Rapid Review: Enemy


 Spoilers included

Adam (Jake Gyllenhaal), a college professor, discovers he has an identical doppelganger (also played by Jake Gyllenhaal). As Adam tries to learn more about him it leads him along a dark and dangerous path.

I really should have known better than to  watch a movie which has fricking spiders in it. But the spider on the poster above didn’t look so bad and I had heard good things about Enemy so I gave it a shot.

Big mistake!

Not only did the film not make any sense but it ended with Adam walking into a room and a huge tarantula-as big as the room- appearing and scaring me to death. Then it just ended.


Up until the last scene the plot-while slow to start with was kind of interesting but I have no idea what the spiders were about. I’m guessing it was symbolising something rather than some giant spiders taking over the world. Maybe if I watched it again I would understand it a bit better but due to the spiders I won’t be watching that again.

Rating 2/5

If anyone has any clue as to what was going on please let me know in the comments below!



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13 responses to “Rapid Review: Enemy

  1. Hey Lauren!
    I was confused at times as well so you’re not alone here. However, it does require some psychoanalytic interpretation in order to fully appreciate the film. Consider the possibility that Jake Gyllenhaal’s character and lookalike are one and the same. In the film, you see him being fixed in his roles and his alter-personality is his repressed self who acts based on desires…a sort of id-ego battle with himself. There’s certain subtle clues which support this kind of reading and it’s become the main interpretation.

    I looked at it in a different way, and I surmised that individuals with mere phsycial look-alikes are nature’s tragic creation. Though the similarity is ‘superficial’, as soon as they know of each other, they are hopelessly lost in jealousy, competition and fear of being reduced/made obsolete.

    The deal with the spiders was something I initially thought was just a symbol that could have represented some sort of evil/bad omen. In actual fact, when I read up, spiders represented oppression…which ties in well with the first interpretation. The character always feels oppressed and rmbr that long-legged skinny spider towering over the city? That’s a mother spider, shown right after the scene where jake and mother interact. There’s more clues like when his gf calls him by his real name, even though he’s in the other persona. Here’s a really interesting analysis of the film 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9AWkqRwd1I

    Haha I hope it’s clearer now :))

    • Hi, thanks for that! It does make a bit more sense to view the Jake Gyllenhaal characters as being the same person. I just wish they didn’t have to use spiders to symbolise all these things! Although I guess it wouldn’t make the same impact with fluffy, cute kittens! 🙂

      • Hahaha kittens can be used for some alternate universe thing, hehe schrodinger 😉
        I liked the last scene though. At first glance I jumped like hell but did you notice how the spider seems afraid of jake? It backs away even though its huge. Hmm,interesting huh. I wonder what you make of it because it’s easily the most ambiguous of all scene’s.

      • I guess by the end Jake is in control so now the spider fears him instead of him fearing the spider.

      • Interesting. Or that he slips back into disorder, because why would the spider still be there (and still so imposingly huge). He also finds the card/key to the gentlemen’s club at the end as well. I dont know, I viewed the last spider as his wife, who’s now scared of Jake or that Jake still feels oppressed, suggesting that he’s slipping back into his old state…his face is one of resignation.

  2. Pretty odd flick. But one that I also couldn’t help but be interested from. Nice review.

    • Thanks, yes this was a very odd film and although I don’t think I like it, I haven’t been able to forget it. So I guess the film has achieved something.

  3. theipc

    I’m glad you spoiled this. I remember thinking this was OK but way too weird for it’s own good and that spider at the end almost made me shit myself. I read somewhere that it’s supposed to be representative of him thinking his wife was going to kill him physically or spiritually and that’s what started his “descent”. Either way – I almost shit my pants that day, I tell you!

    • I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who jumped at the end scene. I practically yelled and jumped out of my skin. At least the film managed to surprise me in that respect as I never saw that coming! I guess using spiders to represent his fears of his wife going to kill him makes sense in a way as female spiders eat the males after mating so as the wife was pregnant he’s probably afraid he’s disposable!

  4. The ending is freaky. I watched a video explanation and it made much more sense after. The movie itself is a bit slow but I did like some things about it.

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