Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4:

Game of Thrones S6 Episode 4

Reunions, fire and of course more murders abound in the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Can you believe we’re nearly half way through the season already?

I was worried that having quit the Night’s Watch last week that Jon Snow would leave Castle Black before Sansa and co arrived. Luckily this was not the case and I admit I did feel emotional when Sansa and Jon finally hugged each other. The two siblings last saw each other at the beginning of season one and out of all the Stark siblings we barely saw them interact with each other. It’s a strength to the writing and the actors that we care so much about their reunion.

A more awkward encounter happens between Davos and Melisandre as Davos finally demands to know what exactly happened to Stannis and Shireen (a conversation you’d think Davos would have had with her ealier but then again a lot has happened). A situation made worse when Brienne arrives and tells them Stannis admitted using black magic to kill Renly before she killed Stannis. Davos tells Brienne that’s all in the past but Brienne makes it clear she doesn’t forgive or forget. And I bet Davos will find it hard to forgive or forget Melisandre when he finds out exactly how Shireen died.

Anyway back to the Starks and as Sansa and Jon catch up Sansa tries to persuade her brother to fight for Winterfell but Jon is tired of fighting. It’s nice seeing a strong, determined side to Sansa who pleadges to take Winterfell back with or without Jon’s help. It is Ramsay,  who inadvertedly convinces Jon to march to Winterfell as he sends a message to Castle Black where he makes threats against Sansa and admits to having Rickon. So now that the Starks are rising again surely this series is heading for the Battle of the Bastards (as no one else is calling it).

While the Starks make the plans to return home they are sadly too late for Osha. The Wilding girl has been taking care of Rickon all this time and she tries to protect him again by killing Ramsay, unfortunately she is murdered by Ramsay before she has the chance. I was sad to see her go, but at least her death was quick unlike most of Ramsay’s other victims.

Over in Meeren Tyrion has a meeting with the Slave Masters of Slaver’s Bay and strikes a deal with them-peace between them if they abolish slavery within seven years and end their assistance to the Sons of Harpy. This angers a lot of people, not least Missandei and Grey Worm. I’m torn over whether Tyrion has made a good plan or not. He is right that ending war and ending slavery cannot happen overnight-Daenerys tried ending slavery and within time the other places she liberated fell back into old ways. But Tyrion is used to dealing with Westeros people, so can the same tactics work in Meereen? And what will Daenerys make of it?

After being MIA for the first three episodes Littlefinger returned to our screens this week. He’s in the Vale with Robin the Lord of the Eyrie who is still a little twerp obsessed with throwing people out of the moon door. Hopefully he’ll get killed off soon. As for Littlefinger he’s still playing all sides as he pretends that Sansa was kidnapped for the Boltons rather than having arranged her marriage for her. I’m a little confused over what his plan was suppose to be? Was he just playing all sides just in case or is he just making it all up as he goes along? And what happens if he sees Sansa again and she reveals what he has been up to? Knowing Littlefinger he’ll probably talk his way out of that too.

In King’s Landing Margary is forced to listen to one of the High Sparrow’s sermons and seems about as thrilled about it as the audience does. She does manage to get to see her brother Loras though but while her spirit is still strong his has broken. They better hope Cersei’s planned assassination attempt on the High Sparrow works, but I can’t help and feel like someone is double crossing the other (this is Game of Thrones after all).

The end of the episode sees Daario and Jorah attempt to save Daenerys, however she has her own plans and as she meets with the Khals she burns them all alive in the hut. As she emerges from the flames unharmed the crowds of Dokthraki bow down to her. It’s a nice call back to the season one finale when she did the same thing on a smaller scale. It’s an episode full of strong women with Danerys taking back power, Sansa urging an attack on Winterfell, Margery and Cersei showing defianance despite their ordeals, even characters like Missandei showing strength by arguing her side to Tyrion while reluctantly supporting him for the good of Meereeen. We even get some welcome development between Theon and his sister Yara where he supports her right to claim their father’s throne. This is a different Theon to before who was so dismissive of her sister and now realises that she is the better ruler. This season seems to be about the devlopment of it’s women as leaders and taking back control from the men. It just goes to show that the series can create strong, three dimensional female characters when they leave the awfullness that is Dorne and the Sand Snakes out of the show. Long may that continue!

What did you think of the episode? Can the Starks take back Winterfell? Does Daenerys finally have enough followers to travel to Westeros? Let me know in the comment below.




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2 responses to “Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4:

  1. Good review.

    I hope the Starks can take back Winterfell. If they do, I think it would be great if Sansa gets to decide what punishment Ramaey should receive for his deplorable actions.

    I think Daenerys has a large enough army to travel to Westeros, but she needs to have a solid game plan before trying to take the Iron Throne.

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