The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2

After three books and four movies we are finally coming to the end of The Hunger Games series. But does Katniss and co get a fitting end?

Struggling after seeing a tortured and brainwashed Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) decides to take the fight to President Snow (Donald Sutherland) and kill him herself. However she is not prepared for the dangers in the Capitol or the scheming behind the scenes of District 13’s President Coin (Julianne Moore).

Full disclosure-this is probably my least favourite out of all The Hunger Games movies. Unlike the other movies I actually felt the running time dragged, some of the deaths didn’t have the emotional impact I was expecting and it has more false endings then Return of the King.

Having said all that it’s still a terrific movie. Lawrence’s perfromance has been a highlight across all the series and as expected she’s excellent in her final outing as Katniss. Katniss has been a fantastic character, flawed, three-dimensional, inspirational and The Hunger Games success has shown Hollywood that female-led films and franchises can bring in the audience. It’s also nice to see the wonderful supporting cast once more, even if for some of them it’s very fleeting. It’s also bittersweet to see Phillip Seymore Hoffman in his last performance.

The film also delivers on something that Mockingjay Part One lacked which is action. While it takes it’s time building up, when Katniss and her ‘Star Squad’ bring the fight to Snow the pace quickens dramatically as Snow uses the Captiol as his own personal Hunger Games with various traps being used against the heroes. Whether out in the open or traveling underground Katniss and co are being hunted and dispatched before they can complete their mission and it’s exciting stuff.

The Hunger Games series has always had a dark edge and Mockingjay Part 2 is no different. The stakes are high and much loved charcaters get killed. The film doesn’t hesistate to comment on how war changes people and encourages criticism of leaders and the tatcis used to win said wars. It’s great that a popular and commerical movie deals with these major themes and doesn’t alienate fans.

It’s sad to see The Hunger Games come to an end, but it ends on a good note that stays faithful to themes and characters of the books.

Rating 4/5 – a final and fitting farewell to the Mockingjay and Panem



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2 responses to “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

  1. Hi Lauren, cool review yo! I’ve had this bookmarked for a bit and made sure to come back to it. I thought this film was pretty decent, I didn’t hate it like a lot of people. I thought the action was great and the dark and violent tone was cool. But I think I didn’t really care for this entry because I’d had a little fatigue with this series like with the last Hobbit film.

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