Netflix’s Jessica Jones is My Kind of Superheroine

Jessica Jones

This post contains some spoilers about the first episode

On Friday 20 November Netflix unleshed Jessica Jones, their second Marvel series after the success of Daredevil earlier this year.

While I liked the first few epsiodes of Daredevil and enjoyed the fight scenes I got a bit bored with all the gangster storylines and gave up. However on reading up about Jessica Jones, a superheroine who is now a P.I, this seemed more up my alley. We were promised a dark, unsettling series and we definately got one.

The first episode set up Jones (Krysten Ritter) a former superheroine with PTSD after a truamatic incident involving a man named Kilgrave (David Tennant) who has power over people’s minds, forcing them to do things they wouldn’t otherwise do. While we don’t know exactly what he made Jones do, flashbacks seem to show her with blood on her hands so whatever it was it wasn’t pretty. She has since quit the superhero business and instead became a P.I. However as she searches for a missing girl she soon realises that Kilgrave is back to his old tricks and is controling this girl for his own ends.

Ritter is fabulous as Jones, sarcastic, cold, likes hard drinking and meaningless sex but deep, deep down has a good heart. Its is devastating to see her think she’s saved Hope only to find Kilgrave is still in control and have Hope murder her parents. Jones may comes across as hard but she’s also a survivor and Ritter portrays these differents sides to Jones perfectly.

Of course it’s not all about Jones, and while Tennant is only briefly shown as Kilgrave, seeing some of his power and minpulation makes him a terrifying villian already. This is someone that can force you to kill your own parents, imagine what he could do with a girl powers like Jones? Although you do wonder why he isn’t using his powers to control the president or something? Maybe there’s limitations to his powers that haven’t been revealed yet. The rest of the supporting cast including Carrie-Anne Moss, Rachel Taylor and Mike Colter is also strong.

What is also unnerving is how Jones past delaings with Kilgrave comes across like an obsessive, abusive boyfriend who controls his girl’s every move. It’s absoloutely heartbreaking when Jones tells Hope that it’s not her fault what has happened, as you can imagine thats something she’s had to tell herself repeatedly. I also loved how the show ended on a moment of strength after the devastation when Jones decided to face her fears rather than run away.

Its only been one episode so far but I’m hopeful that this series will continue to be as badass as it’s lead character.

What do you think of Jessica Jones? Let me know in the comments below. Although please no spoilers past episode one!



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10 responses to “Netflix’s Jessica Jones is My Kind of Superheroine

  1. Been hearing great things.

  2. I’ll echo what Alex wrote, I have been hearing a lot of praise for Jessica Jones. I hope to get a chance to watch it in the near future.

  3. Ah Lauren, I can’t wait for you to see the rest, if you like this then you’ll definitely enjoy/be surprised by what follows. I binged this over the weekend and it was so good, interesting and shocking to see the kind of stuff Jessica Jones throws at ya. So far on the internet I’ve seen that most people like it, although there are some detractors.

    All I can say is that I can’t wait to hear your thoughts when its over and if you have the time check out my review when you’re done please. šŸ˜›

    • I’m up to episode four now, and it’s so good! I keep wondering where it will go next and how much more evil Kilgrave can get. I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen the worst of him yet which is scary! Will definately check out your review once I’ve finished all the episodes.

  4. Great review and great blog! Ritter is such a strong lead and Tenant is fittingly disturbing. I hope you enjoy the rest of the season!

  5. Great stuff Lauren, love that you questioned why Kilgrave doesn’t use his powers to take over the world. Turns out the answer is very simple. Glad you like the show šŸ™‚

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