Miss You Already

Miss You AlreadyI love watching comedies and films that make me feel good but sometimes you just need a good cry. Director Catherine Hardwicke (Thirteen) latest movie is a comedy-drama that aims to get its audience in floods of tears.

Best friends Milly (Toni Collette) and Jess (Drew Barrymore) have been through many ups and downs in their lives, but they face their toughest challenge when Milly is diagnosed with breast cancer. Their friendship is put to the test as Milly struggles with cancer while Jess tries balancing being a supportive friend as well as her own fertility issues.

Miss You Already sounds like a made-for-tv movie that has somehow been given the green light for the big screen. However Hardwicke and screenwriter Morweena Banks try bypass the clichés of the cancer movies. In another film Milly would probably look glamorous and healthy even with cancer but here the side affects of her illness are appropriately shown and the film doesn’t shy away from showing how awful cancer is not just to Milly but how it affects her family and friends too. The script also isn’t afraid to mix a bit of dark humour within the tears, best shown when Milly goes to have a wig prepared for when she loses all her hair.

Collette is brilliant as Milly, handling the tough material well and it was refreshing to see that Milly isn’t portrayed as a martyr, instead she’s flawed and three-dimensional. Sometimes she isn’t even likeable but you are still sympathetic to her situation and to why she makes the bad choices that she does. Barrymore is also strong as Milly’s dependable friend Jess whose trying to support her friend while also dealing with her own fertility problems. Dominic Cooper also impresses as Milly’s devoted but overwhelmed husband.

Despite it’s best intentions sometimes the film does stray into melodrama. Also while Jess and Jago (Paddy Considine) make a cute couple their constant arguments about IVF and Milly get a bit repetitive. While It’s not as good as the ultimate weepie movie Beaches it’s still a pretty emotional and effective film.

Rating 3.5/5 – a powerful movie that’ll make you appreciate your loved ones more



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2 responses to “Miss You Already

  1. Hi Lauren, cool review yo. Your review sounds almost the way I thought it would but possibly better than I assumed it’d be. I saw the trailer for this around the time I saw Paper Towns and it followed Me and Earl and the Dying Girl and I was like “Bloody hell there’s a love films about people dying recently, damn.” I was debating whether it would be worth a watch, but I think I may give it a try.

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