Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2: Home

Game of Thrones episode 2

After being AWOL for the whole of season 5 Bran returns and under the guidance of the Three-eyed Raven Bran is able to see into the past and see a younger version of his father. This new ability has so much potential for future storylines. Maybe we can find out who Jon Snow’s mother is? Bran’s vision also gives an opportunity to see young Hordor, but he’s called Wylie and can say more than just Hordor! What happened to him? And why does he just repeat the word Hordor? Bran’s vision could hold many clues to things we haven’t even considered yet. I wonder if he’ll be able to look in the future too?

In King’s Landing The Mountain is back and doing what he does best- smashing peoples heads in. A lesson to us all don’t insult Cersei in public! Speaking of Cersei she is unable to go to her own daughter’s funeral leaving Tommen and Jamie to have a heart to heart. Tommen realises how much of a wimp he’s been but I’m concerned Cersei will try and turn him into Joffrey 2nd. Although at least Joffrey would have got rid of the Sparrows ages ago. I was really hoping that Jamie was going to kill the High Sparrow but no such luck. Looks like we’ll have to put up with his tedious speeches for another week.

Over at Winterfell Ramsay continues his mission to be the most evil character on the show by stabbing his father and then having his stepmother and newborn baby brother eaten by his dogs. I knew it was bound to happen ever since his stepmother announced her pregnancy but it was still a brutal scene. Although it did make me laugh when Ramsay’s stepmother pleads for his brother’s life and Ramsay replies that he prefers to be an only child. Cold Ramsay!

Meanwhile Sansa is heading to The Wall but Theon reveals he is going to leave her with Brienne and Pod. I’m glad the show is acknowledged that even though Theon didn’t kill Bran and Rickon (where has he disappeared?) he still killed many people so saving Sansa can’t absolve all his guilt. If he is planning on heading home to the Iron islands he may find them in turmoil as his father is murdered by his brother so now a fight for leadership is underway. Will Theon returning make any difference?

Further afield Tyrion decides to unleash the dragons in order to stop them withering away. I was sure Tyrion wasn’t going to be killed off but I was concerned that he would get a bit burnt. However the dragons leave him unharmed (“I’m friends with your mother” he quips to them). The fact he was able to calm them so well could have some implications for the future. Maybe he’ll be allowed to fly one of them someday?

In Braavos Arya also makes progress as she fights the waif and then Jaqen appears to offer her sight back if she says her name. Arya resists and repeats the phrase she has no name. She is then allowed to return back with Jaqen. I’m guessing she will get her eyesight back eventually but what else will she have to endure?

Over at The Wall the wildings save the day and Alisser and the traitors are thrown in the cells. Good ridence! But the most exciting part is JON SNOW’S ALIVE! I knew it would happen but it was still a relief to have it happen at last. I was worried they would make us wait the whole season for it. But dying is bound to affect someone so will he still be the same Jon Snow? And technically his vow to remain in the Night’s Watch ended when he died, so does this mean he can leave without any consequences, return to Winterfell and kick Ramsay’s ass? One can only hope!


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8 responses to “Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2: Home

  1. Stark Bannerman

    Hodor’s real name is Willis, not Wylie. Also the only way Jon could ever get close to kicking Ramsey’s spoiled ass would be for the Boltons and their bannerman to storm Castle Black.

  2. theipc

    Remember when killing babies was a shock? When they announced the kid’s birth, I was all – well that’s kids dead. *shrugs*

  3. Joffrey would have slaughtered the Sparrows haha. I was kind of hoping The Mountain would wipe the floor with those guards, but I’ll settle with him splattering that guy’s head on the wall for now. 😀 Yes, I can’t wait to see Jon Snow take on Ramsay… should be good stuff.

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