Kingsman: The Secret Service

KingsmanHave you ever watched the recent James Bond movies and think Daniel Craig is great but I miss the humour and style of the older Bond films? Well if so Kingsman: The Secret Service may have been made for you.

Unemployed teenager Eggsy (Taron Egerton) lives in London with his mum and abusive stepfather. His life changes when he meets Harry Hart (Colin Firth) and finds out about the Kingsman- a secret intelligence service that Eggsy’s father used to work for. Eggsy volunteers to join the agency and soon has to go through rigorous training against his peers for the role. Meanwhile Harry has to deal with a possible world crisis involving billionaire and philanthropist Richmond Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson).

Graphic cartoon violence and tongue in cheek humour are aplenty in this latest movie from Michael Vaughn. Once again adapting from the work of Mark Millar, Vaughn is at home in the outlandish action and set pieces. Whether it’s on the streets of London, the villain’s lair or in a top-secret facility Vaughn sets up his super spy world and feels accomplished whatever the setting. A lot of the movie’s fun comes from seeing a suave and suited Firth kicking ass in a heavily bloody and ultra violent manner. An unexpected fight in a church is a particular highlight and excellently directed. Newcomer Egerton is engaging as Eggsy, an intelligent but restless youth who becomes a fish out of water while dealing with the rich, upper class snobbery of his fellow Kingsmen. Egerton manages to command the screen alongside his more experienced co-stars and from this and his work in Legend, he is set to be a star in the making.

However some of the film’s jokes falls wide off the mark, particularly the end sex gag. I can see what they were trying to go for with a send up of James Bond-esque sex jokes but it ended up falling flat and leaves the film on a sour note. Also despite Jackson being on entertaining form, Valentine is not as memorable a villain as one would have hoped for.

Still despite the flaws Kingsman: The Secret Service is huge fun and I look forward to the proposed sequel coming soon.

Rating 3.5/5 – violent, funny and entertaining with Firth looking like he’s having a ball



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7 responses to “Kingsman: The Secret Service

  1. Hi Lauren, this film by far is my favourite spy action film of the year. I think I liked it for insane action, great spy codes and conventions, and awesome performances from the main characters especially Firth, Egerton and Sam Jackson, I thought his character was hilarious and that lisp was terribly distracting and funny at the same time. I still love the hell out of that church sequence and that bit where the world went crazy and started attacking each with “Give It Up” by KC and the Sunshine Band playing in the background, frigging awesome.

    • The church scene was brilliant and the part with KC and the Sunshine Band playing was too. I liked that this was a spy/action film that remembered to have a sense of humour.

  2. Nice review, I had a lot of fun with this movie. And if you’re interested I did a review of Spectre.

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