Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice


Since Zack Snyder’s latest foray into the DC universe was released the real battle has been the critics vs the audience, with critics slamming the movie but audiences rushing in their droves to see DC’s biggest heroes clash. With record breaking box office numbers in its first week Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice has been a hit so far but will it be a misfire for me?

Two years after Superman (Henry Cavill) saved the world from Zod and the world is still trying to decide how to view Superman. Is he like a benevolent hero like his girfriend Lois Lane (Amy Adams) believes or someone who could destroy us all in an instance if he so pleases? Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) believes it’s the latter leading to an almighty smackdown between the two. But who will end up victorious?

I hate to be jumping on to the negative bandwagon but for the majority of the movie I was completely bored. It doesn’t help that the movie is so long at 151 minutes and takes forever to get to the part audiences really want to see which is the fight between Batman and Superman. Before this we’re exposed to numerous sub plots and characters that dragged the story down.

One of my main complaints about this movie is that its so dour and serious. Granted Man of Steel was hardly a laugh a minute but up until the last third I was really engaged in that movie and the plot. In reverse Dawn of Justice only really starts to soar in its last third when our heroes finally battle it out. The film is so concerned with being grounded and gritty it forgets to also inject some warmth and humor. Ok it doesn’t need to be a comedy but the movie feels so joyless at times it becomes an effort to watch. The film’s muted colours also fails to make the film visually engaging.

Despite his casting causing much controversy I didn’t have a problem with Ben Affleck’s Batman although he is perhaps more convincing as the Playboy Bruce Wayne than Batsman himself. The writing for Batman also makes him come across as a jerk rather than someone with a genuine concern for the safety of the world. Cavill is still great as Superman although it’s strange that the character seems so reluctant to publicly defend himself against the  naysayers. Dawn of Justice also marks the big screen début of Wonder Woman and Gal Gadot makes an impressive introduction in her small role. The scene of the three heroes fighting together against their for is a highlight and maybe holds some hope for Justice League movie, as does the small glimpses of future DC superheroes.

Unfortunately Jesse Elsenberg’s Led Luthor is a misfire. I could see what the filmmakers were trying to do updating Luthor into a Mark Zuckerberg type figure. However Elsenberg’s manic, melodramatic performance sticks out amongst everything else and not in a good way. He just becomes an irritating villain and the reveal that his hatred against Superman stems from his daddy issues is a disappointing motive for such an iconic baddie.

A disappointing entry into DC’s Extended Universe but there is some hope that they can turn it around in time for the Justice League movie.

Rating 2.5/5 – for a while it’s longand boring  but with a ray of hope in the climatic final stretch


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6 responses to “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

  1. I didn’t mind it, but it is overly long and there were a few scenes that could have been cut.

  2. It’s not a perfect movie, but it still kept me at least interested. Nice review Lauren.

    • Thanks, hopefully they can improve on the bad points for the next lot of films in the DC Extended Uinverse. I hear they have already been reshooting and editing scenes from Suicide Squad based on the criticism from Dawn of Justice.

  3. Hi Lauren, it feels like I’m too late to comment here and I’m kind of tired of talking about this film as I’ve said all I’ve needed to say. But because I’ve not read your review til now, i feel the need to drop some words of wisedom haha. Like you said the film was too long, and the tone didn’t help with all the dark and grittiness. The annoying thing is that there are small elements that make this film worth watching and there’s some goos ideas that if they were in the hands of more capable writers and director then things would have turned out differently. All I want is that solo Batman film, but preferably a prequel that showed Batman pre-killing days and showed what pushed him over the edge, but at least I’m interested Wonder Woman and some of the other Justice League characters now.

    • Hi, I’m glad your not too tired to comment on this post! 🙂 It’s true there are some small glimpses of hope in the movie. I can’t help feel that if the film was shorter and not directed by Zack Synder it would have been a much better film. Yeah I doubt we’ll get a solo Batman film but at least he’ll cameo in Suicide Squad so that will be interesting to see him square off against the Joker (I think that’s the rumour anyway). I’m hopeful about the Wonder Woman movie. Gal Godot should be great!

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