The film that no studio wanted to make  turns out to be the film that everyone wanted to see as Deadpool exploded into cinema over the Valentine Day weekend. It’s now broken some box office records, which considering it was made on a comparitively smaller budget than most superhero movies is even more impressive. So the ultra violent, meta-joking anti-hero is winning fans all over, but can it break the fourth wall and into my heart?

Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is a mercenary in New York who suddenly finds out he has terminal cancer. Hoping an experiement can cure him he is instead subjected to torture and, eventually new super powers. However he is horribly scarred all over and his mental wellbeing is slightly off. So Wade decides to suit up and hunt down the man who did this to him for revenge.

What’s striking about Deadpool is that it’s obviously made by people who love and respect the source material. Leading man Reynolds has spent over a decade trying to get this movie made and that determination pays off here. Deadpool is as violent, funny and outrageous as I hoped it would be. I can’t say I’ve read a Deadpool comic but my friend who is a devoted fan has said the movie is pretty faithful to the spirit of Deadpool. Director Tim Miller has not bowed to any pressure to make it a more traditional superhero film and the result is a fun filled, extreamly bloody movie filled with plenty of nudity and swearing. Maybe not one to take your Avengers’ loving small children to.

In the amusing opening credit the cast is listed under such names as ‘Some Hot Chick’ and ‘A CGI character’ rather than their real names. While they may be listed under their cliches all the cast are in on the game. Reynolds is pefect in the role and looks like he is having a riot playing Wade/Deadpool. He’s perfectly matched by Morena Baccarin a his love interest Vanessa whose almost as foul mouthed and outragous as he is. I also enjoed the two X-Men we get to see Colossus (Stefan Kapicic) and especially, Negosonic Teenage Warhead(Brianna Hilderbrand). Meanwhile the writers are credited as the true heroes. It would be hard to argue with that assessment as they bring so many fresh ideas and jokes while making the characters, especially Deadpool, ones to root for and root against.

The only negative I can think of is that the plot is rather formualic, but when it’s told in such an original way who cares right?

Rating 4/5 – a hilarious and violent alternative to your usual Marvel movies



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7 responses to “Deadpool

  1. Good review Lauren. It’s a swift kick in the rear-end to the superhero genre.

  2. Cool review, Lauren glad you enjoyed the film. Here’s the thing about Deadpool, I really liked it, it was a lot of fun, however I think I’m gonna be the only one that doesn’t love this film. It’s not hat I don’t think it’s good, it’s just not the best thing since sliced bread like most people are syaing it is and I fear this situation will be the same as the The Dark Knight where everyone loves the film and I don’t. My issues with the film was that the plot was was fairly standard and the jokes were a little hit and miss (though I am fickle when it comes to comedy in films especially those of the adult variety). I want to voice my opinion about this film but I know I’ll verbally killed so unfortunately I’ll have to stay silent. 😛

    • Yeah you do have to watch your words around some places on the internet, there is a LOT of love for Deadpool and some people are very sensitive about any criticism. Personally while I enjoyed the film I don’t mind hearing any ciritcism of it so feel free to vent any misgivings here!

      • Well if you’re allowing me to give my opinions freely, then I’m just going to simplify my issues/nitpicks with the film. The story was a little simple and besides the love story, I thought a little more fetail could have been given to the villains and more reference to the Weapon X program that wasn’t actually mentioned in the film (which would have been a cool way to tie this film back to X-Men 2). But my main nitpick was that the humour didn’t always hit and I’ve never been a big fan of US adult comedies and this film fell into that category.

        Okay, mini thoughts over, thanks haha! 😛

      • That’s OK feel free to rant more in future! ☺

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