Who Will Replace Jenna Coleman in Doctor Who?

Clara 2This week current Doctor Who star Jenna Coleman announced that she has quit her role as the doctor’s companion Clara Oswald. Now speculation has been running rife as to who will be taking her spot in the Tardis. Here’s a look at some of the favourites for the job.

Michelle Keegan

Michelle KeeganEx Corrie star Michelle Keegan is currently the bookies favourite for the role. It’s easy to see why, like Coleman she’s just come off a big soap, she’s young, good-looking and is popular with guys and girls. My only reserve is that she may be too similar to Coleman. Should the bosses at the BBC be on the lookout for someone different?

Masie Williams

Masie WilliamsMasie Williams is already going to appear on Doctor Who this year, maybe she will end up being a permanent addition? It would be a huge deal if Doctor Who was able to snag Arya Stark. But considering she’s still a regular in Game of Thrones (for now anyway) it seems unlikely she’ll have time to fit in another tv series, and if she did have the time she’d probably be doing movies instead. Also it may come across unintentionally creepy having such a young girl hanging around with Peter Capaldi.

Ingrid Oliver

Ingrid OliverShe was only in two episodes of Doctor Who last year but Oliver’s UNIT scientist Osgood made a big impression and was very popular with fans. Considering she died in the last season it was a surprise to hear she was coming back for a two parter in season 9 of Doctor Who. Is the plan to have her become the Doctor’s new companion? I think she would be great, my only concern is that maybe turning her into a regular character will make her Osgood less endearing. Hopefully this wouldn’t be the case.

Gemma Chan

Gemma ChanGemma Chan has recently found success in Sci-fi drama Humans. Maybe the BBC will take notice of her stunning performance and snap her up. She’s already appeared in the Doctor Who episode The Waters of Mars, and her character Mia made it out alive so she could come back. Having a companion from the future would also make her different to the previous companions. Or she could do like former assistants and one episode wonders Karen Gillan and Freema Agyeman and become a completely new character as a regular companion. Whether Chan will want to another tv series alongside Humans second season may be an issue. But she would be my favourite with Oliver in close second.

Frank Skinner

Frank SkinnerAt first this seems like an out-there choice. After all the New Doctor Who has had female companions since it returned in 2005 (although Amy Pond’s husband Rory was also on board during her time on the Tardis, and Jack Harkness was there with Rose Tyler), but if they are looking to go in a completely different direction then Skinner could be the wild card they need. He did made a popular appearance as train driver Perkins in last years Mummy on the Orient Express. It would also bring some more comedy to the series which seemed a bit too serious at times last year. However while I could see Skinner possibly becoming a recurring character I don’t think he’ll be joining the Tardis yet.

Despite the wild speculation, Steven Moffat may go in a completely different direction with someone no one was expecting. Whoever they go for I think they should try to shake up the role of the next companion, maybe have someone from the past/future or even an alien. We’ll soon find out!


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