Audiences like a good film about con artists and grifters. Add to the mix charismatic Will Smith and rising star Margot Robbie and surely you have box office gold. But will it be the audience that suffers the ultimate con?

Nicky (Will Smith) is a seasoned con artist. After meeting Jess, a young inexperienced but talented grifter he is persuaded to show her the ropes. Eventually she joins his team and romance blossoms between them. But can love between con artists really work out?

There’s a lot going for this movie. With likeable leads and the directors of Crazy Stupid Love the scene should be set for a fun comedy-drama-crime film. Unfortunately the film falls just short of its aims. It’s not as clever as it thinks it is and while some of the cons are good there’s not a spectacular one that leaves you gasping at the ingenious twist.

It starts off well with the two leads meeting and falling for each other. Smith and Robbie have good chemistry and Robbie is particularly beguiling as Jess. Nicky showing Jess the game of the con is good and you can believe that they would be good as grifters. The action in New Orleans is fun and there are some tense moments when it appears the game could be up at any moment.

However as the movie fast-forward three years later in Buenos Aires and the movie starts to lose its charm. It is too bogged down with trying to come up with clever twists and turns that it just becomes and a bit implausible and uninteresting. Nicky and Jess relationship also starts to grate as the couple goes through the predictable will/ they won’t they scenario, as well as adding who’s conning who dilemmas.

Despite these issues, the movie is agreeable enough to pass the time. As long as you don’t expect too much from the movie you may just find yourself falling into the film’s trap and be enticed.

Rating 3/5 – likeable leads and gorgeous locations but the plot lets the side down


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2 responses to “Focus

  1. Hi Lauren, great review, I think we’re on the same page with this one. I liked Focus, I had hoped for more considering this was the first big Will Smith film for a while (not counting After Earth) and I’m a massive fan of his for sure! I thought things started out great and I was totally into the “Ocean’s Eleven” style of heist stuff, but after a while things started to slow down and while I liked some of the twists and turns, eventually it got a litle annoying and I wasn’t sure what to believe.

    • Yes I was hoping for more of an Ocean’s Eleven vibe in this movie. The characters just started getting on my nerves towrads the end and the plot was a bit far fetched.

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