Pitch Perfect 2

What’s up Pitches! Yes the sequel to the hit 2012 Pitch Perfect is here for new musical adventures in the world of competitive a capella (who knew that a thing?). But while the original was a hilarious offering will the follow-up stay on key?

When the Barden Bellas, now led by Beca (Anna Kendrick), are humiliated at a performance for President Obama’s birthday they are suspended from a capella competitions and performances. Taking advantage of a loophole the Bellas plan to regain their status by winning the a capella world tournament. The only problem is no American team has ever won. Further problems arise when the group struggle with their confidence, worry over life after graduation and bickering starts between the group. Can they pull themselves together to win the title?

I loved Pitch Perfect, I still find it funny having watched it several times. While Pitch Perfect 2 is far from a dud it also doesn’t come close to the original. It’s a shame to say that the movie just isn’t as funny as I hoped it would be. It has its moments and some scenes are still fun but the jokes don’t come as thick and fast as they did before. Similarly the music isn’t fresh or catchy as before. Some choices seem predictable (Beyonce’s Run The World (Girls) for example), and the ‘original’ song Flashlight (aka Jessie J’s song for the movie) isn’t that memorable. The villains for the movie are also a let down. Their German a capella rivals Das Sound Machine are just stereotypes and not particularly funny ones at that.

It probably didn’t help that I re-watched the first movie just a week before seeing the sequel. So maybe I’m being a bit unfair comparing it so closely. It’s a shame we get less of Beca’s boyfriend Jesse (Skylar Astin), a love interest that was both cute and funny, and also less of Treblemakers who I love. But I understand that the film wanted to focus on the Bellas and female friendship, a move which I applaud as it’s about time women got more screen time in comedy. The Bellas are still a loveable bunch as ever, with Rebel Wilson’s Fat Amy again stealing most scenes she’s in. Newcomer Emily (Hailee Steinfeld) is also a bright addition as the optimistic and bubbly freshman who joins the Bellas. Her romance with Trebles member Benji (Ben Platt) is also quite sweet.

The opening scene with Fat Amy’s ‘wardrobe malfunction’ is still funny even after seeing it plenty of times in the trailer. Their scenes at a retreat are also hilarious and has some good female bonding as well. Also we get to see what Aubrey has been up to since she left the Bellas. Plus bringing Bumper (Adam DeVine) and teaming him up with Fat Amy was also a good move.

Ok so it’s not as laugh out loud funny as the original, but thankfully the movie still has enough good points that means it deserves to be the masisve hit that it is. But maybe next time they can leave out Beca’s boring internship please!

Rating 3/5 – while it may not hit the high notes of Pitch Perfect this sequel is still a feel good, Friday night movie



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7 responses to “Pitch Perfect 2

  1. This movie made me sad. I loved the first one, and this one just felt recycled and unfunny. And the Germans weren’t the only ones getting hit with cultural stereotypes. I actually found the whole thing kind of casually racist in a way that felt both obnoxious and unnecessary.

  2. Hi Lauren! Great review yo, I would have commented on it sooner, but I had wait to see the film myself before I saw your review. I only got my review written today haha. Suffice to say I think we’re on the same page about this one.

    Like you I loved the first film, it was a pleasent surprise and I really liked th cast, how funny it was and the choice of music for the songs. Also like you I rewatched Pitch Perfect just before seeing the sequel and this film doesn’t look as impressive by comparison. PP2 is good, but is ultimately disapppointing for me because of the less than stellar music selection and humour.

    That being said the Bellas are still great, Steinfeld was a nice addition to the group and the music when it was on-point was awesome.

    • Perhaps we were expecting too much for a sequel-not every one can be as good as 22 Jump street after all. But like you said there was some good parts to it. But I’m not sure if a rumoured Pitch Perfect 3 is a good idea. Maybe it’s best they leave it now. Although I’d be up for a Fat Amy movie.

      • I guess so, 22 Jump Street was such a big surprise last year and sort of broke the mold when it comes to comedy sequels. Oh and yeah, PP3 I don’t think it is necessary, I think this story has been concluded. And yeah Fat Amy could go anywhere, she’s versatile haha.

  3. meeradarjiyr1

    Loved this film and all the comedy. Still thought the first film was slightly better! Great review 🙂

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