Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 9: The Dance of Dragons

Sorry this is a bit late. I was on holiday this week so only just got round to seeing the latest episode-thank god I didn’t see any spoilers.

First up Jon Snow has returned from last week’s awesome battle with the White Walkers. At first I wasn’t sure if Jon’s old foe  Alliser would let him through but luckily he did. Although given the dirty looks many of the night’s watch gave him as the Wildings walked through I suspect many would have left him out there. Jon’s troubles with his men look set to continue into the next episode. Poor Jon!

In Braavos Arya is distracted from her mission to assassinate the Thin Man when she spies an old enemy Meryn Trant, accompanied by Mace Tyrell- who obviously has no idea whats happened to his family, get yourself home man! It seems Arya is unable to forget her past as she abandons her mission and follows Meryn Trant to a brothel and sees he’s a pedophile. He’s alive for now, but surely Arya will kill him in the next episode? Will she set a trap in the brothel? I was trying to work out if he recognised her as he kept looking at her. However that might have been just to show how much he likes young girls? I really hope she does kill him.

Over in the largely pointless but pretty Dorne, Jamie meets with Doran Martell and they appear to work out a truce between them. Myrcella and Trystane will go to King’s Landing with Jamie, where Trystane will serve on the Small Council. The deal also includes Bronn getting hit in the face as punishment for him hitting Tyrstane which Bronn takes pretty well. Ellaria also seems to make peace (having been given a ulitmatium) with both Doran and Jamie. But surely she’s just pretending and is planning something else? Then again maybe not. Dorne has not been as interesting as I hoped, although it looks like it was a lovely place to film. I’m guessing the purpose of going to Dorne was to have Jamie out-of-the-way while Cersei screwed things up in King’s Landing. Otherwise if he had been there he would have put a stop to everything.

Anyway on to one of the biggest developments of the episode. Stannis, Syannis, Stannis, what have you done? Just as I was beginning to find you less boring and actually like you, then you go and do this? It was inevitable really and something I feared for a while but it doesn’t mean that the death of Shireen has any less impact. What I wasn’t expecting was for Shireen’s mother to have a change of heart and try to save her daughter from being sacrificed. This could also be the last straw for Davos, Stannis’ biggest supporter. Stannis sent Davos away because he knew he would be against the killing of Shireen. It was heartbreaking seeing Davos and Shireen’s last meeting as they have a proper bond and care for each other. Davos has overlooked a lot of Stannis’ faults but can he forgive the murder of Stannis’ own daughter? He obviously knew Shireen was in danger as he wanted Shireen to go with him to Castle Black. I’m presuming he thought she was at risk from the Boltons, little did he know how close to home the real danger was. Stannis may be in reach of getting his hands on the Iron Throne, but after all he’s done will it be worth it? Hopefully both him and Ramsey will be killed in the last episode of this season.

Lastly we visit Meereen where Daenerys and her crew are at the opening of the fighting pits. Where who should turn up but Jorah! Of course we were meant to think that something bad would happen to Jorah and it looked that way several times. But then he threw his sword in Daenerys direction and I thought has he gone mad! Then I realised he was aiming for a member of the Son of the Harpy. Suddenly the whole stadium is being attacked by the Son of the Harpy and Daenerys fiance Hizdahr is one of many killed (which answers the question as to whether he was a traitor or not). With Daenerys’ crew surrounded (which includes Jorah back in the fold-yes!) it looks pretty dire until Drogon appears to save the day! Drogan’s appearance is so cool and so is his subsequent burning of the Sons of the Harpy. He does take a few arrows though so Daenerys climbs onto Drogon and orders him to fly! While the green screen is a bit ropey it’s still a pretty cool moment. Although this leads me to a few questions. One, how rubbish are the Unsullied? They let an assassin get up close to Danerys without no one watching and then get mostly slaughtered in the battle. Two, did Danerys just leave her friends to get killed in a so-long-suckers kind of way? Or was she getting out-of-the-way so they could defend themselves and not have to worry about her?

While not as amazing as the last episode this was still a solid episode that paves the way for a hopefully excellent season finale.

What did you think? Was this as good as the last episode? Let me know in the comments below?


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