Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5: The Door

Game of Thrones S6 Episode 5

The past and present are mixed together as we hit the halfway point. And we lose characters that have been with us since season one.

Sansa arranges a meeting with Littlefinger and I’m glad to see Sansa telling Littlefinger exactly how his actions affected her. But I’m still surprised she let Littlefinger go like that. Is it because he did save her once? Or is it because she is putting all her vengeance towards Ramsay. Still I’m glad we’re seeing more of a determined and powerful Sansa as she urges the other to head off to see her uncle for help to take back Winterfell. So Sansa, Jon, Davos,  Brienne, Melisandre, Tormund and Podrick all leave Castle Black. I’m glad that Tormound is coming as the Wilding seems to have taken a shine to Brienne so I’m interested to see hwo that develops. Speaking of Brienne I loved her assessment of Jon as being a good guy if a little broody. Brienne you have no idea!

In Meereen it’s interesting that Tyrion’s truce with the Slavers seems to have worked with Son of The Harpy attacks having fallen. However his latest choice if ally is a red Priestess. I’m not sure if this is one of Tyrion’s best ideas considering Melisandra is quite dodgy and they have a tendency to burn people alive. Plus anyone who made Varys look scared can’t be good. Meanwhile Daenerys  learns that Jorah is dying and demands as his Queen that he finds himself a cure and returns by her side. I was thinking that Jorah was defiantly a goner but maybe he’s heading for a miracle recover? After all Shireen was cured from the disease.

Over in the Iron Islands, Yara’s claim to the throne is squashed by the return of her uncle and even admitting he murdered his brother us not enough to stop him being king. Luckily Theon and Yara steal their uncle’s boats and make their escape. But where will they go? Maybe they’ll take their uncle’s plan to sail to Daenerys? Yara would have better luck as an ally than her uncle would whose plan to ‘seduce’ Daenerys would not go over well with the mother of dragons.

Arya is still on her mission to become an assassin. Personally I’m finding this plotline to be too repetitive for my liking. However the play she was watching about Joffrey and Ned was amusing and included a cameo from Richard E Grant. But Arya’s quest to become no one is quite boring. Can’t she come back to the North and fight alongside Sansa and Jon?

There’s always someone in this show that makes a really stupid decision that gets everyone else killed and this week it’s Bran. Ignoring the Three Eyed Raven Bran goes into his vision alone and gets grabbed by the White Walker leading to the deaths of the Three Eyed Raven, and the children of the forest. They were no big loss seeing as the Three Eyed Raven was boring and the children created the White Walkers in the first place so I had little sympathy for them. But we also lost Summer the direwolf and Hordor! That leaves only two direwolves yet with Ghost and possibly Arya’s missing wolf. Poor direwolves. And poor Horder, I can’t get used to calling him Wallis. As we saw the past and present merge together it was young Wallis seeing Bran that caused him to have a fit and repeats the same words over again “hold the door”. I felt so bad for Hordor being left to die like that by Meera and Bran. Was that the whole purpose of Horror’s life. Its seems cruel, especially as he was being controlled by Bran to stay at the door while the White Walkers clawed at his skin. But then this is Game of Thrones where life us so often cruel.

What did you think? Should Sansa have let Brienne kill Littlefinger? Will Jorah find a cure? Let me know in the comments below.


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7 responses to “Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5: The Door

  1. theipc

    I’m sticking to the fact that they cut away before we saw Hodor actually die that he makes it out of that mess!

  2. I think the way the story of Hodor was very well done. I hope he somehow survives that mauling! But the thing I am now wondering, if Bran was to carry on seeing the past while in that place, how will he do that now, since it is pretty much destroyed and the White Walkers occupy it?
    Great episode though!

  3. Poor Hodor! 😦 I’m loving Sansa this season though. Fingers crossed she does away with Littlefinger, she certainly has the right to. I’m so interested to find out about whatever plan he has going.

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