situation. While I think Margery is great I hate the fact the Sparrows are still around. Tommen then forges an alliance with the High Sparrow and it’s Jamie who is removed from the King’s Guard in order to help the Freys. For goodness sake can’t the High Sparrow just die already-he’s so irritating.

Anyway back to the Freys who face trouble from the Blackfish (uncle of Catelyn Stark-I had to spend some more time remembering the Stark/Tully family tree) as he has taken back Riverrun form them. Walder Frey is still as vile as ever and we learn he still has Edmund Tully (the groom from the ill fated Red Wedding and brother of Catelyn Stark). It seems Edmund will be used by the Frey’s to get back Redrun which can’t be good for Edmund. Hopefully Tully will come to a bloody end soon for his part in the Red Wedding.

The episode ends with a short scene of Daenerys finding Drogan the dragan and make another speech, this time to the Dothraki that she will sail across the Seven Seas to conquer Westeros. While I still like Daenerys I’m getting a bit bored of her call to arm speeches. After all she’s gone at liberating a city but not at maintianing peace. And when she says she’s going to burn down the houses in Westeros you have to wonder if she is really the best leader for the Iron Throne. Then again maybe she just needs more guidence from the likes of Tryion and the others in Meereen. It also felt as though the writers didn’t know how to end the episode so just decided to throw in a few minuites of Daeneyrs with her dragon and to have her say a few inspiring words. Nothing we haven’t seen or heard before. Maybe Game of Thrones need to think of some new tricks.

What did you think of the episode? Was Sam right to take Gilly and baby Sam with him? How will the Lannisters get rid of the Sparrows now? Let me know in the comments below.



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6 responses to “Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6: Blood of My Blood

  1. theipc

    I thought this was the most boring episode in some time…

    • Yeah I didn’t find it as good as the previous episodes have been this season. Hopefully it’s just a blip and it will get back to being awesome.

  2. I completely agree with the Daenerys part. Just, why?!!

    • I’m glad it’s not just me! It just seemed a a bit of a random scene to have at the end of the episode, as though they realised Daenerys hadn’t been featured in the episode yet so had to quickly write her in.

  3. Hi Lauren! After how many weeks I’m finally getting around to commenting on one of your reviews. Since I started watching the show with my sister I’m always watching several days after the initial airdate so by the time I want to comment on an episode its already time for the next one haha.

    Anyways, I thought this was a solid episode even if not a lot of significant things happened in the grand scheme of things.

    Like you I really hate the High Sparrow and want him to die, but damn is he a crafty ass mofo haha. Seriously that guy is so much more than he appears, so cunning and always thinking steps ahead, he’s a manipulator, preying on people in emotionally complex positions and making them work in his favor, therefore messing with his enemies without having to do much of anything. SO CRAFTY! And that smile he gave Jamie after Tommen made his speech, man I want to punch him so bad haha. However one thing the show hasn’t specifically shown is why someone couldn’t just take out the High Sparrow and his underlings, sure there’s a good few of them, but with a good tactical attack it could be done so I’m wonder what Cersei and the others are thinking at the moment.

    I also actually liked Sam and Gilly’s story this week, normally when I see them I roll my eyes, but this week they were relevant and had some cool moments learning about Sam’s family and seeing especially how much of douche his father was. Man I really wanted Sam to say something especially when Gilly brought up the Whitewalker, but nope. Glad that she said something though, more points for her.

    I was also glad to see Arya finally stop this madness with the Faceless glan (or whatever their name is specifically) and got her sword back. Though that stupid Faceless girl saw Arya and will come after her, nooooo. I seriously want Arya to kick that bitch’s ass yo because she needs a good beat down.

    • Hi glad you enjoyed the episode. I think it’s my least favourite of the season so far but there have been some really good episodes this year.
      I’ve been wondering too why no one has just taken the HIgh Sparrow out already but I think if they did that (and so publically) the crowd may turn against them as the Sparrows are popular. Maybe thats why Margery decided to join with them rather than against them. She likes to ally herself with those in power. I’m not sure how the Lannisters will get around it. Maybe wait for someone (or frame someone) from the North to kill the HIgh Sparrow instead then try and seize control back afterwards?
      I’m glad Sam and Gilly are still together but I wish Sam had spoken up for himself against his father. But I guess it’s more realistic that after years of such abuse he wouldn’t have the courage to. Still I was happy Gilly stood up for him.
      Yes I’m looking forward to Arya kicking the waif’s ass and heading back to her family. About time!

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