The Other Side of the Door


Grief and mystical burial sites do not mix well- just look at what happened in Pet Cemetery. Supernatural horror The Other Side of the Door is the latest attempt to show how bad things can go when you mess with dead.

Maria (Sarah Wayne Callies) and her family have been lost since the death of their son Oliver (Logan Creren). When she learns of remote Hindu temple that will allow her to speak to her son through an ancient door one last time Maria decides to take the chance to say goodbye. However when she disobeys the rule never to open the door she finds that spirits have followed her home and they means to do her family harm.

The movie starts off well with the central family coming across as sympathetic in the grief for their eldest child. Callies expresses grief well and her guilt over her son’s death makes it believable that she would resort to desperate measures to communicate with her son again. However once Maria opens the door allowing spirits to enter into the world the film becomes rather silly. Horror movies require people to act as stupidly as possible but it also makes it hard to care what happens to these characters when they make repeatedly bad mistakes. This makes the film a frustrating experience, especially in the movie’s last scene.

While setting the action in India should be a novel idea the film wastes its location and it’ Indian characters feel like stereotypes or even offensive. Jeremy Sisto is also underused as Maria’s oblivious husband. It says a lot when the most sympathetic and intelligent character is the family’s pet dog.

What perhaps is the most unforgivable mistake the film makes is that it’s just not scary. Bad CGI and an over reliance on jump scares fails to make the action scary.

Rating 2/5 – underwhelming horror that fails to deliver the scares



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2 responses to “The Other Side of the Door

  1. Great movie. Similar to Pet Cemetery, but without the foul language, nudity and excessive violence and gore. It’s nice to see a decent horror movie that isn’t laced with the foul content…

    • Could have been scarier for me-I’m afraid I like Pet Cemetery better. But yes not every horror movie has to have excessive content to be good, and an over reliance of gore often shows lack of imagination.

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